Training for Fall Races (July 13-19)

For the first time in a long time, I felt lost entering a title for this post since I have no upcoming races. Most race directors aren’t heavily promoting for the Fall, but I’m looking at a few 5K/10K races in September, a possible October half marathon, and the Kiawah Half Marathon in December. I will also run the Charleston Half Marathon again in January 2016.

I love having races on the calendar, but it’s kind of nice doing whatever I want occasionally. 


This week, I ran 35 miles. I also did a BodyPump class, a sunrise yoga class, 60 minute arc trainer, and the 30 Day Squat Circuit Challenge.

Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + 5.1 miles

Tuesday: 60 minutes Arc Trainer

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 5.25 miles (speedwork)

Thursday: 7.15 miles

Friday: 7.65 miles

Saturday: No workout

Sunday: 10 miles (2 miles + 8 mile OnShore Racing Group Run)

This week was another week of fewer miles, but I’m happy with it. All five runs were outside, I shared three of them with fun groups of people, and I enjoyed them all.

On Monday morning, I went to BodyPump and remembered why I love BodyPump. A new instructor has taken over the 6 AM Monday time slot, so I will be waking up at dark-thirty for class again. It was my first BodyPump class in about a month. That afternoon, I ran with Steve, Dave, Stevie, and Alyssa at the track. We ran about 5 miles at a comfortable pace with some hard surges in there for speed.


Tuesday, my body reminded me that I did BodyPump. Instead of running, I headed to Planet Fitness for 60 minutes on the Arc Trainer with a higher resistance than last time. The Arc Trainer pretty much torches your glutes and hamstrings, and I was covered in sweat- sweatier than my morning runs. I watched House Hunters while on the Arc Trainer and grabbed half of a bagel on my way out. Hooray for HGTV and free bagel morning at Planet Fitness.

On Wednesday, we did a ladder workout at the track (400/600/800/1200/800/600/400). The only thing scarier than the workout was the temperature on the SHS marquee sign that read 100 degrees. Those sign temperatures are notoriously high, but it was 95 degrees and felt like 103. Everyone just listened to their bodies and we did the best we could in those temperatures. It’s the hard workouts like this that really make the difference on race day.


Since we went out of town Saturday, I moved my “maintenance” long run to Sunday and ran 2 miles solo, then 8 miles with OnShore Racing. For some reason, we had way more guys than ladies, and one of the newer guys showed us a new-to-me *cold* water stop by the baseball stadium that’s a little over a mile from our start/finish location.


Despite the heat, I paced well and finished strong, which is something I’m trying to work on before I start Kiawah Half Marathon training. Kiawah is an expensive race, and I don’t want to pay a bunch of money for a half marathon, go out too fast and not do well. When you start too fast and “bank time” in a long race, you withdraw it with interest. Another big win- when I start slower and finish faster, I am less sore the next day.

You really can’t beat a 10 mile run where you negative split, find a new water stop, and have a bright yellow freeze pop waiting at the end.

I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Summer!

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12 Responses to Training for Fall Races (July 13-19)

  1. Freeze pops at the end of a run sounds divine. Great job this week – that’s a solid week, and you say you are in maintenance mode! Damnnn, sister! Killing it. That speed workout looks awesome – but those temps? Ouch. But come fall, you are going to be so strong for training through that weather. Great job!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, maintenance mode for long runs. It’s really hard to go more than 10, especially on a Sunday because I don’t start those runs until after 8:30 AM.

      When I start half training, I will do longer long runs :).

      • If your base long run is 10 and you haven’t started half training yet, I can’t wait to see how you do in your next half! That is seriously badass!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Aww, thank you! Yeah, when I trained for Charleston/Save the Light last year, my longest long run was 16. My friend was full training so I just ran with her.

  2. Awesome week.. I absolutely LOVE that picture about waking up early to run! Hilarious. I might have to use it today 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    I love the part about waking up early!! This is so relatable. I may have to steal that and post it on instagram because I am sooooo not a morning person

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Ha! I think the picture was originally meant for non-runners but it works for me. I do get up early to run, but my early is 7 AM! I see posts about running at 4-5 AM but really, as long as you are getting it in at some point in the day, no time is better to run than another.

  4. Laur says:

    I need to find a group of knee injured runners haha! I would love to run with people but I am slow as molasses!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have a lot of groups here and there are various paces. We also have groups just for walkers I think. If you have a running store there like a Fleet Feet, see if they do “pub runs”. Ours does and they usually get 100+ people so there’s everyone from 6 minute mile paces to walkers there, and they do shoe demos and go to a bar afterwards :).

  5. backatsquarezero says:

    What half are you thinking about in October?

  6. Another great week!
    And yes Wednesday track night about did me in!!
    I think the heat got to me.
    Looking forward to fall and hopefully some fast times with the cooler temps!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Freeze pops sound great! I should stow some in my freezer. I was looking at Kiawah and you are right, the sliding scale ends up on the pricey end as you approach the date.

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