Training for Summertime 5Ks (July 6-12)

I hope everyone’s surviving the summer! Running mileage was down this week, but I made up for it with cross training and quality mileage, along with running my last summer 5K.

With no races on the horizon until September, summer is a perfect time to add some variety, and I did that this week with the arc trainer. I discovered the arc trainer at Planet Fitness last week, and it works my glutes and hamstrings but without running’s impact on my feet and knees. I am participating in a Squat Circuit Challenge and adding more strength training as well.

This week, I ran 36.8 miles (all outdoors). I also did a sunrise yoga class, weights, and cross trained on the arc trainer. Plus, I finished the week off with a wonderful sports massage!


Monday: 6.3 miles + weights

Tuesday: 7 miles

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 6 miles (parking garage hill run)

Thursday: 7.4 miles, including Race the Landing 5K #5 (22:55)

Friday: 60 minutes arc trainer

Saturday: No workout

Sunday: 10.1 miles + Sports Massage

My Monday and Tuesday runs were neighborhood runs and not too memorable. Since many of us had 5Ks or triathlons this week, OnShore Racing /Summerville Tri Club cancelled our Wednesday speedwork session. instead of speedwork, I ran six parking garages with some friends. I call it the Tour De Parking Garages because it’s a nice route downtown through the tourist district, so we smell delicious restaurants and pass horse-drawn carriages and beautiful Charleston homes.

The Tour De Parking Garages is why I love living and running in this city.

On Thursday, I ran the final Race the Landing 5K for 2015. Since I was injured for part of last summer and had to miss these, my goal this year was to complete the series and earn all five finisher’s medals.


After getting lost during my warmup, I ran a 22:55 and placed third in my age group. I have no clue how I got lost at Charles Towne Landing! I run there so much that I know the cracks in the sidewalks and the tree roots on the 5K course. I was in the zone, enjoying nature, and saw several wild critters on the run- guess I was just distracted. Ironically, my warmup was 3.2 miles which is longer than the 5K race (3.1 miles).

My track buddy Melissa and I both of us placed in the series. I don’t know how placing in a series works, but a lot of our track crowd placed or ran faster than other races in the series, so the workouts are paying off.


I totally skipped Saturday’s long run to go to the beach with friends, but it was worth it. A bunch of friends and I headed to Folly Beach super early to beat the crowds and catch the waves. It was only my second beach day this summer, and every time I go, I ask myself why I don’t go to Folly Beach more often. I live close enough that I can drive back roads to get to the beach, I just *never* go.



I stayed at the beach for about three hours, then headed home early to check on Clay since he had vision correction surgery on Thursday. He had one eye corrected, so he has another surgery later this summer (he is recovering fine, though). We hit the American Top Team Charleston MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) grand opening and tried the Platia Greek Food Truck for lunch.

On Sunday, I did a 10 mile maintenance long run at Hampton Park with OnShore Racing. I arrived early to get in 2 miles before our usual 8 miler downtown. The “Feels Like” temperature was 96 (sometimes it’s over 100), and it was one of my better long runs. I kept fairly even splits.


We took multiple water breaks, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in this heat and take extra breaks if you need them. Plus, we had freeze pops after the run. Who says sugared-up high fructose corn syrup isn’t the best way to refuel?

I hope everyone has a great week! 

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18 Responses to Training for Summertime 5Ks (July 6-12)

  1. backatsquarezero says:

    Congrats on winning your age group overall in the series. You are awesome!!!

  2. Another solid week!!!!!
    Congrats on finishing all 5 races this series AND snagging the series award!!

    Glad to hear clay is doing well
    Sounds like you a great weekend!!!


    • Amy Lauren says:

      We did have a great weekend! I love the series but I am glad it is done because I want to take a little break from racing. I volunteer at the Daniel Island series but I’m glad I don’t have to run those. Those series towels we got are pretty nice!

  3. Liz says:

    Why did Clay do his eyes at different times? Strange! I wanted to get the healing done at once! I love the beach! It was SO HOT when we went to FL last though that I couldn’t make myself go! Good job getting 3rd!!! That’s awesome!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      He had PRK, which is a riskier surgery with more recovery. I think with the risk and his vision being pretty rough in both eyes, he didn’t want to chance getting it all done at once and something going wrong. I don’t think he’ll be waiting too long to get the other eye corrected (hopefully not).

      • Liz says:

        Oooh makes sense! Yeah, I remember them talking about PRK when I was Lasik done, but I ended up being a candidate for Lasik so never had to worry about it! I hope he’s healed up well!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        He is! Glad you were a candidate for Lasik, I hear it is a lot easier when recovering from that.

  4. Running in parking garages sounds very efficient, but knowing my uncoordinated self, I’d find a way to get hurt! Congrats on finishing the race series and placing in your age group!

  5. Theresa says:

    Great job on Race the Landing! One of these days I need to make one of those races 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Glad Clay’s surgery went well. Congrats on completing all the 5Ks! I enjoyed reading about all of them. I looked up what an Arc Trainer is and we have them at my gym. I haven’t used it yet.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should try it out- it is a great workout. I feel like it works the hamstrings and glutes so much more than running. I’ve gone to 5 days a week of running and 1 day arc trainer even though it’s less mileage.

  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    The temperatures that you run in always just amaze me. WOW. Anyway, congrats on doing all five 5Ks and placing in the series! That takes serious dedication. And it’s good you discovered the arc trainer to help juggle some of the miles and prevent injuries. I know some runners who swear by those machines and they stay injury free.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! The temperatures are well… Charleston. I live here and train here, so I race here… it sucks and you slow down but eventually you just kinda accept that.

      I like Arc Trainer-ing occasionally instead of running. I feel like it’s just as effective as running but easier on the knees and is a bit less quad-dominant than running.

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