Race the Landing #4: Native American Night (23:11)

On Thursday, I ran the fourth race in the Race the Landing 5K Series at Charles Towne Landing, where it was Native American night.

Images from the 2015 Race the Landing 5k Series at Charlestowne Landing near Charleston, South Carolina, by the Friends of Charlestowne Landing

Since the 5K series is in the evening, the temperatures are close to 90, and the course is curvy, most of us run them as fun runs or workouts. I spent last summer injured and volunteering for these races, so I’m glad to be out there running.

Race day came around, it was crazy hot, I was sore from BodyPump, and I wasn’t feeling running. If we had a freak summer thunderstorm and the run was cancelled so we could all just eat and drink, that would’ve been fine with me (if a Race the Landing is ever cancelled due to storms, the organizers said we are all more than welcome to come eat and party). I knew my time would reflect my fatigue and soreness, but since I’m training and not gunning for a PR out there, I was fine with that.

After picking up my number and swag (socks) and warming up, I helped out with the kids run. I love Race the Landing and volunteering, but this was the most depressing kids run ever. A few kids fell on the 50 meter dash course, causing a domino effect. Another kid fell in the longer kids fun run. In the end, we had six kids in tears, several receiving first aid, and we adult helpers were trying to get them medals, popsicles, and back to their parents. Hopefully the kids forgot about it once they got their awards.

2015 Race the Landing 5k Series #4-54

This was my fourth time running the Race the Landing course this year (fifth time if you count the January 1 race), but knowing every root, pothole, curve, and crack in the road doesn’t make the 5K much easier. I was pretty spent after the first two miles, with the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from Wednesday night’s BodyPump class setting in big time.

With the hot weather and soreness, I finished in 23:11. It was effort-based and my slowest road 5K this year, but I finished smiling.

After the race, I cooled down with Melissa, where we ran about 2 miles and cheered for everyone finishing the race. Melissa and I actually met through this blog and have been running at the track on Wednesday nights as well as Race the Landing.

Images from the 2015 Race the Landing 5k Series at Charlestowne Landing near Charleston, South Carolina, by the Friends of Charlestowne Landing

This year, the Pacers for Pattison’s Academy and other wheelchair pacers are running the races, and seeing them on the course during our cooldown was inspiring (Race the Landing also offers an awards category for pacers). After cooling down, we went inside for food, recovery beverages, and awards. The Native American food did not disappoint and I liked all the veggies.

I placed 2nd in my age group and earned an otter award. All the finisher’s medals had otters on them too. The awards are made from toys sold in the Charles Towne Landing gift store and it’s fun seeing adults that are thrilled to get the little toy awards.


Images from the 2015 Race the Landing 5k Series at Charlestowne Landing near Charleston, South Carolina, by the Friends of Charlestowne Landing

Our last Race the Landing is July 9, and it’s been great meeting new people and spending a Thursday night with friends, food, beverages, medals, and awards. A few people have set new PRs, others have improved their times from race to race, but everyone seems to have a lot of fun.


Race Name: Race the Landing 5K

Location: Charleston, SC (Charles Towne Landing State Park, West Ashley)

Date and Time: June 11, 2015, 7 PM

Terrain: Flat road, one wooden bridge, curvy course, shade.

Entry fee: $105 for 5-race series, $30 early registration, $35 late registration, several discount codes floating around online.

Swag: Tech shirt (blue tank) for series participants, finisher’s medal for all runners, socks.

Post-race Food: Pork chops, chicken and rice, corn on the cob, mixed vegetables, cole slaw, tomatoes, Holy City Brewing beer. Each person receives one beer ticket; you can purchase more or obtain them from non-drinkers. The finish line has freeze pops.

Weather: Sunny, 84 degrees, 70% humidity

Professional photographs in this post were taken by Brian Fancher Photography. Brian is a local runner and triathlete, as well as a fellow TrySports Mount Pleasant ambassador. Please consider Brian Fancher Photography for your sports, wedding, portrait, or commercial photography needs.

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10 Responses to Race the Landing #4: Native American Night (23:11)

  1. I love that you got a blue tech tank for the series. A friend and I were just complaining about how we would like more race shirts that aren’t gray. And considering its summer, I would love a tank! Nice job on the race and placing for your age group!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s a fun shirt that people wear to the races :). I actually opted for the kids tech tee (also blue) instead of the tank top because I kinda like sleeves, but it’s still a VERY nice shirt. All my boring, white race shirts are in a box waiting to be made into a quilt, or something…

  2. Pam says:

    Great race photo of you again Amy. That race series blows me away at what you receive for a very reasonable price. The little otter award is my favorite of those you have posted so far. You must have quite a collection at home! Oh and congrats too on placing!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I have tons of these awards, so many that I don’t know what to do with them! My favorite thing is the medals because I plan to put those on my Christmas tree this year.

  3. Laur says:

    I love your attitude! Freeze pops at the finish line are definitely a win! I would take those over a beer any day! I’m sorry to hear the kiddos had some spills, but it’s like riding a bike! They have to get up, brush it off, and move on!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Nothing beats a freeze pop, or something cold, at the end of a race or run. The other day I went by the gas station and got one of those generic Slurpees (not the real thing because the South doesn’t have 7-11). Just gotta have it in this heat!

  4. backatsquarezero says:

    The cute little kid in our group decided he got a freeze pop for each mile! We decided since none of the adults in our group at them he was just having ours, but he was so excited about the cold freeze pops on a hot day. It was adorable.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I always want one after my run but they are usually melted by then (lol). The kids loved them, although it’s quite a challenge handing freeze pops out to crying kids. I went inside to where Chris (from Fleet Feet) was handing out awards later and all the kids seemed okay.

  5. yuenjennifer says:

    Great race photo! What a bummer that the kids run was a bit disastrous.

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