Training for Summertime 5Ks (June 8-14)

It’s officially hot in South Sauna Carolina, with heat indexes over 100 for the first time all summer.

On Thursday, I sold out to the hype and joined Planet Fitness– because running outside in triple digit temperatures is not always the best idea. I’m now paying $10 a month to guarantee I get my workouts in regardless of summer weather and heat indexes. Throw in pizza night, a bagel, and a few showers, and I might feel like I’m ripping them off…


This week, I ran 36 miles. I also did a sunrise yoga class and a BodyPump class.

Monday: 7 miles

Tuesday: 5.1 miles + Dirty Dozen Core Workout

Wednesday: BodyPump + Sunrise Yoga

Thursday: 7.1 miles, including Race the Landing #4 (23:11)

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: 7.1 miles, including Run the Runway 5K (22:43)

Sunday: 10 miles

With the heat, I only managed to run 5 times this week, but I got some cross training in with the Oiselle Dirty Dozen core workout, BodyPump, and my usual yoga class.

I ran early to beat the heat on Monday and Tuesday, then skipped Wednesday night speedwork for BodyPump. This probably wasn’t a smart idea with Race the Landing on Thursday, but BodyPump is only offered certain afternoons at my gym.

On Thursday, I went to Race the Landing, and I was pretty sore from BodyPump. It was 24 hours after the class, so the DOMS hit pretty bad. It was my slowest road 5K all year, but I went into the race planning to use it as a workout so I was fine with the slower time. The course is the same for each race in the 5-race series, so now we’re all at the point of knowing just how curvy that last mile is and ready to get to the food and drinks.


The next Race the Landing isn’t until July, and I’m glad we get a few weeks off.

Speaking of being OFF, I hadn’t taken a day off for myself in ages, so I took Friday off from my big-girl job and from workouts. First, I slept until 9:30, which is probably the latest I’ve slept since college, but my body obviously needed the rest. I spent the rest of my day eating lunch with Clay at The Americano in Mt. Pleasant, laying by the pool, and drinking a Melvin’s Oreo milkshake.

It was pretty much the best vacation day ever.


Saturday, I ran the Run the Runway 5K at Joint Base Charleston. My friend Cindy talked me into it earlier in the week since it’s the only opportunity all year for the public to run on the runway.


I got lost in North Charleston on the way to the base, showed my ID 527923 times to get on base (and the guys still didn’t believe I’m 29!), and our warmup run was interrupted by the military police. My pace wasn’t too bad considering the heat, and everyone hung out and went into the C-17 and took pictures after the race.


I went to the Foot Store North anniversary celebration and group run after the race, where I won a hoodie for testing Zoot shoes. I bought the Zoot Solanas a few months ago and have been wearing them on my longer runs (and liking them). Coming home with a hoody when it felt like 99 degrees outside was ironic, but the house was chilly Saturday night so I rocked out the hoodie in front of the TV.


On Sunday, I ran 10 miles with OnShore Racing and we had a pretty big crowd. Between the heat (84 degrees at the beginning of my run) and Saturday’s Run the Runway 5K, the struggle shuffle was real. Fortunately we have multiple water stops on the route, but sometimes you question yourself and just need a WTF stop (with WTF standing for Where’s The Finish?, of course). I took a couple WTF stops today, but I got through the 10 miles, so it’s all good.


This week, I don’t have any planned 5K races, so unless I get talked into one (ha!), I’ll just log training miles, probably a nice mix of outside and treadmill. Hope everyone has a great week!


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7 Responses to Training for Summertime 5Ks (June 8-14)

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    That’s super cool that you’re testing out the Zoot shoes! It’s always fun to try new things, especially when they work out. That’s a really good price for a gym membership! Totally worth it if it means you can run safely on those triple digit days. And it may come in handy in the winter if you get ice storms there. Great week of training!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I’ve had my Zoot Solana shoes for a few weeks now and like them a lot. I wear tested a different pair of Zoots on Saturday, but I like my Solana a lot more (the other pair were heavier and more cushy, I guess I just go for more minimalist shoes?).

      The basic Planet Fitness membership is always $10, but they ran a deal last week where it was also just $10 to join. Normally it’s more to join/initiation fee. I went today so I’m already putting it to use.

  2. backatsquarezero says:

    I bet the heat off the runway was crazy. Just baking with no shade, way to get it done.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It felt a lot hotter than the temperatures said on Saturday. Flat but zero shade, and they could’ve used another water stop too. It was a fun experience, but it’s in June next year too so I don’t know that I’d do it again. Really wish they would have the race earlier (or later) in the year.

  3. Wow, sounds like a fun week! I can relate to the sweltering summer heat – we’ve had triple digits in central CA too – makes working out outside difficult haha.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ahh you are hilarious – Sauna Carolina! I read in the news DC was the second hottest city at noon today behind Charleston, SC! So fun you were able to run on the runway – was it early enough before it got too hot?

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