Spring Equinox 10K (46:27)

Do you ever have those spur-of-the-moment, completely unplanned runs or races that turn out really well? Nah… Neither do I.

I’m Type A about running and racing (and life…). I plan out my race calendar each month and my training at the beginning of every week. I don’t spontaneously jump into races, and even when my races are planned, they don’t always turn out well.

In March, I opted not to run the All American Half Marathon due to my wonky piriformis/TFL/gluteus medius, started physical therapy, and got sports massages. Running that race would’ve set me back instead of helping me reach my long-term running goals, and I didn’t want to risk driving 4 hours each way with a wonky right hip. Running was okay- but I had crazy pain after sitting for hours and when getting out of cars and chairs. Still, I was disappointed to miss All American.

Virginia came to the rescue and convinced me to “just run” the inaugural Spring Equinox 10K. It was a very low-key race in Hampton Park but offered refreshments and free beer at the finish as well as a finisher’s medal. When the words “finisher’s medal” came out of Virginia’s mouth, I was sold. How often do you get a finisher’s medal at the end of a training run?


Not one to go into a race without some sort of goal, I decided to run the Spring Equinox 10K as a tempo run. It would be a good test for my wonky hip and final workout before the Cooper River Bridge Run.

The race got started at 8:30 AM and I lined up near a fellow West Ashley runner, Gordon. Gordon’s a little faster than I am, but he was having a rough day. Both of us knew it wasn’t going to be a PR for either of us, so we ran the race together and even talked some. I liked that because it let me gauge my effort so my tempo run didn’t accidentally turn into a race. One tip for tempo runs- do the talk test. If you can’t catch your breath to answer a question, you’re running too hard.

The Spring Equinox 10K course was six loops around the park, which is the kind of course I like because I could see the clock at each mile marker and I passed the spectators six times. A lot of runners think loop courses are boring, but I run better in dumb racehorse mode when I’m not distracted by scenery. OnShore didn’t hold the usual Sunday run club on race day, but a lot of the Sunday regulars came out and cheered for us on the course.


About 40 runners ran, and that helped me hold back the pace instead of going out like crazy. In fact, this was the best paced tempo run “race-out” (race as a workout) I have ever run. My splits were 7:30, 7:32, 7:32, 7:32, 7:31, 7:25, and 1:28 for the last .22. Can’t believe I picked up the pace on the last 1.22 miles.

I finished in 46:27, and with the small field, placed 2nd female overall. My friend Cherry placed 3rd female overall, running as practice for the Bridge Run and the Boston Marathon. I was glad to share the Top 3 with a running friend who I really admire. Cherry placed in her age group in the Bridge Run and ran Boston last Monday! We won TrySports gift cards and flowers, and I managed to keep my prize alive in the month since this race.


As usual, OnShore Racing hosted a great race. OnShore prides itself on offering perks like free beer, fun after parties, and unique prizes. Everyone enjoyed it and had a great run- a lot of runners surprised themselves and PRed since it’s one of the few flat 10Ks in town. The entry fee was also affordable ($25 for a 10K) so runners didn’t have to break the bank to race.

I enjoyed the race, wrote my finish time on the back of the medal, and can’t wait to hang it on my Christmas tree this winter.


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16 Responses to Spring Equinox 10K (46:27)

  1. Pam says:

    Congrats on your tempo race! great idea. Your flowers are really pretty and second overall female is amazing. What a reasonable race price considering everyone got a finishers medal too! I have never thought to plan a tempo run for a race, but it is a great idea.l Next week I have a 10k followed by a half marathon the next day and I just might have to run the 10k at tempo pace!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Tempo running a race is a really neat idea if you’re training for any race- especially if it’s a charity 5K you want to support and may not want to run all-out. There’s less recovery time, but it helps you practice maintaining a faster-than-normal pace. This Fall, I was doing a 5K tempo (as a workout) every week and it made me a MUCH stronger runner than intervals alone.

  2. KrisLawrence says:

    Congrats on that 2nd place finish!!

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Yeah I’m a type “A” runner like you. I have all my races pretty much in line for the rest of the year already! Not sure if I could have handled a 6 loop course. But like you said, it does really help to gage splits and you know exactly what to expect. I thought about doing a 50K once that was 6 loops, but I decided that I could not handle it!

  4. Some of my best races have been totally unplanned. But I’m like you, creating and reworking race and workout schedules monthly! Nice tempo 10k!! Really impressive.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly! It was nice to do a race and not go “PR or ER” and really just enjoy it. Yes, I did push myself… and I pushed myself a bit harder than I normally would in an ordinary 6 mile tempo. But it was good to practice pacing too. I found that when I run even splits in a race, I am not sore the next day! Must be working!

  5. Great way to get in a killer tempo run.
    Awesome job on keeping your flower alive, I am the worst at that.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s still alive. I really can’t believe it.

      I had to super glue the little board thingy with the place on it back onto the pot, but the flower’s still living!

  6. Hollie says:

    I’ve done spur of the moment races but I generally know I’ll race way before the night before. Sorry the race wasn’t super fabulous but nice tempo anyways!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The race was good. It wasn’t a frilly race, but it was a good event because you could tell they had the runners’ needs at heart. I was surprised I could run at that pace for that long and feel okay with it!

  7. lizlicorish says:

    I love the flower prize! What a great idea. Great job getting in a workout during a race – I’m starting to approach more and more races as workouts. It takes away a lot of the pressure!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Nice tempo run – so impressed you ran the 6 loops! I volunteered at a 10K with a similar course and it wore me out 😉 I love that they gave you flowers as prizes. Congrats!

  9. Lily Lau says:

    That prize is so feminine, I love it! 😀

  10. supereli23 says:

    What a cute idea for race awards! You definitely nailed a tempo pace on that race, I’m sure you have to be happy with that.

  11. Elizabeth C. says:

    That’s such amazing pacing! Very consistent, and a strong finish. Congrats on your second place finish! That bib is adorable. A great addition to your collection!

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