Training for Summertime 5Ks (April 13-19)

Despite rainy, muggy weather, I got my training in this week- and I was happy to share some runs with training partners and friends. This week was rainy, but it’s a dry month for road racing in Charleston, so I miss my usual Saturday running socialization.


If there’s one upside to so few road races lately, I’m saving money for entry fees for races in May and June. I have my race schedule planned and budget race fees from each paycheck, and I’m thankful Charleston has so many great local races that I don’t have to leave to race.


My next race is the May Day Half Marathon, which is a glorified long run in preparation for this summer’s Race the Landing 5K Series. After dealing with last year’s stress reaction and missing 2 of the 5Ks due to injury, I hope to complete all the 5Ks this year so I’m eligible for series awards.


This week, I ran 47 miles. I also did a yoga class and one strength training workout.

Monday: Strength training (upper body)

Tuesday: 7.28 miles (Cooper River Bridge)

Wednesday: Sunrise Yoga + 7.2 miles (Parking garage route + extra for challenge)

Thursday: 7.85 miles (Progression Run, started at 8:48 pace and progressed to 7:23 for the last mile)

Friday: 7.15 miles easy

Saturday: 7.5 miles track workout. 1.5 mile warmup, 4 x 1 mile (400m jog recovery), 1 mile cooldown.

Sunday: 10 mile easy/long run

I ran a lot of 7 milers this week because of a Lucky 7 Challenge with Fitness World Run Club, my Pee Dee/Florence run group. I don’t live there anymore, but they let me stick around and participate in their challenges.

The challenge is running at least 7.14 miles a day for 7 days straight, which is a 50 mile week. You can run more. You can also do run/walk or break it into doubles if you have to. It’s versatile so everyone can participate. I’ve learned a lot from it and will blog about it once it’s over (Monday is the last of my 7 days).


I had some great workouts this week! We had a big crowd for the garage run, where we sprint the inlines and run easy on the way down and throughout downtown Charleston. Tom, Larry, and Baxley pushed the pace with faster recoveries (they are faster runners), and it made everyone else dig a little deeper too.

Saturday, I ventured to the track for some mile repeats. Speedwork is tough when you’re alone (especially mile repeats), but my splits were 7:26(???), 7:01, 6:58, and 7:05. This workout made me remember why I love the track- just not for 7.5 miles.

On Sunday, I did my typical OnShore Racing run with the group. I ran at an easy, conversational pace with some people who were finishing up their last 20 miler before the May Day Marathon. It felt like 1000% humidity but it was only 68 degrees and 94%. We had some new runners today and that was fun too.


I hope everyone had a good week and best wishes to my friends running Boston today- I’m recording all the coverage and can’t wait to geek out watching it and seeing my friends’ Facebook posts tonight. Have a great week, and run fastah! 

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12 Responses to Training for Summertime 5Ks (April 13-19)

  1. Great week of training!!! As someone just getting into running, I can’t fathom running that fast yet!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      When I started running in 2009-2010, I couldn’t either. It takes years but you can really build some speed and distance if you stick with it. I will say the mistake most people make is just giving up when they don’t always get the results they want. Running has its highs and lows just like everything else.

  2. i am so interested to read about your recap of the 7.14 in 7 days challenge!

  3. allieksmith says:

    Wowza, 47 miles is amazing, Amy!! I don’t think I have ever run that many miles in a week, lol. It really looks and sounds like you had a solid week of training! I bet you’re super pumped about your upcoming races :). I think it’s awesome that Charleston has so many!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I’m hoping the mileage increases will someday help me get faster. My highest ever was 48 when I was training for the Charleston Half Marathon, I think I really run best at about 40mpw and would normally do that except I wanted to build up for this challenge. Now I’m excited about lower mileage this week!

      We have like 7 5Ks coming up that I want to do here- it’s a lot of fun in the summer. All the races are really hot, though.

  4. lizlicorish says:

    5K race series are SO fun! It’s really great to hang with the same gang every week, plus I love that a lot of series start at night (when I’m alive to the world). Looks like you got a solid training week in! Great job!

  5. Wow. Huge mileage week. What a fun challenge though.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks, it was really fun. Finished it up yesterday so I didn’t run today. I’ll do speedwork tomorrow and get back on track. I’m glad to have the challenge behind me- not planning on logging miles like that all the time!

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  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    I love how you really showcase the local running community in your posts. It really seems like running is both a personal and social thing for you! And that 7’s challenge is neat!

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