Training for the All American Marathon (Feb 23 – March 1)

Whew. It’s been a whirlwind week. I was in Florence for two nights for work, we had crazy (for South Carolina) weather, I ran two races, and Clay travelled to Hartsville to see friends and family. Clay also starts a new job today, so we have a lot going on.


My next half marathon is the All American (Half) Marathon on March 22 in Fayetteville, NC. If you’d like to run it, use the discount code 5AMB2015 to save 10% off the registration fee. I’m a race ambassador and it seems like it’ll be a nice excuse for a girls getaway, as tons of people from Charleston are running it.

While the race is called the All American Marathon, there is a half marathon for those of us who are only half crazy- or also training for the Cooper River Bridge Run on March 28.


This week, I ran 41 miles and did a BodyPump class.

Monday: BodyPump + 6 miles easy.

Tuesday: 4 mile progressive run (treadmill).

Wednesday: 7 miles easy.

Thursday: 4.7 miles at TrySports Brew Run.

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: LifePoint Gift of Life 10K + 5K race. 11 miles total, including a 10K (46:29) and 5K (23:29) 30 minutes later.

Sunday: 8 miles easy.

I worked out *really* early Monday morning, then headed to Florence for work Monday night (I work from home as a technical writer). I commute to work 3-4 days of the year, but I had to drive in snow Tuesday morning. Thankfully, the hotel was only 5 minutes from work and the roads were safe.

Wednesday evening, I ran 7 miles out and back. It started raining maybe .1 miles after I turned around, so I was soaked. I think the anxiety of rain is worse than running in it- once you get wet, you’re just wet and it’s okay.


Thursday night was TrySports Brew Run, and I ran 4.7 miles untimed from Republic Bar and Lounge on Upper King Street, Downtown Charleston. I ran with Gary, who forgot his watch and mine never got a signal, so we have no clue how fast we ran- probably a little too speedy for me since I was racing on Thursday. It was cold and dreary/rainy so we didn’t have a big crowd, but after being out of town on Monday and Tuesday nights, I was happy running and hanging out with friends.


Republic was nice but seemed a little fancy for sweaty runners. This week’s run is at My Father’s Moustache in Mt. Pleasant and I’m excited for it, since there’s more parking and I’ve heard the food is delicious. The weather should cooperate, too. The Brew Runs are sponsored by The Bridge 105.5 and Michelob Ultra, and it’s fun to run from different locations each Thursday.

On Friday, I picked up my shirt/bib for the LifePoint 10K + 5K, and Virginia and I went to see McFarland, USA, which was a very inspirational movie about a cross country team. I highly recommend it if you like sports movies or for the night before a big race or run.

Saturday’s LifePoint Race for Life was… interesting. It was quite an adventure. The 10K began at 8:15 and the 5K was at 9:30. I signed up for both. I was a bit upset with my 10K time; I guess I felt like I should have PRed since I haven’t raced a 10K in forever, but I regrouped and ran the 5K 28 minutes later. After the Race for Life, some of us went out for Mexican food and hung out that afternoon, it was a fun event and a nice day.


Running two races in one morning, even at the same location/event, is not for the faint of heart. Since the paces of each race were faster (about lactate threshold pace), the effort level felt more like a half marathon than a 15K- I certainly feel like I’m recovering from a half marathon.

On Sunday, I ran 8 easy miles with the OnShore Racing run group. My quads hurt from the day before but felt better after the run. Every Sunday morning, our group takes over Moe’s Crosstown Tavern, where I enjoyed an omelet, cheese grits, and biscuit for brunch. That’s right- I didn’t eat pancakes! I contemplated skipping the run since I was tired, then almost skipped brunch, but I’m glad I went. Sunday is always run + chat + food therapy.


With no races this week, I hope to run my Tuesday night speedwork, as well as the brew run and some easy mileage. Clay starts a new job and I’m excited about our weather clearing up a bit, so it should be a nice week for us. Happy Monday!

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24 Responses to Training for the All American Marathon (Feb 23 – March 1)

  1. I’m sorry the 10k didn’t go quite as you hoped, but you still had a really strong week! Also all our double (5k + 10k) races here are 5k first and I really wish they’d do it how yours was with the 10k first!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Last year this race did the 5K first. I’m not sure which format works better. I do think they should stagger the times more at this one, as the 10K was at 8:15 and the 5K at 9:30… only giving people 75 minutes to complete the 10K before the 5Kers were on the course- so a few 10Kers were still out there when we started.

  2. Whew, two races in the same morning! You’re brave, missy!

    Also, solid noms.:)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- if nothing else, it was good practice at running faster than half marathon goal pace. I know a few people who’ve run 2 in one morning *at different locations*… I wouldn’t even attempt that.

  3. Pam says:

    Being disappointed in your race is understandable if you are expecting to get a PR. However, two races in one day is hardcore. I am amazed that you were running in shorts. We have not had a day for shorts in a very long time! We also went to see McFarland USA on Friday and I loved the movie.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The 5K was a much bigger race, and everyone was asking me if I was cold in shorts… nope, just raced a 10K, I was pretty warm! I own running pants but it has to be really, really, cold for me to wear pants. I’ve worn pants for one run this year :).

      • Pam says:

        Yikes, I can’t remember the last time I was in shorts outside. But hopefully tomorrow since it is supposed to be warm and I’m running with a neighbor at 1 pm!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        It was 70 here this afternoon. I guess I just like shorts, like some ladies prefer to run in capri pants all the time. i’m a shorts girl!

  4. Laur says:

    Wow! You did have a lot going on this week! I hope Clay’s first days at the new job are going well! And I’m always surprised if I pick anything over pancakes and cornbread when they are available at a restaurant. Can NEVER get enough of them!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- seems like a good job so far for Clay. He’s liking things. I haven’t had cornbread in awhile but it is so good… I love the broccoli cornbread at one of the restaurants back in Florence (where I work and used to live). It’s tasty!

      Rare for me NOT to get pancakes for breakfast at Moe’s, but I wanted something savory yesterday.

  5. Wow, you certainly got a lot of running in this week! I visited Fayetteville years ago when I visited a friend in the military. It would be nice to go back there but I don’t think I could put that All American race on my schedule this year.

  6. That looked like you had a great week. 41 miles is A LOT of miles! That race looks like fun! I really want to see McFarland USA. I think we might go tomorrow when it’s only $5 each on Tuesdays 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- we had a coupon and only paid $7 per person, which I was fine with. It was worth paying extra to see it in theatres.

      41 miles isn’t too bad. I’m training for a half and have been running for a few years, so it’s been a gradual and careful increase. When you run 6 days a week… it is hard not to have decent weekly mileage.

  7. Kristin says:

    Wow, great races!!! Way to go!! You’re phenomenal!! So fast!! XOXO

  8. Jennifer says:

    Congrats to Clay on his new job! Fun, I also participated in a 5K + 10K, I wish we ran the 10K first like yours 🙂

  9. Wow, a 5K 28 minutes after a 10K? That’s impressive, even if you weren’t happy with your 10K time! Sounds like a busy week for you!

  10. Elizabeth C. says:

    That’s cool you are a technical writer! Didn’t know that and had been curious. Anyway, Wow- back to back 5K and 10K. I have never heard of such a thing! It’s amazing that you were able to run both races so quickly, I can’t even imagine how you’d pace that. Sounds like the training is going really well!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My original goal was to go hard in the 10K and just do whatever in the 5K. Unfortunately, my ipod died at mile 1 of the 10K and I was mentally “off” for the rest of the race. I think if it hadn’t died, I would’ve finished in under 46 minutes… I can run without music and often do but this was the kind of course where you needed it (no spectators, not a ton of runners, boring, loops).

      I was really proud of my 5K! It wasn’t fast for me but to hold that kind of pace (and I did not start out too fast) after a 10K race really shows how much my endurance has progressed in the past few months.

      Effort wise, the 10K + 5K aftermath felt like a half marathon.

  11. Wow. That is a ton of workouts in one week and two races, you are so amazing. Great job! Your training is rocking it.

  12. Denise says:

    You’re a rock star – and so fast!!! Doing a 10k and a 5k on the same morning sounds fun – I’d like to do that sometime too 🙂

  13. allieksmith says:

    Whew, just reading all that you did made me tired, haha!! Sounds like a productive week, though! I’m so sorry you had to drive in snow and run in rain. Hopefully the weather is better for you now :). I know what you mean about running in rain, though. I always freak out about whether or not it will rain when I start a run. I won’t go out if it’s already raining, but if it starts while I’m already running I’m like “eh.. this isn’t so bad… actually it’s kind of fun!” *splashes through puddle* haha.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly- yeah it was productive! the snow wasn’t too bad, it was just a little snow, but it’s weird for it to snow this far South (and close to the coast). I am with you on rain running- I won’t go if it’s already raining but if it starts when I’m running, I’m cool with it.

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