Peyton Moore Wild and Wacky 5K and Ultra 5K

Today, I wanted to write about an upcoming race that’s dear to my heart, the Wild and Wacky Ultra 5K in memory of Peyton Moore. The run is on March 14, 2015, at Middleton Place, just outside Charleston, SC.


The son of my friends Noah and Jennifer Moore, Peyton loved to run and encourage others to, especially the Couch to 5K program that his dad coaches. But Peyton was also very well-rounded kid. Not only did he run, he also played football and wrestled, threw javelin, loved art, and excelled in school. Peyton loved his parents, family, friends, dog, and the Charleston running community.

Peyton passed away in June 2013 following a seizure, but probably inspired more people in his nine years than most people do in their entire lives. I ran with Peyton a few times, and his sweet spirit is one that all runners- and all people- should try to embody. He encouraged and inspired everyone he met, giving tips to beginner runners, and he always had a big smile on his face. Peyton wasn’t shy and was loved by kids his own age as well as adults.


Peyton’s Wild and Wacky Ultra 5K is for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. This event is perfect for your first 5K (or first 50K). It is two weeks before the Cooper River Bridge Run and would make a great practice run.

If you want to participate in one 5K, you can sign up for the individual option. This 5K begins at 11 AM, and each finisher receives a medal, a tech t-shirt, and a barbeque lunch from Jim and Nick’s. This is one of the few local 5Ks that offers finisher’s medals. Everyone loves a nice medal (I plan to decorate a Christmas tree with my medals this year), and the art on the medal is from one of Peyton’s class projects.


If you’re an overachiever and want to run more than a 5K, you can do that too. The 10 X 5K Ultra option involves running ten 5Ks- a 5K on the hour every hour, beginning at 7 AM. This is a fun way to complete a 50K (31 miles total), or you can participate in a relay team.

The Ultra runners get to share the 11 AM 5K with the individual runners and also receive a tech shirt, barbeque lunch from Jim and Nick’s, and a finisher’s medal. Plus, that 50K sticker will look great on the back of your car!


The proceeds from Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 5K and Ultra benefit the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, Mount Pleasant Track Club, and Mount Pleasant Academy. You can feel confident your race entry fee supports a great cause, and your participation supports a great family.

Thanks to generous sponsors who have worked to keep costs down, the individual 5K is $25 for adults and $20 for children, and the 10 X 5K Ultra is $75. Register before March 1 to guarantee your t-shirt size.

To sign up for Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 5K Ultra, visit Eagle Endurance’s site.

You can read more about Peyton at and on his Facebook page, Peyton’s Page.

I have registered for the individual 5K and am looking forward to running in Peyton’s memory, supporting the Moore family, supporting those organizations, and spending time on the trails with friends. I would love to see you support this event as well.


All photos are from the Moore On Running Facebook Page and used with permission. Follow Moore On Running to keep up with our fun Charleston and Mt. Pleasant running adventures.

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10 Responses to Peyton Moore Wild and Wacky 5K and Ultra 5K

  1. LilMysNinja says:

    Man if I didn’t have so many races going on this spring, I would totally go for the Ultra option! I had some friends try an ultra using that same option but it was during August and you know August heat in SC is no joke. They DNF’d. This weather is perfect for it! Plus it’s for a great cause! I’ve followed you for a few years now and I know that Peyton has always been special to you. ❤️

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wish you could come too! I know the ultra you are talking about- some of the runners who did that one will be at this one. I know everyone is grateful for this 10 x 5K because the weather will be cooler than the August one.

      I’m excited for this race as well as the LifePoint Gift of Life race, where I am also on the RUN4P team. I ran that 5K 2 years ago, along with Noah, Jen, and Peyton.

  2. Reblogged this on DoomBuggy Runner and commented:
    Come join us to Celebrate the life of Peyton Moore!

  3. I don’t think I am ready for a 50K, but I should go run a few miles for Peyton. I loved being able to teach him.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should sign up for the 5K. That’s what I did. It’s at 11 AM which means ya can sleep in, and it’s on a trail :). The 11 AM 5K is for everyone, the 50Kers will be running it but also the 5Kers. The 5K is smack dab in the middle, possibly for a little motivation to the 50Kers since that’s their 5th 5K and they might really need the encouragement from people on the course.

      If you want to log extra I’m sure you could run the course again at 10 as a warm up or 12 as a cool down. Since with the format, people will be running at those times too.

  4. Pam says:

    I would absolutely love to do this race in honor of Peyton who was such a special little boy. I need to see if I can talk my husband into a weekend in Charleston. I will definitely keep you posted if I can make this a reality.

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