Celebrating PRs and BQs in Downtown Charleston

Last weekend was a big one for me and my friend, Virginia. After I finished the Save the Light half marathon with a big PR (personal record), I checked my phone and saw the text message from the Hilton Head Island marathon. Not only did she set a PR- she also qualified for Boston!

I’m not a marathon girl, but Virginia has put in tons of training miles and done all the little things (nutrition, stretching, recovery) to BQ. She needed a 3:40 to qualify and ran a 3:38. You know it’s serious when you run 16 miles the day after Christmas.

DSCN8163_thumb.jpgOn Monday, we headed downtown to Poogan’s Porch to celebrate. Last week was Rollback Week at Poogan’s Porch, so the entrée and appetizer prices were “rolled back” to the 1970s. Normally, Poogan’s  is out of my house-poor budget, so I was excited to try a new-to-me restaurant while saving money.

Getting a reservation during rollback week is tricky because all the locals know about it and that’s when everyone goes, but it was worth it. I would recommend Poogan’s Porch for anyone looking for a nice dinner in Charleston.


We arrived just before 5:15 (reservation time) and parked at the garage just across the street. One big bonus of Poogan’s is convenient parking with a $6 lot next door and two garages on Queen Street. We were promptly seated and our orders taken.


I had the sweet tea glazed salmon with asparagus and risotto. The salmon was cooked perfectly, melted in my mouth, and the sweet tea glaze wasn’t super sweet, but complimented the salmon and asparagus well. Sweet tea is a way of life in the South, and Poogan’s did a good job incorporating that flavor into the salmon/asparagus/risotto dish that is standard at so many restaurants.

The portion was just the right size, and while I didn’t leave hungry, I didn’t have a food-induced coma.


Virginia had the pork ribs and mac and cheese, and a side of fried green tomatoes. The biscuits with honey butter were another star of the night.



The service was pretty good too. I’m sure they wanted to turn tables quickly since the restaurant was sold out, but the biscuits came out ASAP and the appetizer and entrees did too. Everything was timed right, and that made Poogan’s a great experience (it’s awkward to get your entrée when you have only taken two bites of your appetizer). Still, we didn’t feel rushed out of the restaurant, either.

It was Stella’s big night too in her little black bib at the fancy restaurant. She enjoyed the biscuits and the mac and cheese.


Although it was Rollback Week, the dinner was pretty special. Sometimes during special weeks, service can be iffy. The staff knows that people (like me!) who usually don’t go to fancy restaurants will, and sometimes those people don’t treat servers well. I try to treat the servers better when I get a deal or coupon because some people trying to save money skimp, which isn’t right for the servers as people and makes couponers look bad. Even with 1970s prices, tip on a 2015 level because servers have 2015 bills.


When we left Poogan’s Porch, we headed to Kaminsky’s, the go-to place for desserts in Charleston. It was a chilly Monday night and drizzling rain, so downtown was pretty dead and so was Kaminsky’s. It’s located on Market Street, and they have a pretty good happy hour with $5 dessert drinks and half price wine.

We split a brownie sundae and it was more than enough for all of us. I can’t imagine someone eating the entire brownie sundae alone.


It was a really fun night and we had a great time celebrating. We succeeded at recouping all calories burned running over the weekend, and it was a nice way to start a busy week.

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8 Responses to Celebrating PRs and BQs in Downtown Charleston

  1. Pam says:

    What a fun way to celebrate and congrats to both of you speedy runners on your PR races. That is awesome that Virginia qualified for Boston. She must be so excited. Restaurant week is interesting here in Wilmington. We have gone a couple times, sometimes the restaurants do not put their best foot forward. It is a nice time to try a new pricier restaurant to see if it would be worth it for a special occasion. Congrats again on great races and a fun celebration!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      To me, this deal at Poogan’s Porch was much better than most of Charleston Restaurant Week because so many options were included. Typically during Restaurant Week, the deals are on a limited menu and you can’t always get exactly what you want. I liked that everything was a bit cheaper.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations to your friend Virginia! Looks like you had a great night celebrating. The salmon looked delicious. So nice that the restaurant does throwback prices.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The salmon was great! Poogan’s does this every year for the locals, just before the tourist season starts (believe it or not it starts this weekend). This was my first time going, but I’d happily return.

  3. Congrats on your PR amy! very very exciting!!!!!! Happy for you, well earned! I am glad you both celebrated together….althiugh I think you deserved a brownie sundae each 😉 but thats my excessive sweet tooth talking there haha! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! happy valentines 🙂

  4. Hollie says:

    Congrats to both of you and what a fun way to celebrate. The salmon looks so good too. It’s always a lot of fun to just celebrate and you both deserve that.

  5. Laur says:

    Congratulations on the PRs! “They still have 2015 bills”. AMEN. To be honest, I love getting deals at restaurants and gift cards because I LOVE to tip. Waitresses deserve so much more than they’re paid for each night.

  6. Larissa says:

    Awe, this sounds like a blast!! So fun to try something normally out of your budget. (We definitely know the feeling!) Congrats on your race!!

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