Training for the All American Marathon (Feb 2-8)

Happy Monday! Normally I write this post throughout the week with my daily thoughts on each run or workout. This week, I did a lousy job because I was busy with work and running, so I don’t have many pictures.


My next half marathon is the All American (Half) Marathon on March 22 in Fayetteville, NC. If you’d like to run it, use the discount code 5AMB2015 to save 10% off the registration fee. I’m a race ambassador and it seems like it’ll be a nice excuse for a girls getaway, as tons of people from Charleston are running it.

While the race is called the All American Marathon, there is a half marathon for those of us who are only half crazy- or also training for the Cooper River Bridge Run on March 28.


This week, I ran 40 miles and did a BodyPump class and a yoga class.

Monday: BodyPump + 5 miles easy/untimed.

Tuesday: 5 miles, including 2-mile tempo (7:21/mi pace).

Wednesday: 5.5 mile garage run.

Thursday: 5 miles (7:57 pace), plus 1/2 mile untimed cooldown.

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: Save the Light Half Marathon (1:41:50). Full review will come later this week!

Sunday: 6 mile recovery run (10 min/mile) + 1 hour yoga.

Last Saturday, I signed up for the Save the Light Half Marathon with a goal of practicing pacing. Since this wasn’t a goal race for me, I didn’t cut back on training. Turns out, what feels like holding back in the beginning translates into nice PRs- who would’ve thought?

Tuesday’s tempo run was a nightmare. My goal was to run the two miles at 10K pace, and while the first mile was spot-on, my stomach starting hurting after that. I run six days a week and usually have one run each week that stands out as the worst. With a race coming up, I put a positive thinking spin on it and figured I got my bad run out of the way early.

Wednesday and Thursday were better, giving me confidence before Saturday’s race. Thursday was Brew Run, which is a team effort between TrySports Mt. Pleasant, The Bridge 105.5 and Michelob Ultra. Brew Run was at Dunleavy’s Pub on Sullivan’s Island, where we had a great run and a big crowd, but Dunleavy’s was not that great. Most runners didn’t eat or ended up leaving to eat/drink somewhere else- the waitress never took our orders. We took a group picture but I can’t find it anywhere.


Saturday’s Save the Light Half Marathon was probably one of the best executed races I’ve ever run. I didn’t get 90 seconds faster in the three weeks since the Charleston Half Marathon, but I raced smarter. My friend Tom told me to start at the pace I wanted to finish at, and the strategy worked. Everyone thought I got faster at the end because I was passing people, when I maintained even effort.

My race started at Mile 8, as I started picking people off and passing. Only three guys passed me (one guy blew past everyone!), no ladies. I looked at my watch every mile and felt encouraged to keep the pace up. It resulted in a 1:41:50 finish time- I hope to run a 1:39 half sometime this year!

Clay and I celebrated that night, trying Fire Street Food downtown. It was cheap and the food was decent, but I wouldn’t make an effort to go back. We had plans for somewhere fancier, but they were booked so we ended up there because I had the post-race RUNger.


Sunday was a gorgeous day, and I ran 6 recovery miles with OnShore Run Club. Since I raced Saturday, I ran with some people who are new to Charleston and talked to them about the city and running culture here. We ran a slightly different route and it was lots of fun. My legs felt better after the recovery run; my right hip felt a little wonky, but yoga seemed to help, a bit.


I hope everyone had a great week!

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28 Responses to Training for the All American Marathon (Feb 2-8)

  1. Hollie says:

    Nice work last week, it sounds like you had some really solid training. I’ve noticed how fast your paces have been getting, which is super exciting!

  2. Pam says:

    So impressed that you ran a half PR without planning on it. Can’t wait to read your recap. For a restaurant/pub to ignore hungry thirsty runners seems so stupid. What an opportunity to showcase their place and to have a waitress totally ignore you, not cool. Hasn’t the weather been great lately? It has been so much fun not being totally bundled up and freezing for runs.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The weather here has been amazing. I love winter in the south :).

      I didn’t run with the goal of PRing, but I thought if I ran my splits right that it might happen. My pace died pretty bad at Charleston.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks :). I saw your time from Saturday at HHI too, checked online. You did great yourself!

      • runner1313 says:

        Thank you! Yep, being away I didn’t have any time to post a recap. Starting to work on it now. I am happy with how I did, for sure.

      • runner1313 says:

        Oh, and btw… How did your friend do in Hilton Head? She ran the Half, right?

      • Amy Lauren says:

        One of my friends did the half and she did well and beat her Charleston time. Another one of my friends did the full, she was the one who I told you about was running about your pace, well she ran a 3:38 and qualified for Boston.

      • runner1313 says:

        Did she have a guy with her? Pacing her? If so, I think I talked to them on the course, and afterward.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Possibly- our friend David ran it too and finished a little ahead of her so I’m not sure if he was pacing her or just running that pace. It was his first official marathon and he did great, though 🙂

      • runner1313 says:

        That’s awesome! Congrats to them both. I bet you it was them. I could tell they were quite a bit younger than me. She told me on the course she was going for Boston, and I told her she looked strong. I saw her afterward too, and she said she had qualified.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Glad you had a great half this past weekend! Congrats on the ambassadorship and I look forward to your recap.

  4. Good to see you at the race on Saturday and great job at shaving that time down even more!

  5. Glad you had a great time at the race. I enjoyed volunteering to support the cause and the running community and hope to be involved again next year. And I’m so stealing the term “RUNger.” 🙂

  6. I have no doubt you’ll hit that 1:39 goal…it’s within reach!

  7. when i first saw that race badge i thought you were running another full and i was like “wha??” 🙂 what a solid week. i love reading about your speedy runs and races – sorry the brew run restaurant sucked. i used to wait tables and can’t stand bad service. ugh.

  8. supereli23 says:

    That’s an awesome half time even though you didn’t plan to PR! You are so going to hit a 1:39 if you keep training like you are. Good luck!

  9. christine says:

    Yay for racing smarter! Congrats! I’m hoping to do this same in April at my next half. I left so much on the table at the CHS half this year, in addition to my poor race execution. I’m looking forward to my next race! And you will definitely hit that sub-1:40 soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t think Charleston was a great race for any of us, but the good thing about running and racing is that you always have another chance. You’re doing great, you’ll get it next time!

  10. As we’re currently freezing our beans off up in Michigan, I’m insanely jealous of your winter!
    Great week of training 🙂

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