Product Review: MyProtein Impact Whey Protein

When I returned to running after my injury this summer, I changed my training regimen. Some changes were to prevent getting reinjured (or injuring another body part due to compensation), and other changes were to become a stronger athlete in general so that my body could handle longer and faster races.


I started strength training twice a week with BodyPump, and even though I am back to running and training for race, I still squeeze in two strength training workouts a week. Many runners skip strength training, especially lower body, justifying that they already spend enough time on their feet. I can only speak for myself, but the squats and lunges have helped my running- I barely noticed the inclines on the James Island Connector Run this year. The core tracks are great, and my back is no longer sore after long runs.

With that said, I do BodyPump to compliment my running, not to be the best BodyPumper. If I have a race coming up or am sore from a run, I go light on lower-body tracks or use body weight. It’s still a great workout.

With the increase in activity, my recovery habits have certainly changed. When I trained for the Darlington Marathon in 2013 and the Race for Taylor 10K in 2014 (until I got injured), I didn’t pay much attention to recovery. I sometimes forgot to refuel or just waited for the next meal. I didn’t really “forget”, but I got busy with daily activities or work, and any writer knows that when you get deep into an article or assignment, activities of daily life sometimes get overlooked.


Recently, MyProtein reached out to me to try some of their products to recover from workouts. Since I strength train twice a week and love anything Oreo flavored, I tried the Cookies and Cream Impact Whey Protein.

Getting the 5.5 lb package off the shelf to prepare my post-workout shake was extra strength training.

The Cookies and Cream variety contains 100 calories and 18 grams of protein per serving. I’ve been mixing it in protein shakes after warm weather workouts and in oatmeal after chilly morning workouts. To give the protein a fair review, here are some pros and cons.


  • Impact Whey protein did not bother my tummy! I’ve experienced stomach issues with several proteins, so sitting well in my stomach is the #1 factor for any pre or post workout food or drink. I did not feel gassy or bloated.
  • The protein is inexpensive. The package MyProtein sent me contains 100 servings and costs $54.99 per bag. They occasionally offer coupon codes to save even more.
  • This blended *very* well with unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my magic bullet. Typically, I use plant-based proteins and sometimes they can be a little grainy.
  • Impact Whey mixed well with oatmeal to make a voluptuous post-workout breakfast that kept me full and warm until lunch.
  • The protein was sweet, and when super cold, tasted a lot like a milkshake from a restaurant. I mixed it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or unsweetened oatmeal. I can’t imagine it mixed with anything sweet like fruit- that would be sweetness overload.
  • MyProtein offers tons of flavors and size combinations. The website offers flavors of protein I haven’t seen in stores or on other websites. If you’re adventurous, they sell fruity proteins like lemon cheesecake and raspberry.


  • Impact Whey is not fortified with other nutrients. Some proteins have enough vitamins and minerals to replace a multivitamin, but not this. It is simply a protein powder, not a nutritional shake or meal replacement.
  • Many products on the website were out of stock. MyProtein offers protein powders that contain BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes but those are sometimes out of stock. This is a newer company so as it grows, hopefully products will be better stocked.

Overall, I had a good experience with the MyProtein website and liked the Cookies and Cream Impact Whey. Since I typically use my protein in a shake for breakfast, I would probably buy a powder that contains vitamins and minerals next time, but I would purchase from MyProtein again.

I received a free product in exchange for my review; however, I was not monetarily compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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8 Responses to Product Review: MyProtein Impact Whey Protein

  1. Thank you for the review! I am truly thinking about trying MyProtein but I was wondering how it worked. Did you make your shake with milk or water? How is the mixability?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It mixes really well. I use a blender but you don’t really need it. I would recommend unsweetened almond milk, because it tastes a bit better than with water but regular milk might be a little too sweet.

  2. spectacuLAUR says:

    I always like to keep protein powders in my diet because I do only eat fish as a “meat” source (which I believe you do, as well), so it’s always good to get the extra boost. On the flip side, my stomach does NOT like protein powders sometimes and, ugh, the gas! It’s so embarrassing. I like how this is customizable, too. It’s always a plus when you get to pick your own flavors. It’s like a frozen yogurt shop. lol

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Fish is my only “meat” too, and even living by the coast, it can get pricey, so I’m obviously not eating it every single day. I have had issues with a lot of protein powders and anything that includes casein is pretty much OUT. If I make this just right with the right ice consistency, it’s almost like a milkshake and I like that.

  3. Pam says:

    I use a whey protein powder from GNC, but honestly I do not have protein shakes that often. I will heed your advice about more strength training though. It certainly has helped you!

  4. I am liking Body Pump too, but also like you it is to improve my running, not to get all buff.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the premise of BodyPump is lower weight/higher rep, which makes it good for runners and for overall fitness, more than outright strength. Look how buff 2 bodypump classes per week has made me… ;).

      I recently went up on my chest and back weights. I’ve wanted to increase my squat weight for about a month, but I can’t get the bar onto my shoulders… oops.

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