Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 29- Jan 4)

Happy New Year everyone! Time for the first official training log blog of 2015.


With less than two weeks left until the Charleston Half Marathon, I’ve thought about tapering- and I’ve decided to cut back by only a couple miles. I plan to do the same speedwork I did the week I ran the spontaneous 13.1 mile training run PR- but early enough in the week to recover. I’ll also take my normal days off. My rest that week will be through extra sleep, chilling out, and hopefully not stressing about the race too much.

Sidenote: This is why you should keep a detailed training log- so you know which workouts, days off, and trends are helping you improve.

Last week, I ran 36.5 miles. I also did one weights workout, one core workout, and 10 miles on the spin bike (instead of a recovery run).


Monday: Weights + 5 miles easy/progressive.

I headed to the gym for 6 AM BodyPump and waited around with the other 6 AM Pumpers until we figured out we wouldn’t have an instructor. It stinks to wake up that early for a class and not have an instructor. I ended up lifting weights and some machines. I generally hate machines (they’re not designed for short people), but I got about 45 minutes of lifting in before calling it a day at the gym.


I really considered taking today off, but reading Peyton’s Page and thinking of Noah and Jen, I ran 5 easy but progressively faster, rainy, miles in honor of Peyton. I took a selfie that looks like I’m wearing a Christmas wreath as a hat.

Tuesday: 5 miles easy. I was super sore from Monday’s weights- I always do BodyPump so lifting in another way and changing it up caught my muscles off guard.

I ran with Virginia, Dinoca, David, Gracie, and Brian on the You Can’t Run From Love 8K course here in West Ashley. The race is on Valentine’s Day and is part road, part trail.

David hit 1,000 miles for the year during this run, and we all went out to Parson Jack’s Café for drinks and food to celebrate. Parson Jack’s is a race sponsor and will host the after party, so I’m trying to give them my business- always great to support local businesses that support runners.



Wednesday: No workout. New Year’s Eve and traditional day off of running before a race. We didn’t do anything special for New Year’s Eve- just stayed home and watched football.

Thursday: 6 miles. I ran the Recycle, Reuse, Renew 5K at Charles Towne Landing. I finished in 22:18, and while it was far from a personal record, it was my fastest time on the Race the Landing course. Since it was my first 5K of 2015, it was also my fastest 5K of the year.

I placed second female overall and won this cool award from 1991. I love the January race because of the vintage awards, donated race shirts, and homemade soup, chili, and cornbread that the Friends of Charles Towne Landing provide for the runners.


I also ran a few miles to warm up and cool down, for a total of 6 miles for the day. I will have a race recap coming up this week.

Friday: I planned to do a 4-mile recovery run, but I woke up late and was a little sore from yesterday’s race. Admittedly, I didn’t do a good job of stretching on Thursday night.

Clay was heading to the gym that afternoon, so I tagged along and rode 10 miles on the bike and did a core workout. I listened to a podcast, and it was nice going to the gym with Clay instead of running, just to change it up.

We came home from the gym and Clay cooked a delicious salmon dinner!


Saturday: 12.2 miles.

TrySports Mount Pleasant hosted a preview run of the Charleston half and full marathon courses. I opted for the 12-miler because I needed a weekly long run, and I already know the half marathon course pretty well from racing it in 2013 and pacing the 2:30 half last year.

Jason, Michael, another guy (I didn’t get his name), and I ran together, and Steven kept us company on the bike, telling us directions, chatting, and taking a few pictures. Our pace was spot on 8 minute/mile, and it was fun running with different guys on a different route.

TrySports always does a great job with the Charleston Marathon Pre-Run, and I’m thankful for all they do to support the local races and athletes. The staff members organized the run and pace groups, rode along with us on bikes, and Peggy even drove the course and rang the cowbell for us! We also had coffee and hot chocolate from The Orange Spot after the run.

Sunday: 8 miles with the OnShore Sunday Run Group.

The average pace was only a tad slower than Saturday’s long run. A group of us were running together and kept saying we were going to slow the pace at each landmark/water stop but we never did. Oops.


I was very satisfied with the run because Saturday’s 12 miler was a pretty tough run. I talked to Howie about what to do over the next two weeks and got some great advice/motivation from Eric as well. Did I mention it’s awesome to have experts running with us on Sunday?


I also got a sports massage on Sunday afternoon- my first ever sports massage. I feel like I have a completely new set of legs. The massage was great, and she stretched me out so I felt like I got a second workout in.

Two weeks to go, and it’s down to the wire. Happy January!

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14 Responses to Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 29- Jan 4)

  1. runner1313 says:

    That was a great way to wrap up 2014 and begin the new year. Nice training week!

  2. Hey Amy!
    I like the selfie. The wreath is a great background.
    Congrats on David reaching a 1000 miles. That’s a lot! I haven’t even traveled by car or plane that many miles for over two years now. Wow! The posed 1000 photo remindede of one of those OH-IO photos that people like to pose for up here. Been seeing a lot of those lately. I don’t follow sports, but I hear we’re kicking butt. 🙂

    Wow! That salmon meal that Clay made looks so fancy!

    Two weeks to go. Sounds intense. Happy New Year.

  3. Pam says:

    How fun that you got to celebrate another runner’s milestone. Keeping a training log is critical if you care about improvement with your running. Ever since I started in late 2010, I log all my workouts so I can go back and review. I also like to write in my newest training plan on my calendar to get the motivation going! Can’t wait for your half. Ryan, a girl in my group is also racing the half that day!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Pam. I have always logged mine on DailyMile, and more recently on Training Peaks- I like that it syncs with my Garmin and provides more stats.

      I don’t always know pace (sometimes I run without my Garmin) but I track distance and if it’s a workout, I log the details (like what intervals it was, i.e. 4 x 800, etc).

      Good luck to the other girl in your running group who’s running Charleston!

  4. Run To Munch says:

    Great week of running! I’m going to have to check in on a sports massage myself!

  5. harveylisam says:

    I’ve decided that you need to pack yourself into my suitcase wherever I go and force me to do even just a small portion of all the exercise you do. Thank you in advance 😛

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, there are people out there doing a lot more than me. There are also people out there doing a lot less (and some of em are a lot faster too). Different things work for different people- a lot of mine is socially driven :).

      IMHO, running 6 miles isn’t too much harder than running 3 miles. What is hard is getting out the door.

  6. allieksmith says:

    Happy 2015!! It sounds like you got in a solid week of training. I totally agree that it’s always good to keep track of your workouts and know what works for YOU. Also, yay for a new set of legs :). I have had two massages before (and they were heavenly!), but no sports massage… yet!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve had a few massages but this was my first sports massage. The lady does massages for some of the fastest runners in Charleston, and a lot of runners in general, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong choosing her. It is not cheap but a good investment if you have any issues/aches/pains/niggles

  7. supereli23 says:

    Great training week! And that’s a good 5K time considering you are only several weeks into your training cycle. I have always wanted to try a sports massage, is it something that you found helped stave off the soreness?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My 5K wasn’t super strong, but it beats the last nightmare race. I need to start back doing tempo runs again to help it, but I guess since I didn’t “race” all out, I sorta did it more as a tempo run for my half training. Plus that is just a fun race series that I can’t miss.

      Sunday was my first sports massage, but I liked it. I’d get another one. I wasn’t really sore from running, but I got it mainly to help a nagging hip injury (piriformis). The therapist showed me some stretches too, but I feel like the massage itself helped a lot.

  8. I LOVE sports massage. So glad you enjoyed it.

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