Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 8-14)

Last week in numbers:

48 running miles, 5 hours of driving, 2 Christmas parties, 2 BodyPump classes, 1 stomach illness, 1 family reunion = 1 wiped out Tiny Terror.

I thrive on a packed schedule.


After a record high in mileage, including speedwork, next week is a recovery week. I have a lot going on with work and the Nexton Cocoa Cup 5K race Saturday, and I want to make sure my hip is 100% before I race even a 5K on it. I’ll back off this week, then hit the training hard until the Charleston Half Marathon.

This week, I ran 48 miles and did 2 BodyPump classes.

Monday – I woke up and headed to 6 AM BodyPump. After Pump, I spent some painful quality time with the foam roller and did the hip stretches that Eric told me about on Sunday.


It rained off and on but stopped just in time for our speed workout that night. Howie, Vanessa, and I ran a total of 5.5 miles, including 6 half-mile repeats. Drivers were crazy and a UPS truck stalked us on the Battery. Who knew rich people got deliveries at 7 at night?

I ran between 6:37-6:51 pace for the half mile repeats, pretty consistent. I wasn’t zapped after my workout and felt really good.

Tuesday – 7 miles easy. I was so excited that they finished the 3-year construction project that I decided to run down the road and enjoy the new cone-less view.

I ran negative splits, too. Not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it!

Wednesday – Hump Day, BodyPump Day. I could squat so much more than I do, except I can’t get the bar with weights onto my shoulders. At least I don’t skip leg day- Isn’t every day leg day when you’re a runner?

That night, I went to the Fleet Feet “Beat the Grinch” Pub Run. I ran 6 miles total, with a 3.43 mile group run in there, which I used as my weekly short tempo. I averaged 7:31 pace, but tempo running is hard on cracked sidewalks and with traffic.


I ran a short cooldown, then warmed up with some adult hot chocolate. I was one of the first 50 runners who beat the Grinch, so I won a free pair of Balega socks and a “Run Charleston” ugly Christmas shirt.

Thursday – 6.5 miles easy.

I ran over the Cooper River Bridge with some friends, which started out fine but turned into a nightmare in the last 2 miles. I’m not sure what it was, because I didn’t eat anything TOO out of the ordinary, but I had some M&Ms that afternoon. I was super grateful for the gas station bathroom at the base of the bridge and swore to never eat peanut M&Ms again.


I headed back to Rural West Ashley, thinking my tummy troubles were over, but they weren’t. It wasn’t a fun night, and I don’t think it was simply too many M&Ms.

Friday – 15 miles. My stomach had been okay since 7 that morning, so Virginia and I headed out for our long run that evening on the Sawmill Branch Trail. It was a conversational long run and we kept a good pace. The temperatures were great and the trail wasn’t crowded at all.


I still felt pretty bad from the stomach bug, but this was one of those difficult runs that builds your confidence that if you can handle a tough run when you feel bad, you should be able to handle a race when you’re feeling good.

Saturday – Rest day. Clay and I travelled a few hours away to my hometown for a big family reunion we have every December, then we came back to Summerville for his job’s holiday party. Does driving a ton of miles make up for not running any?

A lot of my friends ran the Kiawah Island Marathon and Half Marathon and did great. I enjoyed looking at their pictures and results, and I’m so proud of them- especially the first-time marathoners and half marathoners. Enjoy the post-race victory walk and wear your medals all weekend!

Sunday – 8 miles with OnShore Run Club. I ran with Tom and Chris again and we averaged about a 7:40 pace which I was happy with. Since I moved my long run to Friday, I used this as my weekly “long-ish and hard-ish” run.

Five weeks to go. Let’s do this!

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18 Responses to Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 8-14)

  1. Nice job! Seems like a killer week of training. And you’re right the runs when we’re not feeling our best definitely help fuel our confidence!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly :). You are doing really well yourself, especially at Reindeer Run. I’m totally up for starting the Tuesday Track workouts back after the holidays (Howie’s group kicks my tail every Monday and Wednesday so my Tues/Thurs runs are easy!)

  2. I am taking my first-ever Body Pump class tonight at my new gym! I know a lot of runners who swear by it for strength training. I have a feeling I’m going to be sore tomorrow…

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You really can’t go wrong with Les Mills classes. I like BodyPump because it’s a full body workout in one hour, and while it is strength training, your heart rate gets up there too. I think it has helped my endurance as a runner, as well as whenever a course has hills or inclines (we don’t really have hills or inclines in Charleston to run on). I hope you enjoy the class, let me know what you think!

  3. Hey, Amy! Wow, I’m glad to see that training is still going well, even with the stomach bug. I seem to have caught another cold. Ugh. I just had one that included a fever and lasted two weeks, which was around Halloween… that should exclude me from sickness until next October, right? 😛

    I know what you mean about those “thankful for a restroom” moments. I had one of those when I was grocery shopping the other day. Thankfully, layaway was willing to babysit my cart for me, while I took care of that, since I was alone. And I had already filled it halfway, so yeah.

    Love the new socks and “ugly sweater ” are you going to wear it to a party anytime soon? Haha.

    Oh, the sun. How lovely. 🙂 the sun shined for us today, for the first time in a good couple of weeks. It definitely caught everyone’s interest.

    Have a great evening!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wore the ugly shirt (it’s actually a long sleeved cotton t-shirt, so not a sweater) on the warmup of the run. It’s a cool idea for a shirt, if I had another party to go to I’d probably wear it. The weather here has been great lately, mostly 60s for highs and sunny, so you don’t really need sweaters anyway.

      i hope you feel better soon, being sick is the pits.

  4. KrisLawrence says:

    Oh that Run Charleston shirt is just too great. Love it!! Your training run is very impressive (except for that yucky stomach stuff) and it looks like you’re all set for a great Charleston Half!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Kris! I’m getting really excited for the race in a few weeks. Stomach issues are the pits but fortunately it is over now! I won’t eat anything new for like 3 days before the race because I’m just that paranoid.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Amazing week! Hope the stomach is better. I really like the “Ugly Sweater” shirt they gave you – pretty cute!

  6. I almost went because the run Charleston shirts were so cool, but ended up just running around my neighborhood.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      They are cool shirts, it’s a cotton shirt but pretty soft and fun (and not white). Brooks has an ugly Christmas sweater style tech running shirt that is for sale in Fleet Feet. I saw a lot of runners wearing that, bet there will be more at that 5K on Saturday.

      I ran a few miles before the run because the group runs are always really short.

  7. harveylisam says:

    Great training!! 🙂

  8. Pam says:

    Catching up on my blog reading after moving on Saturday….wow, you really packed in a week of activities. So sorry you weren’t feeling very well, but don’t give up peanut m&m’s. They would not make you sick. The pub run sounded really fun and beating the Grinch to win some cool stuff was awesome. The shirt is perfect for a Christmas morning run! Good luck this weekend at your 5k. Can’t wait to see what you win next miss speedy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We’ll see about Saturday. I don’t really have any expectations for it and the weather might not be on my side. Plus it’s a very large race, so fast ladies may show up.

      I am convinced that whatever happened to me wasn’t just peanut M&Ms, but I doubt I eat them again anytime soon because I’ll associate the with that stomach bug!

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