Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 1-7)

T-minus 6 weeks until the Charleston Half Marathon.


This training week wasn’t all that I wanted it to be thanks to a “niggle” in my right hip. It started hurting after Sunday’s run, so I made Clay massage it (he didn’t complain…). With lots of foam rolling, massage, and stretches, it improved a bit each day. So many others are experiencing much worse issues such as hospitalizations or fractures, so I’m grateful I can train.

If an injury sidelines you from starting your goal race, who cares how many miles you logged in training, what paces you trained at, or how many days a week you ran? I’d rather run a healthy half marathon, even if I could do better time-wise, than be physically unable to run the race at all.

I still had a great week! I ran 37.4 miles and completed 2 group fitness classes (Spin and BodyPump).

Monday – I slept in and missed BodyPump. I *hate* missing Monday morning because it sets the tone for the week, but I slept really, really poorly. I woke up at 5, took my medicine and made coffee (didn’t drink it), then went right back to back.


That night, we ran 4.5 miles total (speedwork). Howie changed it up and we ran 1/2 mile intervals instead of the usual tempo run. Intervals are not fun the day after a tough 8 mile run, but I ran splits of 3:23, 3:12, 3:15, and 3:16. I hate going into workouts feeling crabby, but at least my times were about like the last time we did this workout. Maybe I’m getting into better shape…

Next Monday, we are running six intervals instead of the usual four… eek!

Tuesday – I’m really conservative when it comes to possible injuries, so I went to spin class instead of running. Class was packed! A spin class is a good substitute for an easy run.

Workout was done before 7 AM, and I spent some quality time with the trigger point foam roller before heading home to start my workday.

Wednesday – I went to 6 AM BodyPump that morning and found out our instructor is leaving after this month! MK is moving to Phoenix for physical therapy school. She’s a great BodyPump instructor and I’ll miss her a lot.

It was tempo run night, so I ran the 3.16 mile tempo run in 23:04. I ran 5.5 miles total, and my “hurting hip” tempo run was faster than my 5K races from November 2013, so I’ll take it.

Thursday – 5 mile recovery run. I went to the Christmas themed TrySports Brew Run. Between the tempo run, the aching hip, and a dentist visit, I had a lot to recover from.


My dentist rocks and I watched the first 20 minutes of Kung Fu Panda while he replaced my filling with a tooth-colored one. I was still a little numb 5-6 hours later; anesthesia affects me in weird ways.

I had a distance runner moment at the dentist. At my dentist’s office, the hygienist takes patients’ blood pressure and pulse before cleanings. I’ve never heard of a dentist office doing this (if anyone knows why feel free to chime in- I didn’t ask questions). The hygienist said my pulse was the lowest they’d seen in awhile, in the low 50s. Guess they are not used to seeing lower numbers, since people can be pretty anxious at the dentist.

Friday – 8 mile mid-week “sorta long and hard” run (average 7:54 pace).

I alternated hard and not-as-hard miles. I’m trying to run some miles at goal pace- or what the pace calculator says (7:35ish) since I don’t really have a goal time yet.

I also tested the shoes I plan to wear for the race, Mizuno Wave Hitogami. They are a more minimalist shoe than the Mizuno Wave Rider 18, which is what I wear for my longer runs, easy days, and recovery runs. This is the longest I’ve run in the them, and I’ll test them for at least 10 miles pre-race, but I think they’ll hold up well.


If you’re a neutral runner looking for a fast shoe with a little more support than a racing flat, look into the Mizuno Wave Hitogami.

Saturday – No workout. Clay and I went to Columbia for the SCHSL Football Championships. His high school team (Hartsville) played against South Pointe in the state championship game.

Unfortunately Hartsville lost, but we had fun traveling to Columbia, seeing old friends, and watching the game. This was the first high school football game I’ve been to in years, and I didn’t go to high school with Clay, so I just enjoyed the game without any stress. It was a fun day.

Sunday – 14 miles total (6 solo miles, then 8 miles with OnShore Run Club).


I felt really anxious about this run, and my ipod died in the 6 solo miles, so I was glad to have the OnShore Run Club for the last 8 miles. Tom, Chris, and Claire always push me on these runs and it helps.

We had a big crowd this morning and beautiful weather. One of the runners who came this morning, Eric, showed me some stretches for the hip issue. He’s a sports medicine doctor, coach, and holds several state running records, but he’s a down-to-earth, great guy (sometimes, he even slows down enough to run my pace!). I came home, drank a pumpkin flavored protein shake, and added those stretches in my recovery routine.

I hope everyone’s had a great week!

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11 Responses to Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 1-7)

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    My dentist takes your pulse and blood pressure as well. My only guess is that it is for monitoring if you needed extensive dental work. I had a long distance runner moment as well at the dentists a few years ago. I was getting my wisdom teeth out and needed to have the happy gas because I wad nervous. Once they put the mask on me, I was having trouble breathing and thought I was having a panic attack. But I was actually sucking in all the air from the gas bag and I needed more! So they had to set the bag to the volume for “large men”.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yikes about the laughing gas. I’ve never actually had happy gas because fortunately, I haven’t had any procedures that required it *whew*. That’s a good thought on the reasoning behind taking BP/pulse.

  2. Pam says:

    so sorry to hear your hip has been bothering you Amy. I’m sitting in the orthopedic doctors office waiting for my appointment now. Injuries stink and that stupid walnut is causing me fits. You did great with your speedwork and hopefully your round of 6 goes well tonight. Too bad Clay’s team did not win but HS games can be pretty fun!

  3. Great workouts, hope your hip issues works itself out.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Abby, I hope you feel better soon as well! Being injured sucks but being *sick* is even worse because it affects all aspects of life, not just running and workouts. Hopefully you will feel better before the holiday festivities start!

  4. christine says:

    Yay for running a tempo faster than a previous race! That’s a great feeling.

  5. harveylisam says:

    Glad to hear you’re being smart about possible injury! You know what’s up 🙂

  6. Tina Muir says:

    Love that perspective Amy! So true, when an injury appears, getting healthy again is the number 1 priority, or you may not be able to race again! Being smart will pay off in the long run! Thanks for being so realistic and making me feel better about taking a giant step back for my hamstring these past few months 🙂

  7. LilMysNinja says:

    You guys had a great turnout for the Christmas themed brew run! And love the color on your Hitogamis. I haven’t tried them yet. I want to get th rider 18s but I used my Christmas gift card for some Hokas right now. I feel like I need that extra cushioning for these longer runs I’m doing.

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