Workout Recap (Nov 3-9) and Training Run PRs

This was one of the best training weeks I’ve had in awhile, and I feel like things are starting to come together.

I ran 41 miles this week and did 2 BodyPump classes.

On Saturday, I ran an impromptu 13.1 mile training run PR, beating another 13.1 mile training run PR from April 2014. Does a PR-ed training run even count? Maybe I need to run 13.1 miles with a number pinned to my shirt.


Sometimes a good run comes out of nowhere. Of course, it doesn’t *really* happen out of nowhere- it happens from years of consistency and hard work, but it happens when you expect it.

I slept in (willingly turned my alarm off) and missed The Foot Store group run at 6 AM. I was kinda excited about that group run too, but I needed the rest since I had trouble falling asleep. Is it possible for an iron supplement to keep you awake at night? Maybe…

I arrived at Alhambra Hall at 7:15 to run the bridge, so I ran 5 miles out and back into downtown alone (saw Noah, Cathy, and David Quick out though, fun seeing familiar faces on the run). I felt good after 10, so I decided to run the Old Village Harbor 5K course.

Here are my three takeaways from Saturday’s run:

  • I ran past Village Bakery 3 times and did not stop for food. This was the hardest part.
  • Training with Howie is paying off, but I am probably an endurance monster and I need to make that work for me.
  • Too bad I didn’t have a race medal lying around in my car. I could’ve gotten a random bystander to present it to me in an impromptu awards ceremony.

Half marathons aren’t a distance I race often. My race PR is 1:49 and from 2012.

I think I’ll kick up my long runs over the next few weeks and enter the Charleston Half Marathon.

Here’s this week’s training log:

Monday: 6 AM BodyPump- always the start to my workout week.

At Monday speedwork, we ran a 3.1 mile tempo run through a movie set filming in the middle of our normal tempo route. The cast had coffee from Starbucks on this chilly night and it made me wish I had more skill at grabbing cups on the run at water stops. My run was right on pace, but I started out a little too fast.

Tuesday: I voted in the midterm elections, which took an hour with the long lines. After work, I ran 6 miles and realized I spent longer standing in line to vote than running 6 miles.

Rather than watching depressing election results (almost everyone I voted for lost), I did a Sip and Paint class at Wine and Design West Ashley that night.


Wednesday: 6 AM BodyPump. I was hungry and just wanted breakfast.

That evening, we ran 1/2 mile intervals again and it felt easier, but I think Howie’s adding more reps next week, so it won’t feel easy anymore.

Thursday: 4 recovery/easy miles at the TrySports Brew Run. This was a fun, relaxing run with costumes and glow sticks and pictures of runners with crazy devil eyes.


Friday: No workout.

I went out for seafood with my parents, then my mom and I went to the dollar store to buy items for her Operation Christmas Child for church. I love hanging with my mom, I don’t get to spend as much time with her since we live two hours away, plus it was fun buying Christmas stuff for kids.

Saturday: 13.1 mile long run. Clay and I went downtown for lunch at Butcher and Bee and to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving since he’s in charge of it this year.

That evening, we kicked back and watched the Halloween movies on our DVR because Christmas movies have started coming on already *and* Christmas music is on the radio. Craziness…


Saturday: 8 mile run and brunch with OnShore Run Club.

The first 4 miles were about 8 min/mile pace. I ran with Tom and Rae; it was her first time coming to the group run and his second, and they wanted me to stay with them because they didn’t know the route. I did, even though the pace was a little fast for me after Saturday.

We stopped for water after four miles, and I let them go ahead and ran back much easier to save something in the tank for next week. Post-run, I had delicious walnut pancakes from Moe’s Crosstown Tavern!

This was my highest mileage week in awhile (cooler temperatures help), and best of all, I don’t feel drained, sick, tired, or hurting. I’m cutting back on mileage next week and hope to have a great race on Saturday.

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13 Responses to Workout Recap (Nov 3-9) and Training Run PRs

  1. harveylisam says:

    I find it so weird that Christmas stuff has started already! I mean, I know, it’s this time every year, but still. It’s weird. (Maybe more so this year because I’m in Australia hahaha)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I bet it’s really weird with it being the holidays in Australia bc it’s summer there! Here in SC, it sometimes feels like summer during the holidays, but you still have the cultural norms of it being cold, etc. I wonder how that goes in the Southern hemisphere.

  2. Sarah says:

    Opening sentence to this post… makes me smile. I’m happy for you, Amy! Yeah it’s much too soon for Christmas music. On the radio at work this weekend a Christmas song played, thankfully it was just one! Buuut we already have some Christmas stuff out at work. So that’s lame. Hi, it’s like the second week of November.. earlier and earlier each year! Oh keep us posted on the possibility of running the Charleston marathon, exciting to change it up with a longer distance if you’re feeling good!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It will be the Charleston Marathon half marathon :). Definitely not the full 26.2. The event has 3 races and a bike ride.

      We have a station here that is devoted to Christmas music, already. I wish they’d waited closer to Thanksgiving to start… seems like it started right after Halloween!

  3. Hollie says:

    I find it strange that Christmas has already started…every year it seems sooner and sooner.

    Nice job this week, it sounds like you really had some solid training runs!

  4. KrisLawrence says:

    Nice job adjusting to higher mileage without feeling run down. A training run PR is awesome. I think that’s a cool idea. I need to start keeping track of that. Anything to keep it fun right? 🙂 The Christmas thing is too much for me. I think its ruining the specialness when we celebrate it from November 1st on. That’s 1/6th the year!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m definitely thinking I should actually run a half marathon race since I keep PRing training runs (my half PR is from 2012 and is 1:49- but it’s been that long since I’ve run a half, minus one I ran when I was training for a full).

      I don’t even mind that Christmas music plays before Thanksgiving, especially in retail settings, but I think Nov. 1 was a little early for the radio. The Hallmark station is already showing Christmas movies almost every day!

  5. Amy says:

    Congrats on a great week! I love your idea for dealing with the depressing election results. David wanted to watch it all night and I hid far, far away from the tv.

  6. Pam says:

    I love that you can just bust out a huge PR during a training run. When are you signing up for a half marathon? Find one now since you are ready for a huge PR! Love that you got to spend time with your mom. Tom and I picked up our names from the angel tree at the mall and starting shopping for two little kids. It’s always fun to buy for children at Christmas time. By the way, great week of workouts!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      After I ran a marathon last year, I said that 2014 was all about shorter distances. So, no half marathons this year- but I am signing up for the Charleston Half Marathon which is in January of next year :). It gives me 10 weeks to train.

      I haven’t done anything personally for charity yet this holiday season (geez, look at me saying this, it isn’t even the holidays yet and the only charities that have really started amping up here are the foreign ones like Operation Christmas Child). I’ll probably get on that around Thanksgiving bc Black Friday’s a great day for toy deals.

  7. Wow. PR training runs. You will crush that half!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I had one friend and one coach tell me very scary goal times for Charleston- as in, times I really can’t imagine myself ever running. I haven’t run anything near that now and anything can happen between now and January, including a season-ending injury like what happened to me in May.

      Both of those friends know a lot more about running, racing, and training than I do, so if they think I’m capable, I probably am. Whether that actually happens or not… we’ll see.

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