NYC Marathon “Get Your New York On” Contest

If you’re like most people, you have a morning routine.

I’m pretty Type A, so I get up at 4:55 for either a run or a class at the gym at 6 AM. My morning routine involves coffee, a frosted blueberry pop tart (if I’m running), blogs, and Facebook.

One of the first websites I check is Peyton’s Page, which is a Facebook page set up to share stories and memories of Peyton Moore.


Peyton passed away on June 4, 2013 at the age of nine, due to a seizure. He was a runner, threw Javelin for Mt. Pleasant Track Club, played football, was an honor student, and was an all-around awesome kid. He helped his dad, Noah Moore, coach the Moore On Running Couch to 5K program as well. Peyton loved to tell the Mt. Pleasant Track Club kids and C25K runners that while not everyone could come in first place, they could all do their best every day.


Noah posts a picture and story about Peyton each morning before his run. Noah wakes up at Dark Thirty, so the post is up for everyone to read and remember Peyton before running, working out, or heading to school or work.

You can read more about Peyton on Peyton’s Memories Page and            


Noah and his wife Jennifer are running the TCS New York City Marathon this Fall, and Noah is participating in a contest to win a chance to appear on a billboard in Times Square during the NYC Marathon. This race was the last family vacation Noah and Jen planned with their son.

Since the contest began, I added another step to my morning routine. After my coffee, breakfast, and checking blogs and Facebook, I vote for Noah in the contest, then head out on my run or to the gym.

Noah was asked to describe his running and what the NYC Marathon means to him, and here is his answer from the contest page:

Peyton… I could stop there and my friends and community would understand.

This was to be Peyton’s first trip to NY. It was a family vacation planned years ago when I started running and entering the lottery. I was in the guaranteed group and in the best shape of my life. In 2013 when we got the news that I was not selected for that year’s race, it was not a sad day. It was a happy day for our family because we knew we would be going to New York in 2014!

We started making plans and thinking about where we would stay, what we would do and who we might see. We looked at maps and websites. We laughed and smiled. We were going to New York! That was two short months before our nine year old son, Peyton, died…

When we received my 2014 NYCM confirmation, it was bittersweet. When my wife, Jennifer, decided to run with the Semper Fi Fund, in honor of our son, it was bittersweet.

When we go to New York in November, we will cry and we will hurt, but when we run, we will smile and laugh for our little boy, and we will run for Peyton…


I encourage you to make reading Peyton’s story and voting a part of your morning routine. You can vote logging in with Facebook or Twitter, and you can conveniently vote once per day.

Click here to vote for Peyton, Noah, and Jen in the “Get Your New York On” challenge contest.

All photos taken from Peyton’s Page and Moore On Running. Javelin picture courtesy of Brian Fancher Photography.

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7 Responses to NYC Marathon “Get Your New York On” Contest

  1. I am trying to vote a lot. I really enjoyed getting to teach Peyton during summer SAIL.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you for voting. It means a lot to Noah that we are all voting and campaigning. I remember you telling me you taught Peyton, too. I can imagine this is also really hard on you and all of his teachers.

  2. harveylisam says:

    What a beautiful message. I’ll be sure to vote!

  3. Liz says:

    I’ll vote for him! That’s a sad but sweet story. I think the loss of a child is the absolute worst thing I could ever even begin to imagine and I don’t even have kids!

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