August Recap: Training for the Raccoon Pond Rush 10-Mile and Fall Equinox 10K

It’s the end of the month, so what better time than to do a recap of my first full month of training post-injury?

While I spent July rebuilding mileage while cross training, August included a few speed workouts and more intense longer runs, especially toward the end of the month when I started feeling confident. I’m proud to be back to my pre-injury miles per week, even if my speed isn’t all there. I feel strong and think the slower paces are due to the heat and just getting back into speed workouts.

Fullscreen capture 8302014 50225 PM.bmp

Running miles: 159 (Zero racing miles)

Cycling miles: 61 (3 classes)

BodyPump classes: 5

BodyFlow/Yoga classes: 3

In August 2013, I ran 165 miles training for a marathon. In August 2014, I came off an injury, cross trained more, and ran almost as many miles as I did a year ago.

One year later, I feel much healthier, stronger, faster, and more athletic training for a 10K. Maybe this is how it feels to have a strong base of running experience?

Fullscreen capture 8312014 92443 PM.bmp

This month’s highlights included the MooreOn Road Trip, where we ran 5 trails in one day- from Mt. Pleasant to Columbia to Traveller’s Rest and Pickens. I ran/walked/hiked a total of 11 miles that day and bonded with some amazing and inspirational runners. This trip and those trails really challenged my comfort zone in a good way, and it set up a great month of running for me.


Another highlight was the warmup and cross training clinic that TrySports Mt. Pleasant hosted in Waterfront Park. The two employees who taught are very knowledgeable- Tevin runs track for The Citadel and Laura is a personal trainer. We practiced lots of great exercises. In two years of being involved with the TrySports Run Club, this was one of the best TrySports programs I have attended.


For September, I have two races planned- the Raccoon Pond Rush 10 miler (September 13) and the Fall Equinox 10K (September 23).

My goal for the Raccoon Pond Rush 10 miler is to have fun, run hard, and set an insta-PR (personal record). This race benefits the Lowcountry Autism Foundation and has a post-race brunch, so I think it’ll be a fun way push myself on a long run, since I normally long run on Saturday morning.  Since it’s on a trail I’ve never set foot on, and I’ve never raced a 10-miler, I don’t have a time goal.

Also, I’ve been given a registration discount to share for Raccoon Pond Rush, which is RPR10K2014 (saves $5). Charleston locals or visitors, feel free to use that code when you register.


The Raccoon Pond Rush 10 mile fits great as a long run (with race benefits) in training for the Fall Equinox 10K.

For the Fall Equinox 10K, I have a few tiered goals- Keep in mind, it’s an afternoon race and September in Charleston is quite warm. My A-goal is to finish uninjured- always a goal for *any* race distance, especially after you get hurt 4 days before your last goal race. My B-goal is a time goal of under my PR (personal record), 46:59. My C-goal is to run under an 8 min/mile average pace.

I’d love to break 45 minutes in a 10K, but that’s more of an “if the stars align” wish. I’m not in shape for that, but I’m eyeing a race in November, since it’ll be cooler then and I’ll have time to run a few tune-up 5Ks on the road and maybe PR. We shall see!

I plan to start weekly recaps for Fall training this month-  so until next week, happy running!


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18 Responses to August Recap: Training for the Raccoon Pond Rush 10-Mile and Fall Equinox 10K

  1. I’m glad to see that you ventured up into Traveler’s Rest this past month! It’s a great place for running/walking/hiking 🙂

  2. Happy Fall running! hopefully the weather breaks (it has been 100 here!) to get outside again 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was only 88 here this morning. The heat index “felt like 105”, but honestly I didn’t think it was that bad bc I was on a trail in the shade. I think the sun makes it hard!

      I’ve been running through the heat as much as possible to get stronger, but I won’t run during the middle of the day when it’s hottest. Only morning and evening.

  3. Amazing mileage this month. So glad that you are able to be back at it.

  4. Yunica says:

    Have fun at your 10 miler!! It’s my favorite distance to race (although I haven’t done many races… it’s my favorite distance out of the ones I’ve run!). I’m sure you’re going to have a blast with your instant PR 🙂 looking forward to seeing your kickass mileage continue into the fall and happy running!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! My mileage in September won’t be as high due to races (I always take a day off before one), a trip at the end of the month, and the fact that September only has 4 weekends and I do a lot of running on the weekends- hence August had so many miles.

      I don’t necessarily want my mileage to climb, but for finish clock times to go down, down, down, down, hehe ;).

  5. marylegare says:

    You’re doing great! I’m so glad you’re hitting the payment again. You conquered the injury like a champ. It’s hard, but patience pays off. I want to hop on some of these runs. Definitely the Equinox race….maybe the Raccoon Pond Rush…this boyfriend of mine has been dragging me out on long runs (and he’s actually really good), so now I’m trying to get him to race! He’s never raced before, but I think he’d do well. Keep up your hard work. Hopefully, I’ll see you out on the road very soon—no doubt, I will =)

  6. KrisLawrence says:

    You have a great base now. I love how that difference feels. Have a great 10 Miler!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Kris! It feels good to run the mileage I was running before even if it’s not as fast (to be honest, I have taken it easy on a lot of runs due to coming back from injury and the heat).

      I hope you’re doing well and miss your blog posts. Hope your racing and training is going well!

  7. allieksmith says:

    Lots of miles (running and non-running) in this recap! Great job! Happy fall running season, Amy 🙂

  8. Pam says:

    So glad that you had a great month after your injury. The Raccoon pond rush sounds like a fun race and hopefully the medal is like the photo you posted….very cute. Having lofty goals like your 10k goal is good. I find that if I do not pressure myself too much when I have a big goal it tends to work out better.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Pam. I’m not sure what the prizes are for Raccoon Pond Rush. I really haven’t thought that much about it. To be honest I feel ridiculously slow in this heat and it’s hard to push the pace at all on a training run.

      I like having a few goals for a race sometimes. I’ve had some where I set my heart on a time and it just didn’t work out, so I’ve learned to set tiered goals, you know an A, B, and C goal. That makes it easier.

  9. LilMysNinja says:

    Happy to see that you’re back in full swing! Looks like August was great and September is going to be great too. Great job!

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