Life Lately: Grilling and Chilling with Family

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog world (writing, at least) for over a week, so I wanted to give an update on how life has been lately.

July has been a complete 180 from May and June and a *much* better month- hooray for less stress reaction and interpersonal drama! I’ve hung out with friends (group runs, dinners out, ladies night at Fleet Feet), and Clay and I also travelled to spend time with his parents.



We hadn’t seen them since they came to visit us this Spring, so it was a nice visit- not to mention his mom and dad sent us home with a ton of delicious squash and butterbeans. You can’t beat summertime produce.

In Florence, we visited a new-ish restaurant, 1031 American Grill, where I had the black bean burger over the 1031 salad, which had goat cheese, cranberries, and nuts with a vinaigrette dressing. I don’t usually eat veggie burgers over salads, but it was a very filling and delicious dinner, and the price was right too.


1031 American Grill was recently featured in Garden and Gun’s List of the South’s Best Burgers. Florence doesn’t have a ton of food options, but I’d visit 1031 again- it’s located downtown so I really hope it does well.


Aside from the dinner out, Clay’s parents have a private pool, so we hung out there a lot and I spent some time working on my tan.


A few weeks ago, Clay was perusing our neighborhood’s Facebook group when a neighbor posted a large Big Green Egg grill for sale. Clay was saving up for a meat smoker, but the amount the neighbor wanted for the Egg was only a little more. Plus, my friend and coworker suggested getting Clay an Egg for his birthday, but I just couldn’t afford over $1,000 for a brand new one, so we decided to buy it from our neighbor.



We spent about $100 on some replacement parts, but buying the Big Green Egg from our neighbor saved us over 50% of what the rate is for a brand-new one- and the grill is in VERY good shape. Clay smoked ribs on it last weekend and invited our college buds Damien and Mitesh over for dinner, and they had a great time.



Last but not least, we had two crazy storms here last week! One storm struck our neighborhood’s pool and closed it for two days (it’s now reopened), and the other storm kept everyone up all night with lightening and thunder. I was trying to sleep, but my friend Paul who lives downtown took this picture of it lighting up The Citadel’s practice field. It’s basically daylight level of brightness- wow.


I hope everyone’s having a great summer and taking it easy! I’ll be back soon with more running updates and other fun stuff- I promise!

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18 Responses to Life Lately: Grilling and Chilling with Family

  1. Pam says:

    Wow, that lightening storm was awful. We had a bad storm here last week and it woke me up and I usually sleep right through them. My husband also loves grilling and that smoker would be a great gift for him. I’m sure Clay is having fun with his new “toy”! Hope the running is going a bit better since your injury.

  2. KrisLawrence says:

    That lightening picture is wild! We’ve had some bad storms here in Virginia Beach too. AFter living away from the South East for a few years, you forgot how bad the lightening can get. My kids still freak out.

    I’ve seen the Egg before but had no idea they were so expensive. Glad you were able to get one cheaper. Those ribs look amazing!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Kids, babies, and dogs always freak out with lightening. This was one rough storm, too.

      The guys loved the ribs, and you’re right- these grills are PRICEY. The large ones are a bit over $1,000… slightly out of our budget.

  3. Hollie says:

    Those ribs look amazing. I had always thought you were vegetarian though. Not sure where I got that from I guess.

    We had a couple of bad lightening storms last week as well. It was nuts.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not quite vegetarian- as I eat seafood. I was completely vegetarian for a few years, though.

      I don’t eat beef, pork, turkey or chicken- so I didn’t eat any of the ribs. Clay and the guys loved them, though. He was super proud of how well they turned out.

  4. No major storm here for the last week and that’s good because my chihuahua takes those storms pretty hard.

    It’s good to hear that your month was better and I’m sure August will be even better.

  5. amyzader2013 says:

    I was going to post one of these days about out Louisiana Grill smoker. We got it this spring and then it already had an electrical problem but it was under warranty. I’m not even a big BBQ person (regular old charcoal is fine with me) but we have had a lot of fun with it, thus far. We have had some crazy storms as well. I guess that is what summer is for!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, hopefully Clay cooks some veggies on the Egg soon so I can really test it out. It is a charcoal grill though, normally we cook on his gas one. He’s pretty excited about the Egg though.

  6. That storm was crazy. The thunder was so bad it shook my windows.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The one the other night woke me up. The one last Friday, a peel of lightening was outside my window and I typed in my work chat that I was getting off the computer, I shut down immediately and we rushed around the house unplugging everything because it came up suddenly.

      The rain yesterday flooded everything out here. That campground has a new lake in front of it.

  7. allieksmith says:

    Wow, those storms sound insane! The veggie burger you got looks soo good. I’m happy that you and Clay could get a meat smoker for a great price.. the picture of him hugging it is too funny! Also, his parents look so adorable!! I’m glad you could spend some time working on your tan at his parent’s house 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was a great veggie burger! So much better than a lot of black bean burgers I’ve tried elsewhere, but I’m glad I had it on the salad because it wasn’t super firm/bound.

      My tan is pretty awesome right now between the hour and a half at the pool and running outside Wednesday afternoon for almost an hour.

  8. harveylisam says:

    Private pool, hey? Can I come down? 😉 Glad things are looking up!

  9. carmyy says:

    Those ribs look mouth watering! Now I’m hungry again!

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