2014 Freedom of the Seas Cruise Recap- Part #7

I’m wrapping up the recap today. Don’t forget to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 if you missed them.

The last day of our 7-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas was a sea day. After starting out the day with a workout and breakfast, I went to the backstage tour in the Arcadia Theatre. One of the lighting guys and another member of the entertainment staff led the backstage tour, first answering any questions we had about life on the ship, performing, getting a job as an entertainer, etc, before actually showing us the theatre.


The performers come onboard as a group and complete the contract together. At the end of each contract, the cast signs an area backstage to leave their mark on the ship. It was neat seeing the autographs of all the casts.


After the tour, I watched a little of the Employee vs. Guest volleyball game in the pool. They had all kinds of neat little competitions throughout the week and lots of pool entertainment.

I went back to the room and got Clay and we went to lunch in the dining room with our dinner table friend, Steven, and the guys decided to play in a volleyball tournament that afternoon. Their team won the game so they got fun little medals.


The guys also played ping pong after the tournament. I don’t think ESPN could have covered all the sports Clay and Steven played on the last sea day. I took pictures and read a lot because I’m lazy like that.


That evening, we headed to the karaoke bar because Clay wanted to sing karaoke. He’s never done this before but why not- you’re on a cruise ship and probably won’t ever see any of those other guests again. You may as well embarrass yourself, right?

Clay sang Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise”, which is a parody of Gangster Paradise (yep, the ship’s karaoke has Weird Al). I thought it was pretty awesome that he got up there, especially since that’s such a difficult song. Some of the other guests didn’t “get” the song, but a lot of people came up to him afterwards and told him it was pretty cool, and another guy sang a Weird Al parody song after Clay.


Since it was the last night of our cruise, it was our last time at dinner with our dinner table crew and our awesome servers, Kumar and John. Kumar and John waited on us all week, even providing special meals and extra desserts a few nights.

Each night at dinner, John (the assistant waiter who poured our water/drinks), was fascinated by Clay’s Mio water enhancer. Clay’s a huge Mio fan, and it’s better for you than soda and easy to pack, and John had never seen Mio before. On the last night, Clay had an extra container of Mio and gave it to him to try.


Even though we’re from all over the US and different walks of life, we had a great time sharing dinner together each night of the cruise.


After dinner and sleeping, we woke up the next day in Port Canaveral, where we (unfortunately) had to get off the ship. This was not a happy morning for us…


As far as negatives of the cruise go, I can only think of one, and that’s the lack of quality vegetarian options in the main dining room at dinner. I eat seafood, and I always found something to eat, but up until a few years ago, I didn’t eat seafood (lacto-ovo vegetarian). I still eat vegetarian much of the time, but many of those options onboard were soy-based or “fake meat”. This wasn’t a big deal- I loved eating seafood almost every single night.


With the reviews, I know you guys can tell we enjoyed our cruise on the Freedom of the Seas. In November 2012, we went on a Carnival cruise and didn’t enjoy it. Clay and I debated a different vacation option, like going to Disney, an all-inclusive resort, a road trip, or a train trip to DC. While we’d love to do all of those in the future, we’re glad we gave cruising another shot.


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13 Responses to 2014 Freedom of the Seas Cruise Recap- Part #7

  1. Laur says:

    My parents love to cruise, too! They’ve gone every single summer since their original cruise. My mom is a huge fan of all the fresh fruit and things they have available almost all the time. One pet peeve for me, too, is when restaurants just serve vegetarian options with “fake meats”. It’s just a cop out, in my opinion.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks for responding (and I have no clue why I had to moderate your comment, I know you’ve commented before. Bleh wordpress). I agree with your mom on the fresh fruit, it was so yummy having it there, peeled, and ready to eat whenever I wanted it.

      I love ethnic foods because there are just so many vegetarian options, especially Indian food and Italian foods.

  2. I am surprised they didn’t have more vegetarian options. Cruises have such good food in my opinion, you would think they had better options. That is upsetting. I’m glad you had a great time though! It sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It wasn’t a huge deal to me, but I think if someone is vegetarian and especially if they are vegan, they should let their wait staff know, or maybe even email the cruise line ahead of time.

      The chef prepared Filipino food for one lady at our table one night, and he had Indian for us one night too when we requested it. Those were just *requests*, so I bet if anyone with a special dietary *need* let them know, they’d be more than happy to accommodate them.

  3. Amy says:

    Wow, the volleyball tournament sounds fun-And they even got a medal? I sure hope you asked about when the next 5K race was onboard! You would have won for sure.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, I wish! The only cruise I know of that does a 5K is Disney, and it’s not timed and is more of a fun run (they now charge for it too). Royal Caribbean does some sort of benefit walk on the last day, Walk for Wishes. It was at the same time as the theatre tour so I did the theatre tour instead :).

  4. Glad you had a great time. Your food mention makes me wonder how cruising GF would be. Hmmm…

    • Amy Lauren says:

      There were more GF options than vegetarian options, if that helps. Main thing you would need to do would just be email the cruise line before and tell them you’re GF or just let your waiter know the first night. They even have gluten free bread they will bring you.

  5. Pam says:

    We also love cruising, and while it is a great vacation, there are always things that can either make or break your vacation if you choose to let them. The staff usually knocks themselves out to insure you have a good time. During a behind the scenes tour, we were so surprised to see their minuscule cabins and I would not want to be a vegetarian while cruising with the lack of choices! You both enjoyed yourselves so much, especially all those fun games on the last sea day! Tom tried Karaoke once and I got up with a huge bunch of girls to sing, “Girls Just wanna Have Fun”. A few drinks makes your voice sound so much better!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      A few drinks make a LOT of things better ;).

      I’ve known people to complain a lot on cruises, I try not to. Even the last Carnival cruise we went on… it was just not up to the others, but I hate to complain. Any vacation beats not being able to afford or get away from work to go on a vacation.

  6. harveylisam says:

    I’m glad you had such a fun vacation! And it’s also fairly hilarious that the cruise ship had Weird Al on the karaoke. You never know what you’re going to hear at karaoke haha.

  7. Tina Muir says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I am not surprised about the lack of vegetarian options, sounds about right with what i expected. i hope to someday go on an alaskan cruise as I heard they are wonderful. Hope you settled back in nicely 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Our previous cruises had many more vegetarian options- they have changed the menus out in the past few years, though. This year’s menu isn’t as vegetarian friendly :(.

      I’d also love an Alaskan cruise!

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