2014 Freedom of the Seas Cruise Recap Part #6

Welcome back- feel free to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 if you missed them.

Day 6 of our cruise on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas was a sea day- the first of two back-to-back sea days and the second sea day of our trip. Since we had time to explore the ship and hang out, our dinner table group decided to do the rock climbing wall. Those who didn’t climb happily took pictures.


After one failed attempt, I got to the top of the wall. Clay got to the top too. Not all of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships have rock walls but it’s a fun activity if the ship has one. We have a rock climbing wall back home at the James Island County Park, and climbing on the ship made me want to check that out back home (side note: I’ve been back in the US for over a month and still haven’t. Oops. Better get on that).



Aside from climbing up the wall, I went to the DreamWorks Move It, Move It parade. All the characters dance around, take pictures, and it’s all about Shrek, Donkey, Puss and Boots, and all the other characters. The Windjammer restaurant staff also carved Shrek’s face into fruit.


The promenade deck, where the parade was held, was super packed with parents and kiddos, so I watched from one of the upper decks near one of the lounges. It was a neat perspective.

The time after the parade was probably the scariest part of the cruise because our ship diverted slightly to do a medical evacuation. Since we were passing near CocoCay, the cruise line sent out a tender boat to get the sick passenger off the boat and onto the island, where they were airlifted to a hospital.


Lots of us stood on the outer decks and watched the tender boat come beside the ship and got another look at CocoCay. I really hope the passenger was okay.


The dinner was the second formal night, which was lobster night. We got dressed up again and Clay enjoyed the lobster (I got one too but only ate the shrimp, so Clay got an extra lobster tail). They only serve lobster in the dining room, not in the Windjammer restaurant, although that is a good option if you don’t want to dress up on a formal night.


After dinner on Day 6 was The Quest Game Show. If you’re on a Royal Caribbean ship and haven’t seen or participated in The Quest, you are missing out. It’s a scavenger hunt for random items, but the participants also do crazy things, and one of the activities was dressing up the guys in women’s clothes. Each section of the theatre had a guy and girl leader and the girls dressed the guys up, then they walked around the theatre to crown the “Ms. Freedom of the Seas”.


If you’re not a crazy or brave soul, you can do like us and just watch the show and cheer everyone on, but you don’t want to miss The Quest (and due to the nature of the show, Royal Caribbean *does not* broadcast it on TV).


After the Quest, we headed back to our room to get some rest for the last day of our cruise, and once again, our room steward made us a fun towel animal.


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19 Responses to 2014 Freedom of the Seas Cruise Recap Part #6

  1. Awe it really sounds like you had a great time Amy! I’m glad y’all enjoyed the cruise and I really enjoyed reading about it.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Hollie, we did have a great time. I have one more day to recap and that’s it. It’s fun reliving the cruise by writing these things (I caught up on writing the last 2 days and a race recap on the flight from PHX to CLT last week).

  2. Run To Munch says:

    I love towel animals. And Rock climbing, something I really can’t even get close to pretending I can do. Looks like a fun cruise!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I can only rock climb on the easier walls/courses, but it’s still really fun. A lot of it is in the legs which is kinda deceiving when you look at it. I only climbed twice, but I bet if I’d climbed for awhile it would be a great workout. You definitely break a sweat!

  3. Molly says:

    Hey lady!! You’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award 🙂 Check it out!! Can’t wait to read your answers. http://inanutshellnutrition.com/2014/05/28/liebster-award-love/

  4. I really love those towel animals.

  5. Amy says:

    So Fun! Thanks for sharing all the re-caps. I want to see a Quest show now! And rock-climbing gyms are the best!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You’re welcome- if you go on Royal Caribbean and they have The Quest, do not miss it. I have one more recap to go and it will probably be up next week.

  6. Montana says:

    Glad you had a great time Amy! I love cruising, but haven’t been on Royal Caribbean before. I will have to check them out because it sounds fun!

  7. Yunica says:

    Looks like it was so much fun!! I’ve never been on a cruise before (or rock climbing), but it’s definitely on my bucket list. All the food, fun, opportunities to dress up… and the Quest sounds crazy hahah.

  8. Pam says:

    You clearly enjoyed your cruise. I have enjoyed reading all your daily recaps and especially seeing your photos when you are dressed up for dinner. So sorry to hear you are struggling with an injury at the moment. You are being very smart to take it easy and heal before anything more happens.

  9. harveylisam says:

    Haha I feel like they must get special training in making towel animals. Also, that’s so awesome that the ship has a rock climbing wall! So fun.

  10. I love the quest. It’s for sure a major highlight for adults on a RCCL cruise.

  11. allieksmith says:

    I feel so bad for the sick passenger! That is just no fun. At least a ton of people from the ship didn’t get sick like the recent cruise (I think it was Carnival?!).

    How cool that there was a rock climbing wall. And lobster night. I have never had lobster but I’ve heard good things about it 😉

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve tried lobster and really didn’t care for it (yeah, I know). I love most kinds of seafood, though.

      I think the sick passenger had a stroke or heart attack, and that’s why they had to be taken off the boat. The ship’s doctor can handle small illnesses or norovirus, but it has to be pretty bad to have the boat diverted and to be airlifted to a hospital :(. I really can’t imagine and I hope that person was okay!

  12. The climbing wall looks so fun. I just googled climbing wall charleston.

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