ACE bandages, ice packs, and when your goal race doesn’t happen

Runners love swag.

With roses, coupons, cups, free samples, I left the Mom’s Run 5K with tons of swag. If it’s free… I’ll take it.

No one *wants* an ice pack, even if you love free stuff. With no plans to have kids in the near future, I know nothing about OB Hospitalist Group, but I happily took their ice pack, hoping I’d never need it.


Three days later, I needed the ice pack. With only a few days until the Race for Taylor 10K, I headed out on Tuesday morning to run with my friend Kindal. I planned to keep it short and sweet that morning: a warmup, a few 400s, and a cooldown. My left foot felt a little off when I woke up, but I figured it was from sleeping weird, and after warming up, I felt like I could handle a few laps.

On the straightaway of my third 400, I came to a complete stop. Not discomfort- as that’s a part of the sport- but pain. At lunch, I e-mailed some friends to let them know I wouldn’t be running that night since I was looking at my ACE bandaged up left foot.

Purchasing an ACE bandage was quite an ordeal. I hobbled into the Rural West Ashley Walgreens, asked the cashier where to find the ACE bandages, then hobbled past the beer, wine, cigarettes, candy, sodas, and junk food. The cashier told me the wrong aisle number, so I had to backtrack (back-hobble?) over to aisle 12.


It seems like a peroneal tendon strain, according to Dr. Google. Due to travelling to the Society for Technical Communication conference and Memorial Day weekend, I haven’t been to a doc (if it doesn’t clear up soon, I’ll go).

Hopefully this means only 2-3 weeks off, and so far, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve enjoyed the mental break from training and racing, logged a ton of miles on the recumbent bike (I’ve biked more miles this month than I ran), and enjoyed other forms of exercise like walking, lifting weights, and yoga. Since I don’t have to beat the heat, I’ve slept in!

The Saturday after my injury, Clay and I went to Florence and he ran the Race for Taylor 5K. This race is very special to me, as I ran it for 4 years straight. This year, I helped with registration, cheered on the runners, met lots of new runners who’ve joined the Florence-area run club that I’m part of, and drove home so Clay could take a nap. He ran his fastest 5K all year, and I got to see him finish and cheer for him. I couldn’t have if I ran the 10K as planned pre-injury.



It hurts to train hard for a race- a goal race- and not be able to run, but there’s always another race and another goal to chase. I’m glad I could be there to honor Taylor Elmore, the race’s namesake who was killed in a car accident 5 years ago. I thought about Taylor, Belinda, Greg, Brian, and his family and friends during my tough runs and mentally dedicated it to them, so it was only right for me to show up, cheer, and support them.

I see runners taping up ankles, running on knee injuries, never taking rest days (or engaging in negative self-talk when they do, as if taking a rest day is laziness), and ignoring their bodies. I won’t do that. I certainly love running, but life’s more than counting miles and calculating paces.


Let’s be honest, most runners (especially me) will never be elites, even local elites, or have scholarships or money on the line- so why train when you’re far from 100%? I love the little trinkets, medals, and occasional gift cards I get for placing in my age group, but it’s not worth it to potentially make an injury worse.

My foot feels better, but I’m staying off of it for at least two weeks. Then, I’ll go for a short test run and see what happens. I’m sure I’ll come back to running with a renewed spirit, eager to train and race.

Last Saturday wasn’t the day, but my sub-45 10K is coming, and I can’t wait to dedicate it to Taylor and his family.


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33 Responses to ACE bandages, ice packs, and when your goal race doesn’t happen

  1. I am so proud of you for really taking the time and listening to your body! It will be healed and ready to go in no time at all! Next week back on the track! ;0 Enjoy the break, isn’t it nice to sleep in on a Saturday!?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I actually did sleep in this Saturday :). I hit East Shore at 9 AM for the recumbent bike. I slept in today too and did a very modified version of BodyPump, which wasn’t bad honestly… I lifted heavier on all the upper body tracks and did bodyweight for things like squats.

      I may go to the doc this week. I really don’t want to run on it until I am absolutely sure it is okay. I have gotten a few recs on docs to see but if you know anyone feel free to PM me. I’ll be back at the track as soon as I’m able, even if I can’t do speedwork I will just run easy and cheer you on. Having someone else there is huge motivation to get up and go!

  2. Your attitude is great Amy. There are always more goal races that you can do. I know you will come back stronger.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Hollie. I’m not gonna “jerry rig” my ankle to run halfway if it needs to be rested. Plus I just joined a gym with lots of yoga classes, and I can work on my upper body.

  3. So sorry you were not able to run your goal race, but really glad yo listened to you body and did not push it.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. There’s a time to push your body and a time not to. Sometimes runs are uncomfortable and that’s fine, but when you feel pain, you definitely gotta stop.

  4. Good for you for taking time off! We all need rest days and to listen to our bodies. I had to take 3 weeks off before my last marathon because of tendonitis, and I was freaking out about it but I ended up running a PR and felt great even with no running for 3 weeks! Sometimes your body just needs a break 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m sure my runner card is gonna get repossessed, but honestly… for about the first 7-10 days the break was nice. I was planning to take a few days off after Race for Taylor anyway since I was going to PHX for a conference. I am hoping that I will come back stronger than before.

  5. harveylisam says:

    It stinks having to miss a race, but I’m glad you’re being sensible about your injury! And hey, at least you were able to cheer Clay on. 🙂 I hope you feel better quickly!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Missing the race was the worst part. The pain the day it happened was horrible, but I didn’t cry. But when I got to the race and hugged my friend (Taylor’s Mom), I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.

      If it had been another race (i.e. not a goal race, some local 5k, a race that wasn’t in memory of a friend’s son), I don’t think it would have mattered…

  6. Yunica says:

    I love your attitude! Always take care of your body first and foremost. A short term gain with pain is never worth it in the long term; taking a few days off here and there will mean a better body to carry you for many more years to come 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Nick says:

    Been recreational running for fun the last two weeks. No stress and plan to make this a summer tradition. May return to racing this fall, we’ll see.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Depending on what happens, I might not return to racing until the Fall either. I’m signed up for the series, but I can just run those for fun if I need to (the series is more for fun anyway). If I can’t run them, I will still go and volunteer.

      Even when I’m well, my running is all recreational and for fun (minus from when the gun goes off to when I cross the finish, when it’s obviously “on”). I was finally seeing some results and planning to up my mpw this summer and work with a coach before this happened, but anyway. Maybe I still can, who knows!

  8. LilMysNinja says:

    Looks like we’re both in the same boat. I’m forcing myself to take this break from running though I hate it and I’m worried with my VA beach half looming in the near future.

    I love the picture of Clay waving for the camera! Congrats to him for his fastest 5k!

    It’s good to see that you were able to still support them by helping on race day as cheering on the runners. 🙂

    Hope you heal up soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Maria… I will most likely be seeing someone about it this week, as it’s still hurting a little (mostly when I wake up). I can walk comfortably but I don’t feel comfortable running on it.

      • LilMysNinja says:

        I hear ya! I have an appt with the orthopedic myself for Monday about my heel. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious – for both of us!

  9. Steph says:

    Arg, that is a painful injury. You can’t even barely walk – when I had that, I had to swipe a bicycle to ride around at work lol. Glad you are resting it and hope it feels better soon! Also, congrats to Clay!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Steph, yeah I barely could walk! It was horrible :(. I was limping around at the race when I was volunteering and limping around Phoenix for the first day of my conference (not that I walked around a ton, everything was super close to the hotel, but I had to leave the room to go to the sessions, get meals, etc).

  10. Amy says:

    Ugh-take care of yourself! It does not sound good 😦 But I know you will be back to your normal speedy self soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks, I am a cross training beast… been trying to do a little something at least every day, if I don’t bike or lift, I stretch, do yoga, etc.

  11. tiarunnermom says:

    I wanted to check in on your blog to see what was going on with your foot! I’m sorry you had to miss a big race. I think it’s great that it is not currently hurting (that’s progress!) and if you are able to make yourself stick to laying off it a week or two that may do the trick. I hope so anyway!! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Tia… it’s been 2 weeks and it’s still hurting a bit, mostly in the mornings and after walking (not that I’m out walking miles and miles. but you know… walking to do a lot of errands, etc). So I have an ortho appointment on Monday. Stinks to miss races, but I can always do others. Mostly just want to know for sure what’s going on so I can get treated and get better.

  12. I feel you girl. I had to bow out of my race this weekend due to a stomach bug. I just haven’t felt 100% and I knew if I started running there would be no way I could finish. It’s hard to make that decision but like you said no one is paying me the big bucks and it’s important to take care of ourselves now so we can still be doing this in 50 years, do the people that get paid the big bucks get to say that?!?! 😉 I’m glad I wasn’t alone this weekend, makes me feel better.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I want to still be doing this in 40-50 years, which is why I’m not stressing over missing races so much, although I am stressing a bit over my body because this thing hasn’t healed as quickly as I thought it would.

      I have a friend whose in her 60s and still doing half marathons and also triathlons. She’s pretty fast (even if she doesn’t feel that way and won’t admit it), and I admire her for keeping going when so many in her age group have stopped. That’s how I want to be and why I’m laying off of it right now.

      And yeah, I guess if I had a scholarship or money on the line, I would’ve been a bit more aggressive and went to the doc the day it happened instead of waiting, or trying out braces or tape or something, but I’m just gonna wait and see what the ortho says next Monday.

  13. carmyy says:

    sometimes I’ll type your URL in wrong and it’ll take me to some website for I think a kid’s daycare and it always throws me off! haha. Congrats to Clay for his fastest 5k. I hope you heal quickly/soon ): it really sucks to be sidelined

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t know if I’d trust a daycare named Tiny Terrors. I tend to think of kids like that (hence, I don’t have kids), but I wouldn’t want my daycare to look at my kids that way, lol. But… you can always follow via email or WordPress and not have to type in the URL :).

      I wonder if people who find this blog may have actually been searching for childcare now… haha.

      Yeah, being sidelined sucks majorly! I’m proud of Clay, it was his fastest 5K this year. I always try to think of all PRs on a yearly basis bc of so many factors (injuries, layoffs, actual progress). Plus, it makes me realize just how big the 2010 PRs were to me, even if my training runs now are faster- bc they meant so much to me when I ran them!

      • carmyy says:

        Ha! Maybe the day care is tailoring to those that ARE tiny terrors haha (some kids ARE!)

        Oh the bright side, after resting, you’ll probably come back stronger and hit even more PRs 🙂

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I hope so! I can’t say I’ve ever taken this long off so I guess we’ll find out. You never know, different training methods work for different people.

  14. 262x2 says:

    I have to tell you, I just found your blog through Run to Munch, and the main reason I clicked on here is because you mentioned the Kiawah Marathon, which I would LOVE to run someday (maybe even this year). I’m from Massachusetts but visit Kiawah every year. I’ll be coming back to Charleston for business in June, too! If you can recommend any good places to go running in the downtown area, that would be wonderful!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Hey- I’ll contact you later on today. I run downtown all the time and it’s beautiful, you’ll love running there and I can already think of several great routes for a Charleston area visitor :).

      Although my address is Charleston, I live quite close to Kiawah and have considered running that half marathon. It’s definitely a beautiful place.

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