Fun Friday “Would You Rather” Survey #2

Rachel from Running in Real Life posted another “Would You Rather” post, so I’m linking up with her. You can read her answers here.


Run a race at -10 degrees with slushy roads or 85 degrees with the sun beating down?

I’d run in –10 weather because I’ve never run in temperatures that cold. I’ve never even experienced that temperature.

Hey, it could be my personal “coldest ever” run. I’d probably be cold all day, but at least I could say I ran in negative temperatures. It doesn’t get very cold here in SC. 

I frequently run in 85 degree temperatures. That’s just South Carolina in the summer- and if you live and run here, you adapt and deal with it. I’m sure if I lived in a cold climate, I’d adapt to that, too. 


At the Hot Dam 5K 2011, I earned my “Tiny Terror” nickname. Fortunately, I didn’t earn a ride in the ambulance.

Wear running clothes that are way too tight or running clothes are way too loose?

Too loose.

I guess my shorts could fall off, but that would give those behind me a nice show. My race competition could enjoy the view…

Have really big upper body muscles or really big lower body muscles? (the kicker here is that whatever you don’t choose is super puny)

I’d go for the larger lower body muscles.

Travel to the past to meet your great, great grandparents or to the future to meet your great, great grandchildren?

This one is tough. If given the option, I’d probably opt for #1. I’d really love to learn more about my ancestors and I don’t know anything about them beyond my great-grandparents. 


I’d love to meet my great, great grandchildren, but I wouldn’t pick this option because it assumes my bloodline doesn’t die out (i.e. that I have kids, my kids have kids, and so forth). Plus, what if I met my great, great grandchildren and they were unruly kids or teenagers?

Watch your favorite sporting event on a nice big TV or watch your favorite sporting event in person, but in really crappy seats?

My favorite sporting event to watch would probably be a bowl game where the University of South Carolina football team plays, and I’d take the crappy seats if I could go. Here’s Clay and I back in 2008 at a game we went to.


It’s SEC football and it’s exciting no matter where you sit!

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10 Responses to Fun Friday “Would You Rather” Survey #2

  1. harveylisam says:

    Cute survey! I would also definitely rather have large lower body muscles. Watching sporting events in person is way more fun, crappy seats or not! Plus usually there are delicious snacks haha.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly! The food at the Charleston Riverdogs stadium is actually really good, I’ve heard, but the food at the football games we go to is overpriced (we usually just go out to eat, I’m not a fan of eating in the stands are on the go and like to sit down to a meal).

  2. I am with you I would run in heat over cold every day.
    I don’t go out if it is below 30, but hot doesn’t stop me.

  3. Pam says:

    Very interesting survey Amy. I would choose alot of the same things you chose, especially to run in cold weather and to wear loose running clothing. I hate stuff that is too tight! We are huge sports fans and seeing an event in person, even in nose bleed seats is better than at home, unless the weather is awful!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yep I agree! That is a good point about weather though, I have watched a few football games on TV where I was very glad I was not there in person! At least right now it’s basketball season so the weather is kind of a moot point for basketball fans 🙂

  4. Before this winter, I would have totally chosen running in the cold. Having done so much of that now, I’m ready for a nice hot sweaty run!

  5. allieksmith says:

    Love these types of surveys!! I’d definitely rather run in the heat than the cold, lol!! I literally haven’t experienced 70* weather since October. Oh, I miss it!! I love the picture of you by the ambulance!

  6. Yeah, I sweat a lot so wearing something more loose instead of more tight works for me, especially when it’ll start to warm up and I’ll go for the walk with a lil’ bit of running here and there (and I do mean a lil’ bit. I’m horrible at trying to run a long distance.
    You’re probably right about people adapting to what they’re used to. We got colder than usual this winter, but since I was already anticipating it to be cold this year, it wasn’t too bad. Ick. Humidity makes me feel sick. I don’t mind hot. It’s just humidity where Ohio can get bad.
    I would like to learn about my ancestors, too. I would’ve love to see how wholesome the world was back then, before it started getting too corrupt. Women wearing dresses and skirts. English was more proper. No one stared at their smartphones when you trying to talk to them (grrr.). Small towns were common. *sigh* If only.

    Great survey, Amy! Have a great Thursday evening!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I love modern technology but I agree it makes the world a more unfriendly place sometimes. People are seriously addicted to and isolated by their phones these days.

      I always wear loose clothes. It’s all comfort for this girly, not about looks!

  7. LilMysNinja says:

    I think we’d have a problem finding running clothes way too tight anyways. But I’m with you on the too loose – too tight would just be uncomfortable!

    Have you thought of tracing your ancestry? My father has but I haven’t had a chance to sit down with him yet to go over it. The only grandparent that I remember is my grandmother on my father’s side. She’s the one that lived longer than the others. I don’t think I’ve even met my grandfather on my father’s side. But I really want to make a point to sit down and work on tracing my ancestry. My mother’s side would be harder to do. She’s from the Philippines and she doesn’t have much information on her family. I’m not sure how easy it would be to trace there.

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