Fun Friday "Would you rather" survey

Hey guys! I’ve had a busy week with travelling, work, and trying to get some rest. I’ve been a crazy insomniac lately, and staying in a hotel Wednesday night didn’t help! It was worth it seeing all my coworkers earlier this week and meeting with clients, though.


I found this on Running in Real Life, so I decided to shamelessly steal Rachel’s survey and fill it out myself. It’s a “Would You Rather” survey, so it assumes you can’t have it all.

I still believe you can have it all Smile.

Would you rather…

Run an ‘easy-effort’ marathon that lasts 5+ hours or a ‘hard puke-your-guts-out’ 5k that’s over in 19 minutes? 

I love running hard 5Ks.

I haven’t puked yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen. After my marathon, I stayed in the bathroom for half an hour suffering from dehydration.

If I were dehydrated and puking after a 19 minute 5K, that wouldn’t be suffering- I’d revel in victory and smile the whole time.

Have your pet sleep on your head (you can still move around) or sleep by your legs (you can’t move around)?

I don’t have a pet but I would probably say sleep by my legs because I really can’t stand anything covering my face while I sleep. That would make it hard to breathe and I wouldn’t sleep at all.

Write a really good blog that no one reads or write a crap blog that thousands of people read?

I’d write a crap blog with thousands of readers.

A blog is a social medium, so if you’re writing and no one reads, it’s more of a journal. Anyone who publishes something online wants someone to read it- otherwise, they’d keep a journal.

I write product documentation for a living, and anyone who writes instruction manuals wants others to read their work. Sometimes I feel like no one reads what I write professionally for work. Thanks to Google Analytics and hearing from clients, I know this isn’t true, but I’m sure lots of technical writers struggle with this thought.

Have a Monday off of work or a Friday off of work?

I’d rather have the Monday off.

Get an oozy blister on your foot during a race or chafing (I’ll let you pick the spot) during a race?

Oozy blister. I could always just throw those socks away after the race, but the chafing would hurt for days. I’ve only chafed and had blisters a few times, but it only takes maybe two incidents to purchase body glide and new socks that prevent it. The chafing was worse than the blister.

Run only one race this year, but it’s really awesome or run dozens of race this year, but they are all mediocre?

If I had to pick between the dozens of mediocre races and the 19 minute 5K (assuming it’s puke free), I’d go with the mediocre races.

I love the race atmosphere and my running friends, so I use races as an excuse to see them. A great performance is always a fun bonus!




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15 Responses to Fun Friday "Would you rather" survey

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay! I love all your answers! Especially about running all the races with friends. That’s why I run!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend and can catch up on some sleep!

  2. KrisLawrence says:

    What a great post idea! I thought it was interesting that I would have chosen all different answer than you though! Maybe its my introverted personality but I’d rather just race a few times a year and I’d rather have a smaller blog that no one reads that a popular fluff one. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE when people read my blog and give feedback, I just don’t relate to the huge blogs who post twice a day recapping “I ate a salad!!” 😉 Oh and I HATE 5k’s ha ha. I’ll take the easy marathon choice instead!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t like those blogs that post multiple times per day either! I don’t mind if people blog every day, provided they have relevant content… but even then, I never get to read all their posts. I just can’t.

      I like your blog because you write when you have something relevant to say and don’t bore us with “I ate a salad”, lol. I have followed a few bloggers who wrote a LOT, but it was hard because I couldn’t keep up with all the posts.

      I think racing a few times a year has a lot to do with the distance you race too- you can only “race” a few marathons per year because of recovery and training. I’m way too social to race only once a year, but plenty of people in Charleston do it… and they all do the Cooper River Bridge Run!

  3. I think I would take the easy marathon choice myself. Just relaxing as more of an outing.

    I do think it would be awesome to have a blog that thousands of people read but I honestly would consider that more of a job? I just cannot imagine having a full time job and having a thousand of readership blog.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I couldn’t imagine having to (or feeling like I have to) write blog posts every day in addition to my full time job, which is a technical writer. I guess if I worked a non-writing job, I might blog more- just for the chance to write.

      I actually love relaxing long runs around Charleston! A few weeks ago, I ran an easy 10 miler with run club and then we went out for donuts, it was downtown. It was the most fun run that week- just talking, laughing, running, and then chowing down on donuts.

  4. harveylisam says:

    I agree with all these things, haha. I mean, I don’t want to have a crap blog, but it would be nice to have some more readers! And definitely agree about the hard 5K.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That’s my thing about the hard 5K! I’d want to run that fast, because I know my fitness allows for a 5 hour marathon if I wanted to run one. So if I had to *pick*, haha…

      I think your blog is great because it’s you. I actually love reading all the medical posts! It’s a nice break from running bloggers who seem to only blog about how many miles they ran that week.

  5. cute little blog survey 🙂
    1. I really don’t like the feeling of puking or even feeling like I have to puke 😦
    2. I’d rather my pet by feet because I’m allergic to dander… and wouldn’t be able to breath
    3. write a crap blog. lol
    4.Have a Friday off work
    5.I really don’t like either… but I could suffer through an oozy blister… chafing… just ugh
    6.I don’t run, but if I did I’d want it to be epic.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. I’m the opposite, I’d rather have Friday off, but have no logical idea as to why.

  7. allieksmith says:

    This survey was really fun to read! You made a good point about a blog that thousands of people read is a social medium, whereas a really great blog that no one reads is more of a journal! I am the opposite of you with the all out 5k vs. slow marathon, haha. I like to go slow over long distances!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I go long distances, I like to go slow and enjoy it. I do maybe one LSD run a month. Even my 10milers, I do fairly fast like a tempo. Some friends are planning to do a 16 mile brew run next Saturday and I may be in on that haha.

  8. LilMysNinja says:

    I loves reading your answers! I’d definitely go with a Monday off from work too. Gives me time to recover from the weekend. 😉

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