Almost Wordless Wednesday: Snow days and birth days

Right now, South Carolina is experiencing an ice storm with thousands of people out of power, downed trees, and closed schools. Charleston County Schools are out, and the Cooper River Bridge is closed.

In true baby fashion, Alice decided the snow day was the perfect day to make her grand entrance.


Alice is my friend Nadine’s new baby (I hosted a shower for them in November). She was born on Tuesday at 11:45 AM, 6 lbs, 5 oz, and 18 inches long.


I spent my snow (err, ice) day lunch break on Wednesday with Alice, just before everyone went home from the hospital. Fortunately, David and Nadine had power at home!


Here’s the newest family picture with the newest addition.


Congratulations to David, Nadine, and Alice!

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15 Responses to Almost Wordless Wednesday: Snow days and birth days

  1. Amy says:

    Awe, what a cute baby! Congrats to the new little one and her family. And way to go to you for making your way out in the ice! Eek!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. It wasn’t really bad here- the ice storm we got a few weeks ago was worse. This one is really bad for Florence though (the city where my company is located and obviously I have a ton of family and friends there).

  2. Steph says:

    Awwwww so cute! Congrats to Nadine! Hope your power stays one! G’ville is not bad…but we also have 8 inches of snow, so I’m kind of snowed in =(

  3. I have held off as long as I can — I am now officially overcome with baby fever! Congrats to the new parents! Tell me all your horror stories so I can hold off a little longer =)

  4. What a beautiful baby!! Congrats to the family 🙂

  5. Congrats to your friends! Stay safe during this storm lady!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! It’s not bad here in Charleston, but some outlying areas are rough. I’m really worried about a lot of my Florence friends who don’t have power as well as my parents who also do not have power :(.

  6. harveylisam says:

    Babies being born during storms always makes for a good story down the road. 🙂 Hope you’re staying warm!

  7. LilMysNinja says:

    Aww! Congrats to Nadine! Alice is beautiful. 🙂

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