Charlie Post Classic 5K Recap (22:46)

On Saturday, I raced my 2nd 5K of 2014, the Charlie Post Classic, which is held in January on Sullivan’s Island. The Charlie Post Classic is in its 31st year and organized by the local running club, so you’d hope all the kinks have been worked out.


The Charlie Post Classic offers a 5K or a 15K, but since I paced the Charleston Half last weekend and the 15K last year, I decided to give the 5K a try. I signed up for the 5K earlier this month, not knowing how slowing down to a 2:30ish half marathon the week before would feel. I felt fine, but stuck with the 5K since I haven’t run any fast long endurance sessions in awhile and didn’t want to spend 3 times as long on the pain train.

I was super excited about the race and picking up my shirt. The shirt was nice last year, but this year’s is even better (and fits me better). The Catch the Leprechaun 5K race even posted a picture of the shirt 2 days before packet pick up.

Fullscreen capture 1232014 90841 PM.bmp

After picking up my shirt Friday afternoon, I settled in for a chilly night before a chilly Saturday race! It was 21 when I left West Ashley that morning, but the race temperature on Sullivan’s Island was just about 30… and I could feel the 10 degree difference!

I got to the race bright and early and met up with some friends from Charleston Girls Run This Town, TrySports, and James Island/Mt Pleasant training partners. I had to park pretty far away and walk from my car, but I still got a small warm up in. Maybe I should call it a shake out run because I never really warmed up… I did not warm up all day after the race, either.

The 5K and 15K started at the same time, with most runners opting for the 15K. I guess you don’t get many chances to run a 15K, so people take advantage of the opportunity. Both were the same price, so runners spend more time in the cold to get their money’s worth.


Racing the 5K, I could be first in line for the delicious breakfast burritos from Triangle Char-N-Bar, yogurt from Black Bean Company, coffee, and other refreshments.

My priorities are clearly in line.

Since everyone started together, pacing is tough. The headwind didn’t help! I assumed most people ahead of me were in the 15K- and most were. I passed a lot of 15Kers after the first mile when they saw they started out too fast. I ended up running the last 2 miles pretty much alone, passing the 2-mile water stop and the 5K/15K split. With plenty of water stops and a clearly marked split… most runners split for the 15K!


Kudos to The Foot Store for this race picture!

I bolted for the finish at the 3 mile marker. The 5K was basically an out and back with a little loop, but since we passed the 3-mile mark just past the start, I knew where to accelerate.

I ended up with an 22:46 finish and a new PR by one second, although I’m *still* convinced the clock said 22:40 when I finished. A few others said their times were a couple seconds off too.

Oh well, any PR is a PR- and this one was a bit unexpected. They usually are.


Thanks for the picture, Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant!

I grabbed a burrito and cooled down by walking to the Kangaroo Express gas station for some salted caramel hot chocolate and to my car to grab my jacket. I got back just in time to see the 15K winner. He finished in some crazy time like 45 minutes, when I had some 5K friends finishing. At least he had good company. That must be the downside of being speedy- it’s hard to find running buddies or even much competition.



This is Kaitlyn, daughter of one of my training partners (Richie). Kaitlyn trains with us and she completed her first 15K- averaging just over a 10 min/mile pace. She’s an awesome 10-year-old and “terror in training”!


I stood at the finish and saw most of my friends complete the 15K, cheering on all the runners. Unfortunately, not all drivers on Sullivan’s Island were respectful of the race. A car pulled out in front of a runner when he was about .1 miles from the finish, and we were all yelling at that driver. I don’t know why they couldn’t find an alternate route or just wait an hour (or leave an hour before). That stupid car messed up his kick and his time, but at least no one was hurt.

The 5K awards ceremony was right after most people finished the 15K, and I placed 3rd overall. I didn’t actually realize it until they called my name for the awards, and since this is a Charleston Running Club race, I didn’t expect it (generally fast people show up for their races).

The first place female for the 5K won $100, second and third got medals. I felt cheated because my medal says “Age Group Winner”.



Thanks for the pictures, Charleston Running Club!

I know they order them in bulk, but it’s a pretty big deal to win overall and stinks to get something that says “Age Group”- even if you do run the shorter race. I’m proud of my PR, and the medal itself is nice, but I was disappointed in the awards. It’s fine that only 1st gets money, but I wish 2nd and 3rd got more than the age groupers, you know? Or at least an award with the correct placement…

I didn’t stick around long after awards because I had to get ready for a mini road trip + wedding. The bars at Sullivan’s Island were offering drink specials with race bibs, which is a nice touch if you’re into post-race partying, but I had some great wedding desserts that night to make up for it.


Thanks for the picture, TrySports Mt Pleasant!

Despite the chilly temps, it was a fun 5K. The award is my only complaint, and while I don’t race for the awards, they are “always earned, never given”- at least for me.

Here’s to breaking a 5K PR twice in one month- bring it on, 2014 races!


As a TrySports Mt. Pleasant athlete ambassador, I received a complimentary race entry, as TrySports sponsors the race; however, all opinions expressed are my own. I am especially grateful for TrySports’ support to our local races, running community, and to my own training.

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29 Responses to Charlie Post Classic 5K Recap (22:46)

  1. Brrrrr…. so cold, but great job on the PR. Stinks that car pulled out right n front of that guy at the end, that is the worst.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yah, it was one of the faster guys. Not sure who… but we were all peeved!

      You didn’t run Saturday did you? Thought I read on your blog where you took some time off?

      • I was going to run the 15K as part of my taper. However, I haven’t been able to run since the CHS Half, didn’t even know if I would finish that one, such pain (I had rolled my ankle a week before in my final 20 mile long run). Hoping that resting up means I can finish the full in 3 days.

  2. Hayley Taylor says:

    Awesome PR Amy! So proud of you and your hard work! Wish your medal would have said 3rd overall though! That would have been cool, but you know the results regardless!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Hayley- you work hard yourself :). It is a little peeving to place overall (not like that happens much for me!) and not get an award that says overall… but oh well. Placing is more about who shows up, times are what reflect your training :).

  3. Amy says:

    CONGRATS! Gotta love a 1 second PR! I’m sorry about your medal-that would suck, but at least you know you won. I could have cared less about what I got when I placed 3rd in my AG for a marathon last fall (I still cannot believe that happened) but I had bragging rights so that was all I needed (even if my time was nothing to brag about!). But yes for a better race by a bigger company you do deserve a bit more 🙂 Maybe they will read this.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I am definitely enjoying my bragging rights with placing 3rd overall in a Charleston Running Club race. Their races are generally a pretty fast field, although most of “them” happened to do the 15K this time.

  4. nevie b. says:

    Congrats on your placement!! I’d be pretty salty that my overall award didn’t specify overall, too. Mostly because the day I ever win an overall award will also be the day I’m just like mic drop, I’m out. That little 10 year old is 15 years ahead of me with her pace already!

    Believe it or not I actually got clipped by a car while running my first 10-miler. He was like scaling the cones from the open driving lane and I was running toward the left of the runner’s coned off lane. Happened just in the third mile. I was furious and alerted the traffic cops as soon as I saw one, and all the runners around me backed me up and tried to describe the car. It was crazy.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Don’t discount yourself too bad with an overall award. I started running years ago and for the longest time, I was running 5Ks in the upper 20s. I remember how proud I was the first time I broke 30 minutes back in September 2010!

      People have the capability to be faster than they think they do, and the slow runner movement really discounts that and makes people settle, I think. If you stick with running for years, you’ll improve :). Most people plateau and do not push further.

      That’s crazy that you got clipped by a car! I’ve almost been run over a time or two on training runs. It stinks that people are in that much of a hurry to get somewhere that they don’t pay attention to other people- like stopped for a second would somehow make them late or something *sigh*.

      • nevie b. says:

        thanks! i love the slower runner movement for a lot of reasons, but my somewhat competitive (with myself) nature hasn’t been stemmed to accept my current pace for the long term. i’m okay with where i’m at now but always trying to improve too. i shaved 2 minutes off my average mid-length run pace in the span of 1 year, so I’m excited to start running in the 9’s instead of the 10’s.

        and yeah seriously, that guy was a complete arse. not like i wasn’t already totally nervous about trying to finish my first 10-miler in a decently tough (for a first-timer) pace requirement.

  5. Nice work Amy and congrats on your place and PR. I’ve had a lot of issues with overall awards..some races don’t give them…some don’t specify. I don’t know there have only been a few well known and big races I’ve been grumpy about.

  6. runner1313 says:

    Great recap, and nicely done in the race!

  7. Congrats on getting out there in the cold and rocking a new PR! I’m ready for this weather to get warmer!

  8. mtbader says:

    Very nice! Congrats on the PR! I thought about running it, but thought better of it after the Charleston full and the fact that my wallet has very little $$ for race fees at this point. Nice shirt and sounds like sweet post-race refreshments as well!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I had run the full, I would not have been out there Saturday! I ended up taking it easy for about a week after the full I ran (I was dehydrated, though).

      Race entry fees add up! I always look for codes and discounts and that helps, of course the TrySports comped entries from being an ambassador really help too. I paced the Charleston half, so I did not have to pay for that (Pacers receive a free entry).

      Don’t sweat missing this race (I don’t consider it a must-do event). Just get your marathon recovery on, there will be plenty more races in February :).

      • mtbader says:

        Same here–I definitely took it easy the week after the full and still don’t feel very fresh now (tired legs and all).

        I try to look for codes too. Very nice on the TrySports comped entries!

        True story–there are always more races to run!

  9. harveylisam says:

    Look at you, PRing all over the place! Congrats 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! I really didn’t expect to PR in the cold and wind. I’m just doing my speedwork and usual training, but also doing faster long runs, so maybe that’s helping :). Anyway, I’m not gonna complain about another PR!

  10. Congrats lady! So proud of you. Way to push through the cold chill and kick butt. I don’t think i could have done that! Can’t wait for JI!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly! It was definitely crazy race conditions though.

      You are totally within reach of a sub-45 10K. I think I will be soon. I’m not right now, but I’m a lot closer than I was a few months ago :).

      See you Tuesday for track- I’m gonna run a few extra intervals this Tuesday so I’ll drive.

  11. AWESOME! Congrats on the PR! 😀

  12. That is an awesome time girl! I try not to run too many races this time of year (unless they are in FL..haha) just too cold for me!

  13. Congrats on the PR! Even if by a second, still a PR! I have definitely had races where my time was different than I thought, comes with the territory I suppose!

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