Review and Giveaway: Custom Running Shirt

When you run 4-5 days per week and cross train at least once a week, you can never have enough running shirts. I love cool shirts from run clubs and races, and when I go to a running group or race, I notice others’ shirts.

If a race has a cool shirt, people are likely to ask about the race and consider running it, and when you’re in a run club, wearing your shirts can give you a “team feeling” at the start of a race. My Pee Dee area run club, Fitness World Run Club, has the now-famous blue shirts, and when people see us wearing the shirts at races, they ask about them and sometimes end up joining in on the group runs.


I love all the fun running shirts in my collection- from my run club shirts to races shirts, to shirts I’ve bought because they looked cool and to shirts that were gifts. After last year’s Couch-to-5K class, my friend Rich gave me one of the cool shirts they got custom made for the Catch the Leprechaun 5K, the graduation race.

Nevermind that I proudly wore the shirt to Bruster’s for ice cream with Nadine…


Recently, offered me the chance to review and give away a custom race shirt from their website. When I got the code, I was excited to create my custom shirt and order it. The process was very easy and the shirt shipped the next day and arrived two days later. Living in South Carolina, the shirt only had to travel from Florida, but I loved the quick delivery. features tons of designs, or you can upload your own. I used one of their designs and added my blog’s URL on the back of the shirt. Now, everyone who I pass knows they were passed by The Tiny Terror (or, maybe it will distract them a little when they pass me in races).


Even if you don’t have a blog, you could get a custom running shirt with your name on it so people could cheer for you at a race. After I finish a 5K or 10K, I typically run back down the course easy, to cool down and also to cheer for other runners. If I know a runner, I cheer for them by name- as is the case in many local races. Otherwise, I usually just yell “Go!” and whatever’s on their shirt. It’s kinda awkward if the person’s wearing a Clemson shirt, but this South Carolina fan still cheers for them in the race.


The shirt itself is great. I wore it in the Thunder Road 5K in Charlotte, and I’ve worn it on several training runs here in Charleston. It’s very lightweight and cool, which is great for the Charleston heat. It also works well for group fitness classes such as BodyPump or yoga.

Now, what you’re really waiting for. This giveaway will be quick, as the code for the custom shirt expires Dec. 29. If you enter, please be sure you can create and order your shirt by Dec. 29.

You have 3 ways to enter:

Leave a separate comment on this post for each entry, as I number the comments to pick a winner. If you don’t leave a comment, you will not get credit for the entry.

Since I’ll be taking a brief hiatus for the Christmas holidays and you must order the shirt by Dec. 29, this giveaway ends Tuesday, December 24 at noon, Eastern Time.

Good luck!

I received a free shirt to try in exchange for hosting this review; however, all opinions are my own and I strive to only review and give away products I believe in and feel my readers would enjoy.

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17 Responses to Review and Giveaway: Custom Running Shirt

  1. Sandy Melton says:

    “Slowly but surely”

  2. ckent45 says:

    The back of my shirt would have my name and an explanation of my name – “Cherry, just like the fruit”. The front would say “Fast Grannies Racing Club”. 🙂

  3. ckent45 says:

    Back of shirt – “Cherry. Just like the fruit.: Front of shirt “Fast Grannies Racing Club”. 🙂

  4. Ohh I totally need a fun shirt for races!! I would probably put “RUNNER AMANDA” on the front with my shoe logo and on the back – training for life

  5. Nancy says:

    I think on the back of my shirt I’d probably put something like “You are Stronger than you think you are” that way it would be encouraging to me and all the runners I pass.

  6. Kristina Johnson says:

    I’d probably get Team Coraline lol. Daniel made us team Coraline shirts but they were on cotton shirts and don’t work so well for running!

  7. Rachael Smilowitz says:

    Want a shirt for my glass slipper challenge !

  8. Debbie Cheek says:

    I’ll meet you at the finish line (front) in my own sweet time (smiley face and on back).

  9. OSR “liked” the Tiny Terror on FB!

  10. vegefrog says:

    OSR tweeted about your contest!!

  11. vegefrog says:

    If I won…I would probably get “Quixotic Running” on mine to promote OSR 😉
    Actually that’s a great idea…might need to order a shirt even if I don’t win your contest!!

  12. David Burns says:

    If I won I would get Burnsie Boston 2014

  13. Amy says:

    Awesome Giveaway! I would get Run | Write | Hike, of course 🙂

  14. I would probably get my blog name.
    Or something like runs for food.

  15. Of course it would have the “Doombuggy Runner” in it! You know we already follow and tweet each other’s stuff always!

  16. LilMysNinja says:

    Aww, sucks I missed this giveaway! I’d probably do my blog name & URL too. 🙂 I signed up to do a review and giveaway so hopefully I’ll hear something from them soon. Like you I love race/running tshirts!

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