Life Lately: Nadine’s Baby Shower

I’m a wife, daughter, friend, worker, and runner before I’m a blogger, and my life has been pretty busy with all these identities lately. Sometimes, I feel like bloggers out there strive to make life events blog worthy- and I hope not to fall into this. Living life without worrying about how it’s going to look online is a whole lot more fun than attempting to “blogify your life”.

One of my best friends, Nadine and I met when we were both new to Charleston. We actually met through our husbands who play video games together, and we hit it off pretty quickly because we have a lot in common. A few months ago, just after Nadine and I ran the Race for Taylor, she found out she was pregnant, and recently, we learned it would be a baby girl.


Last weekend, I hosted a baby shower for Nadine, who is now approaching the third trimester. We wanted to have the shower a little earlier due to Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially with Nadine’s mom coming in from Seattle to visit.

I don’t have any kids and have never planned an event like a baby shower, so I was a little nervous about how things would go, but it actually went really well and everyone had fun. Believe it or not, I was *much* more nervous about this shower than any of the races I’ve run; running comes second nature to me, party planning, not so much.

Since it’s Fall, the shower was pumpkin themed. We had snacks such as soup, bread, a vegetable tray, hot chocolate, cookies, and pumpkin pie.







Two of our guests, Grace and Virginia, even brought their own baby girls (Zoe and Stella), so it made for a pretty fun shower.



I found a few really fun baby shower games on Pinterest, like the purse scavenger hunt and some crossword puzzles. Ladies, if you ever need to host a baby or wedding shower- Pinterest is your place for ideas, and Dollar Tree is your place for shopping (I’m obsessed with Dollar Tree).




Of course, gifts were involved as well- especially tons of books. I think an entire baby shower of books is a really cool idea, actually.



We all had a great time and had fun playing with the babies and just enjoying each other’s company. Nadine and Baby Alice got tons of great stuff, so now we’re just excited for the holidays and her arrival around February.


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20 Responses to Life Lately: Nadine’s Baby Shower

  1. Awww, looks like you did a great job! I would have been nervous too; I’m definitely not a party planner at all! It seems like every woman my age is getting pregnant! Just walking around the mall it seems like its the season to be pregnant!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, I am your age and not pregnant- but I do understand your sentiments.

      In my opinion, it’s a great season to be pregnant. You can wrap Christmas ribbon around a pregnant belly and that would be cute. Plus, I’d hate to be pregnant in South Carolina in July/August and about to deliver. It’s hard enough existing here during those months and the heat even when you’re not pregnant.

  2. allieksmith says:

    I know what you mean about feeling like you have to “blogify” your life. Sometimes I just don’t take pictures of things that I feel like I “should,” you know? I’m like.. oh well… I don’t live to blog! I guess it’s all about balance, which it seems you’re really good at maintaining!

    It also seems like you put on a great baby shower for Nadine! Wow! I just want to eat that whole pumpkin pie, haha. I love the HerSHEy’s bars, too. Such a cute idea. I can imagine you were nervous (I would be too… I’m like nervous for my own wedding shower haha), but it looks like you pulled everything off really well!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The herSHEy’s bars are a pinterest idea… I spent some time coloring in all the “she” parts with sharpies, haha!

      Yeah, I think Clay would hate it if I took a picture of him and me together every time we went out to eat or went on a date or did anything. I do it a lot, obviously, but the thing is… other people are in our lives too and sometimes they don’t want to be “stars” either. I do take a lot of food pictures for Yelp (I am an elite Yelper) but that’s a “thing” now with instagram.

  3. harveylisam says:

    Haha my life events usually aren’t blog worthy, so I don’t blog about them (which is why I’m not blogging every day anymore!). What a fun baby shower! Looks like you did an awesome job hosting. lots of very cute ideas. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I never blogged every day… I think I’d lose tons of readers that way. None of you want to hear about every single workout session, meeting, breakfast, meeting, lunch, meeting, lately… and I don’t ever have much to say about em either. It was kinda neat hosting the shower, we did it at her house but I arrived early to set things up. I don’t think I’ll go into the party planning business anytime soon but it’s worth it for a friend.

  4. Liz says:

    That looks really nice! I would be nervous to plan something like that! The girls at work will plan that type of stuff and I never want to! I’m okay helping clean up. I’m good at that! But not all of that cutesy baby stuff!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, when I worked at corporate, I helped decorate for Christmas and helped with the toy drive and things like that, but I never coordinated a shower with food, RSVPs, gifts, etc (at work we always took up money for donations and then got a gift card or bought a big gift for the person if they had a shower).

      I also was the cleanup person for things at work… I remember way too many Friday afternoons of cleaning up that nasty fridge!

  5. Amy says:

    Awe, looks like fun! I love the herSHEy idea. I hate party planning a lot so I understand your nerves. Congrats on pulling it off 🙂

  6. LilMysNinja says:

    Great job Amy! I’d be lost throwing a shower since I don’t have kids either. And I’m not planning on having any either. But you’re right, Pinterest is certainly the place for ideas! Looks like it was a blast!

  7. I can agree with this completely. I find that younger blogs especially, have to document everything. If it didn’t get blogged…it didn’t exist. So that is what. I’m glad you are having a good time. Pinterest has seriously saved me on several occasions.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Or worse yet, the “What I Ate Wednesday” posts with odd creations, where the food you document on your blog was all you ate all day, and you ate every bite of what was documented…

      Pinterest is a cool site, it’s one of those things I use sporadically- just when I need it for a holiday, party, etc. I honestly don’t use most of what I pin…

  8. spectacuLAUR says:

    I would be so nervous planning the baby shower, too. Since I am far from having kids myself… I wouldn’t even know where to start haha! It looks like you did great, though, since everyone had a good time. Games are always nice ice-breakers, too!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The games were great. I think the purse scavenger hunt is fun for any occasion, not just baby showers- it’s just neat to see who carries around the most junk (haha). I saw a few games for baby showers that I wasn’t doing at all, gotta keep it classy :). But pinterest has some great ideas.

  9. Love showers-weddings, babies, it is always so much fun! And to see the cute baby clothes~

  10. That sounds like a fun baby shower and such a cute theme. I understand what you mean about Pinterest lol, I’m obsessed! You did a great job hosting! 🙂

  11. That was really nice of you to plan your friends baby shower!

  12. B says:

    I love what you did with the Hershey bars! How adorable!

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