Day in the Life: Typical Tuesday for the Tiny Terror

I know you’re all curious to see what I do from day-to-day (okay, maybe not).

One of my favorite bloggers, Allie, recently did a couple of “Day in my Life” posts. She’s a college student and does one each semester for a day in her life, but she’s also done and day in her mom’s life and a day in her sister’s life.

So, thanks Allie for inspiring me to write about a day in my life. I wrote this up last week- enjoy!


6 AM: Alarm goes off. After a month, I can’t claim post-marathon tiredness anymore, so I blame it on Monday Night Football and roll over. Clay gets up and starts getting ready for work, as he’s going in early today so he can get off early and go for a run at the gym.

7 AM: I finally get up. I put my contacts in and turn my work computer on. I’m really not *that* swamped at work- it just takes my computer a few minutes to boot. I go downstairs, drink a glass of water, make some super strong coffee in my Keurig, get dressed in running clothes, and go to my home office.


7:15 – 8 AM: I usually spend the first half hour to 45 minutes of my day reading emails (work and personal) and blogs (work and personal). It doesn’t usually take me long to go through my work emails, but if anything is urgent, I handle it right away because most of my coworkers get in at 8 or 8:30.

I also eat breakfast during this time. Today, I had frozen gluten-free Van’s waffles with syrup and an unpictured Greek yogurt (honey flavor, Harris Teeter brand).


8 AM – 11 AM: I spent the morning working on updating user macros for a software upgrade for our documentation software, Atlassian Confluence. We’re moving to a new documentation software platform next month, so my coworker Kelli and I fix what would break in the upgrade. We have the new platform loaded on a test server, so it’s mostly a lot of testing but goes by quickly. Upgrading macros doesn’t require a ton of creative thought so I do it in the mornings.

11 AM: I cross train on Mondays, so I like to get a run in on Tuesday. Sometimes, I do speedwork on Tuesday morning (at 6 AM!) with a group of friends, but we haven’t done it lately with races and it staying dark until 7 AM.


I like getting out of the house during lunch because people who have conventional jobs leave their offices for lunch. I realize that leaving and getting food out is more socially acceptable, but most good restaurants are at least a 10 minute drive away, on a busy highway with frequent wrecks. If I “go to lunch”, driving to a restaurant, eating, and driving home takes longer than running and showering.

Tuesday’s trash day, so when I head out to run, the St. Andrews Public Service garbage truck almost runs me over. If I have a Tuesday meeting, the garbage truck inevitably comes roaring down the street during my meeting (where everyone can hear, since I attend meetings with a mic and speakers).

One positive of working at home is being able to run around the neighborhood on your lunch break. I see kids out playing, people moving out or in, etc. It’s also a nice mental break, and I come back recharged. I run about 5 miles, make a recovery shake, shower, and dress in real girl clothes.


12ish: I throw in a load of laundry, drink my shake, and eat a delicious Fuji apple at the computer. Then, I work on training guides. I’m doing a big project getting feedback from trainers and support/call center reps about the training manuals, then revising the manuals to better fit the needs of our clients.

Sometimes when I get tired of the computer, I drag my writing outside to my back porch.


2 PM: One of my other goals at work is to learn about as many training methodologies as possible, so today I watched a webinar about training and took notes. These are interactive courses that last maybe an hour, and sometimes you learn a lot, sometimes you don’t. The one today was pretty worthwhile and talked about encouraging training class participants to interact with each other and share real-world examples so they get more out of the training.

I ate my lunch after the webinar- an Energy Seed Salad I bought the night before at Earth Fare. Good stuff. I usually eat on the TV trays downstairs and watch DVRed TV shows, it’s a nice little break from the grind of work- but sometimes I do eat at my desk, especially if I’m watching a webinar or if I have a lot of work to do. I also move my clothes to the dryer.


As far as the rest of the afternoon goes, we have a department meeting to discuss the upcoming upgrade; it’s a painless, short 30 minute meeting that I Skype in for. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t keep a tie and collared shirt by my desk for when I “go on camera” because I almost never use my camera! Even if I did, my job is pretty lenient on the dress code in the office (jeans and sneakers are always okay, but no t-shirts in house).

My corporate office really is a neat place to work and I miss it sometimes, but I know if I worked in an office, I’d miss some of the at-home perks too. I wouldn’t want to work for another company and am very happy working for ACS Technologies right now.


Sometime between 4:30-5 PM: I come to a good stopping point and call it a day. I finish up my laundry by folding it and putting it away- I let my laundry wash a LOT when I work because it’s the kind of chore I can toss and leave.

My after hours activities vary; sometimes I go to the gym and do a group fitness class (yoga or BodyPump). Some Tuesdays I actually get off work earlier and go to the WordPress Usergroup Meetup in downtown Charleston. Sometimes I do a group run with the TrySports Run Club or head downtown to run- or Clay and I do after work date nights. We don’t have kids so basically we do what we want.

7-7:30ish: Clay usually gets home from work around 6ish, depending on when he went to work and if he goes to the gym afterwards. If I go to a workout class in the afternoon/evening, I’m usually back by 7:30 too. Normally in the evenings I read, blog, or watch TV and he watches TV or plays video games. We usually eat dinner together, mostly leftovers because he cooks food for the whole week on Sunday. Unless we go out, we usually eat at the couch by the TV.


10:30ish: Usually I hit the sack around 10:30 or so, and Clay does too sometimes. Sometimes he stays up later coding or working on programming projects, or playing games or doing whatever. I usually get up earlier than he does so I can run, work out, or just get some work done before the rest of my coworkers get to the office- so I’m almost always in bed before him.

Working from home, I strive to leave my home at least once a day- even if I just head to the gas station for a snack on my break. I love working from home, but you definitely have to get out~ otherwise it’s the equivalent of living at your office. I also close my office at the end of the day and stay out of that room; I’m lucky to have an office in a separate room like that.

And… that’s a wrap. I know my day’s pretty boring compared to most people’s. I guess that’s just how adult life goes. Maybe soon I’ll do another one of these for a typical Saturday- the next “typical Saturday” we have.

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21 Responses to Day in the Life: Typical Tuesday for the Tiny Terror

  1. I think its good that you try and get out at lunch for a workout or something. i think that is something I would HAVE to do if I worked from home!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Definitely! It’s great that I can work out during this time, obviously, but I have to leave and do something. Like today, I ended up going to Costco, CVS, and the mall food court.

      Usually if I don’t work out, I just do errands around town and sometimes pick up lunch- but I rarely go out for lunch and sit in a restaurant by myself and eat :).

  2. amyzader2013 says:

    I love this post! And I love how laid-back your office is. Mine says they are casual and laid-back but I still feel the need to dress well. And I have learned so much about Confluence over the past week so it is so funny to hear you mention it! I have also heard a number of complaints about it so that is interesting your office is switching over.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Do you guys use Confluence? That’s what we use too, we’ve been using it for a few years now, probably about 3.5 years or so, I guess. It runs together when you’ve been with a company so long.

      If you do use it, let me know, it’s always good to get in touch with other offices that are using it. As far as complaints about it go, it really depends on your needs as far as documentation platforms. At least Confluence is hosted online so it makes for very easy updates~ I like that.

  3. Amy says:

    Hmmm. After making some changes to my blog this weekend, my username is now coming up funny. Oh well…

  4. I always find it interesting when people doing day in the life posts. I think I would be really interested in finding a job i could work from home so I found this even more interesting.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve always thought it would be interesting to *start* a job as a remote employee, as compared to my situation where I worked in the office for years becoming one. My job has hired remote employees who’ve never worked in the office, though. I do like knowing many of my coworkers and knowing/having experienced my company’s culture. But, even though I’ve only been out of the corporate office for 18 months, there are still sooo many new workers I don’t know! Every time I visit the office I see new faces and it’s not even a really big company~

  5. allieksmith says:

    Yay! I loved reading you day in the life post!

    I love that you actually enjoy your job and especially the company that you work for. I think it’s cool that you’re an extrovert and you work at home. It seems like you have a good balance of doing things at home (like working, laundry, etc.), but still make time to get out, which is probably super important for your personality.

    I totally wish I had an office to do my school work in! My desk is in my bedroom, so when I am DONE with homework, etc., I usually hang out in my family’s living room and decompress with my sketch book or a book. 🙂

  6. spectacuLAUR says:

    I loved reading this post! I always wondered what it’s like to work from home and attend meetings via Skype. Personally, I would definitely make a nice “throw over” shirt to just slip over my head and make it look like I’m all fancy when really I’m wearing yoga pants and running apparel. LOL Or wear some ridiculous looking hat or something just to throw everyone off. Make things entertaining 😉

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha- yeah if I ever go on camera, which doesn’t happen much, I’m gonna do something crazy like wear a weird hat or paint my face, LOL. We do present/share screens a lot but most of the remotes don’t really “see” each other much. Normally it’s set to where just my picture shows.

  7. Sarah says:

    LOVE this, and you and Allie 🙂 Always need the strong coffee before doing anything productive. “real girl clothes” haha I use this term regularly, but it’s so true. Being able to go out for a run around lunch time is definitely a major plus side of working at home, while the noisy garbage truck is not. I know some will say it’s always best to eat at a table – but WHY I feel like as long as your together then the couch and TV is a good option! That is great the two of you are usually both home by 7/7:30 and can spend time together. Would love to see a typical Saturday post!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We almost NEVER eat at the table- unless we’re eating out of course :). I think as long as you’re together, it really shouldn’t matter so much.

      It’s even tougher to put on real girl clothes when it’s chilly outside! I’ve definitely wanted to stay in pajamas today.

  8. I love hearing about your day! I have never worked from home, but I think that is a great idea to get out once a day. And if that is to go ona run, thats awesome! I wish we could do that here at work. I have to go the gym after a 12hr shift which is never fun, but I get there!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh definitely! I can’t imagine not leaving the house. Now, it’s funny because Clay works a job outside the home, so when he gets home, he just wants to be home and I want to leave. One thing about my daily “leaving the house” trip to work out is it’s a lot cheaper than going out for lunch all the time too!

      I really admire how you still make it to the gym after a 12 hour day- that says a lot about you and your priorities too.

  9. Liz says:

    I’m so jealous of people who work in offices OR from home! Nursing is so strict with times, but a lot of my friends who have office jobs can kind of go in and leave whenever they want, and if I go have lunch with them they can stay longer than an hour and it’s not a huge deal! I get ONE 30 minute break in 12 hours and I clock in and out for it! And I definitely can’t even leave early. A lot of the nooners at CrossFit worked from home or in a laid back office! I’d love to be able to get my workouts in at normal hours (and I’m NOT waking up earlier than 5:20 to run!!!).

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I always said that too about running, then I started training for half marathons and the full marathon. A few times I actually got up at 3:55 to be at IOP for 5 AM runs in the summer.

      I got up at 4:55 on Tuesday to run the bridge with some friends :).

      We actually do not get paid lunches at my job- we work 40 hour work weeks but we’re expected to work 40 hours. So if you take a lunch “hour” it’s a 9 hour day (8-5, for example).

      I’ve also worked an office job where taking a break at all was looked down upon… and I’ve had friends who got paid for their lunch breaks, they just worked 9-5 and still had lunch hours. It really depends on where you work and that company’s atmosphere and office, but I do agree, pretty sure most hospitals are cut and dry with the policies for nursing and breaks.

      • Liz says:

        Yeah, all hospitals are 30 minutes for lunch as far as I know. It’s too hard to take care of somebody else’s patients for an hour and there’s no way you can just leave them for that long! I always thought most jobs were more 8-5 with an hour off (my old regular job was like that WAY long ago). I can’t drag myself out of bed that early UNLESS I’m meeting a friend at the gym, which has happened once in my life so far.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I can’t drag myself up that early either unless there’s a friend involved. I do it on Tuesdays and Saturdays (speedwork + long run) usually, but I’d never be able to do those alone. If I didn’t have running partners and a training group I probably wouldn’t run all that much at all honestly. I commend those people who get up at 5 AM or earlier and train on their own, it is tough!

        Nurses don’t get enough respect for what they do and how much they work. 12 hour shifts with just a 30 minute break would be exhausting especially because it’s on your feet, not like an office job where even if you’re working 12 hours, you are sitting and can eat at your desk, etc.

  10. LilMysNinja says:

    I love getting a glimpse of other people’s lives! Sometimes I wish I could work from home but I’m not sure I’d have the discipline that you do. Right now is my busy season and Ive been spending way too much time at the office. I feel like I don’t have any extra time. Im there from 8:30 to 6 almost 7 without leaving for lunch. I didn’t realize until yesterday how much of a toll that’s taking on me. If I were running still (I’m not because of my ankle), I’m not sure when I’d find the time to do it anymore. :/

    I love Vans waffles. It’s been a while since I had some so now I’m craving them. The blueberry is my favorite.

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