Marathon cheerleader signs

Some of my friends and Fitness World Run Clubbers who’ll be cheering for the other runners and me at the Darlington Marathon have made super-cute signs to hold up for the runners. With their permission, I thought I’d share (snarky commentary is from me, of course).

This is so true for many- running has saved, or at least lengthened, our lives. But I’m envious of that $30 a month gym membership…


They do last forever, or until a server crashes…


This describes so many of my friends and running partners- here in Charleston, the free beer line is way longer than the bathroom line after a race. Sometimes it’s longer than the refreshment/food line too!


Take comfort in the thought that Jesus loves you…


… when your body hates you tomorrow.


Let’s hope those zombies don’t have the endurance to run- at least you do!


At least you one up Chuck in something.


Proud to be one of the 1% who complete a marathon- right!


I hope crossing the finish will be worth it.


Turning the lights off is easier…


I pretty much advised my husband to sleep in and just come to the course later on to see me in the last few miles or finishing. Kudos to all spouses who wait on their marathoners, especially because it takes 4-5 hours.


I don’t think I’ll have time for anything but oxygen in miles 20-26.2


As always, a runner’s worst fear…


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22 Responses to Marathon cheerleader signs

  1. I love race signs! My favorite is the “If this were easy, I would do it” sign. And I am definitely one of those runners that leans on their spouse for help during a race. Since I’m taking my next marathon fairly easy, I’ll have time to maybe take a few photos of some good signs I see along the way. Good luck on your full; I know you will do great!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s super cool that Trevor is on the course cheering for you! I think I told you and Cathy that on Saturday but I gotta say it again. I am also looking forward to seeing the signs, I hope most of them are toward the end of the race. I have a feeling I will have slowed down enough by then to take all of that in.

  2. Definitely some cute signs! I wish I could remember all the awesome signs I have seen over the years

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Hehe, if I were super fast like you, I probably wouldn’t be able to read them with speeding by ;). I bet you have seen cool ones at your marathons though and you will see neat ones at Boston too.

  3. allieksmith says:

    Aww, this post is so cute! I like the first sign! My sister made me a sign for the marathon I never ran (remember when I got the stomach flu a day before my marathon?! UGH) and I almost cried when I saw it. It was just really sweet… it said “Go Allie!” “Reppin’ Pittsburgh!” and it had her little kid hand writing. It was special, so I still have it saved for when I DO get a chance to run a marathon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m glad you saved the sign! You should use it, even in a half you could have her hold it up.

      Also… come down South. Almost every marathon here is on a Saturday. We don’t do Sunday races down here, and it would give you a chance to do one during the winter months.

  4. Hey Amy! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m sorry to hear that you were sick last week. Glad you’re doing much better now!

    Encouragement is always wonderful! I loved the signs… especially the Jesus Loves You one… as well as the “no potties” one… I’m finding that’s a harsh reality I deal with when I go on my walks and I have to go back to the apartment… I need to find hidden areas.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      As far as potties go, we have enough construction here in Charleston that it’s not a problem. All construction areas have porta-johns so if you come across one of those, you’ll be fine. I used to have a weird fear of em but you get over it fast here!

  5. LOL! Those are fun! I love the free beer one!

  6. Marathon signs are the best! I also like the one that I see often: “Worst parade ever” It makes me smile every time! Hope you are surviving taper! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m surviving it. It’s honestly not that bad, my body needs the break. I probably need to take an entire week off after the full, I think most high school and college XC runners take a whole week off after their seasons. Funny how it’s easy to find out how to train but not how to recover properly!

  7. FitYaf says:

    These are great! I LOVE a good marathon sign! Check out some I made (and some my friends made):

  8. Amy says:

    I love marathon signs when I am running that make me smile and what I really like are the ones that make me think a little bit because it takes my mind off what I am doing. Significant others who will follow you for the race and meet you at the end are the best.

  9. Amy Lauren says:

    I definitely agree with your point about taking your mind off the marathon- especially in those later miles. Obviously I’ve never completed a marathon yet, but in my long training runs, talking to my training partners helped. I feel kinda bad for a few of them the last few weeks, because we all discussed football so much and some of them didn’t care for football. But I think in a long run, it’s not so much about the conversation but just being able to focus on something other than the miles to go!

  10. runwkate says:

    Signs absolutely make my race experience – when combined with music they always make me go faster. My personal favourite i the very simple ‘nearly done’.

  11. I love a funny spectator sign! These are great! My favs are “no potty-use woods” and “try waiting on you” haha. (Although I have always enjoyed the times I’ve spectated!)

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