Charleston restaurant week, lunches with friends, and practical jokes

Hey everyone! Thanks for your well wishes on my recovery from the stupid cold I’ve had. It was definitely a rough few days (any day I don’t leave my home at all is rough), but I think I’m finally better.


My workouts are getting better too. Does anyone ever notice that after being sick, even when *you* feel okay, it takes a few days for you to work out as well as you did before? I am not worried that this will negatively impact my marathon because I am a strong runner, and you need to spend time recovering from the sickness rather than recovering from a workout.

So- here’s how I spent last week before I got sick.

Virginia and I met up at Roly Poly Charleston for lunch. We joined the text message club and got coupons for free wraps. Roly Poly has wraps, salads, soups, and other healthy stuff. It’s in West Ashley and is very inexpensive and delicious for healthy lunch options.

On our last visit to Roly Poly, Virginia was almost ready to have Baby Stella, and the next day, she went into labor. We joked that Roly Poly made Stella “roll on out”, and this time Stella joined us at the restaurant. Virginia and I both had the California Hummer (hummus) wrap and Baby Stella chilled out the whole time.


I had to show Virginia and Stella my medal from the Dirt Dash half marathon, and Virginia convinced me to wear it in the picture, hehe.

Speaking of babies, I won a contest on a nutrition blog I read, and the prize was gummy vitamins. When I got the email about winning, it said I could pick one of three varieties. The first two were for children, and the third one was prenatal.

Since I’m not a child, and I am a woman of childbearing age, I picked the prenatal because at least they’re formulated for adult women. **I’m not pregnant, nor am I planning to become pregnant anytime soon**. Maybe when we’re 30ish and our educations are paid off, but we want to enjoy our 20s.

Anyway, the vitamins came before I could tell him I won the contest. So, as a practical joke, I sat them on the counter for him to see when he returned home.


Of course he asked the question and got the **NO WAY** answer, but it was pretty funny.

Another cool thing that just ended here in Charleston is Charleston Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is held every September and January and gives locals a chance to try new-to-them or pricier restaurants, along with restaurants downtown that are normally packed with tourists during the tourist season. Plus, it gives those restaurants a boost from the locals, and many places roll out special menus for the week.

I got together with a big group of girls (I’m in a Facebook group for Charleston area ladies) to go to Fat Hen on John’s Island for a girl’s night.


At the risk of being the only Charleston resident to say this, I’m not a huge fan of Fat Hen. The restaurant week deal was great, but there wasn’t anything on that menu I could eat. I’m mainly vegetarian, but I do eat the occasional shrimp or seafood. Since the 3 for $30 deal didn’t allow substitutions, I just ordered off the regular menu, which wasn’t cheap (It was restaurant week, so obviously the idea was for people to order from that menu if they wanted a deal).


We also had to wait over an hour for a table, even though we made a reservation (they did not check on us, either).

The food was pretty tasty. I had the butternut squash rice with goat cheese, fresh herbs, oven roasted tomatoes, and lentils- it was really good but also very rich from the goat cheese (I do love goat cheese though!) and filling. It was the only vegetarian option on the entrée menu. Our server was great- we never had to wait for courses, and for those of us who had leftovers (most of us, since the portions are huge), she packaged them up very nicely for us.


I had a great time because of the company I was with, and it was definitely the highlight of my week (we went right before I got sick). You can’t beat hanging out with a big group of girls, but we might hang out somewhere else during the next Restaurant Week.

This post was all over the place- but I hope everyone’s had a great week so far with lots of fun and randomness. Happy Tuesday!

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12 Responses to Charleston restaurant week, lunches with friends, and practical jokes

  1. allieksmith says:

    I LOL’d so hard at the little trick you played on Clay!! I’ve heard prenatal vitamins are actually amazing for your hair and skin because they have extra nutrients for mamas. Kinda cool!

    I am glad to hear you’re feeling better after being sick! It definitely takes me a few days to get back to working out normally, When getting back to working out after being sick, I definitely appreciate good workout days a lot more!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it just made me thankful to be able to run on Saturday :). I got out there this morning for speedwork/intervals and almost felt back to normal, thankfully! I was very happy for a good workout.

      I have also heard that about prenatal vitamins. Who couldn’t use better skin and hair, right? May as well take em!

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh. I cannot imagine him coming home to see pre-natal vitamins! Ha! Let us know how they work. I have friends that swear by them for their hair.
    I have been to restaurants in Boulder and Denver for their respective restaurant weeks and always with a group of ladies. We had to wait quite a while one time (despite our reservations) and they sent us over to a sports bar to wait (it was the only place nearby) so one of my friends (who is generally more timid and shy) managed to call the manager over when we finally sat down and got us a free bottle of wine. It was so funny because it was so unlike her to negotiate heavily, but we felt we deserved it. Oh-and here they have the restaurant week items on the website before you make reservations so we were able to make sure there were vegetarian options.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, we did view the menu and actually took a vote on where to go. I voted for the place we went, because I heard so many good things and I did see something there I wanted to try. I had that dish in mind anyway.

      We didn’t get so much as an apology from anyone but the hostess regarding our wait, much less a free bottle of wine. Sometimes I think really popular, high-end, high-dollar restaurants don’t do those things because people will go there for the name alone and they don’t really “need” each person’s business. I dunno.

  3. Glad you are feeling better, wow so much going on for you right now…keeping busy is a good way to avoid taper madness too.

    love the joke on the hubs! I actually take the prenatal gummies already, they are fabulous for your hair and skin and nails and well..your body. My doctor recommended it about a year ago and it helped! I also take the regular gummy vitamins too. I love them because you don’t need to ahve water to swallow them and they are easy to remember to take! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      They’re super fun to take. It’s just like eating candy or something. Actually, you could even plan the dosage after a meal or something when you kinda crave a little something sweet, I bet that would work. And who couldn’t use better skin, hair, and nails anyway 🙂

  4. spectacuLAUR says:

    LOL that is a dirty, dirty trick to play on your husband! LOLOL

  5. It’s funny one of the places Tim and could have gone was Charleston. (didn’t have the exact plane he wanted though). One of our friends is going though post flight school.

    Ha that joke on your husband is hilarious. Seriously though-could you imagine finding out being pregnant and that is how he would find out. LOL. Oye!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah- I think he knew it was a joke, but it made the thought cross his mind. When the time comes, this will definitely NOT be how I tell my husband.

      There are tons of Navy and Air Force down here in Charleston, I have a lot of friends who are in them. Very big military community here.

  6. You know… I’m not going to lie. I am happy for women who are mothers now… and when I was teenager, I dreamt of being a mother in my 20s. But now that I’m 25, I’m actually not ready to be a mom yet. Well, first I need to find a man in my life.
    But there’s still plenty of things I want to do before I have a child of my own, you know?

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with the ladies!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I can’t see myself being a mother in my 20s. I only have 2 years left in em so if I was going to, it would be super soon, and I don’t think that’ll happen.

      I always said I’d wait until at least 25, and then when I got married at 25, I knew I’d be waiting at least a couple more years.

      We had a really great time out despite Fat Hen being less than stellar. I’m definitely making a lot of girlfriends here lately!

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