Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway- Share your Spartan Story!

Hey everyone! I’m planning to work on my race recap of Saturday’s half marathon soon, but I’ve been pretty busy with my big girl job lately.

I don’t talk about work much, but I’m a technical writer for ACS Technologies, which develops computer software for churches, schools, and organizations. As a technical writer, I update online procedures, write and revise training manuals, and create job aides for our training class participants.

I also prop my feet up and eat lots of ice cream- I even did this when I worked in the office!


Through working in this field for 5 years, I’ve learned the best way to train others is by using stories. When information is presented in a story, training participants such as church administrators can easily relate to and retain that information- so they leave our classes ready to implement new ideas at their church, school, or non-profit organization.

Outside of work and on this blog, I tell my stories by sharing my race recaps, training logs, tips for saving money, and favorite Charleston hot spots.

I’ve shared stories from my first 5K in October 2009 to marathon training. I’ve shared my wedding, my honeymoon, several vacations, and my move to Charleston. Each story is different- but each story is meaningful.

That’s why I’m excited for NBC Sports Network’s partnership with the Spartan Race World Championships, where both professional and amateur athletes will toe the starting line for the same obstacle course.

Each athlete trains differently and has a different story to tell, and athletes will share their stories in a 90-minute TV special airing October 19 on the NBC Sports Network.


Personally, I love inspirational sports stories. I loved seeing Spirit of the Marathon II in theatres and watching clips of athletes and their families during the Olympic games. I’ve also read some great books written by former Olympians such as Shawn Johnson and Amanda Beard.

The special airs in October, so you have plenty of time to set your DVR. But- wanna know what’s better than watching athletes compete in the Spartan Race? Competing in one yourself- and not breaking the bank to do it.


That’s why I’m giving away a free entry for a Spartan Race event near you.

Here’s how you can enter. Leave a comment on this post for every entry- Only comments count as valid entries.

I’ll end the giveaway on September 15 at midnight, but if you just can’t wait, use this link to receive 15% off any qualifying race.

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry method you use, and good luck!

Giveaway will run from September 10-15. A winner will be chosen via and notified via email by September 16. The winner must respond 72 hours after they are notified or winnings will be forfeited. Must be 14 years of age or older to enter. The giveaway and promo coupon codes are only good for a race within the continental US.

The free race entry was provided by Reebok Spartan Race; I was not paid for this post.

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18 Responses to Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway- Share your Spartan Story!

  1. vegefrogVA says:

    I followed the Spartan races on FB!

  2. vegefrog says:

    I followed Spartan races on Twitter!

  3. vegefrog says:

    I followed Reebok Spartan racing on FB!

  4. vegefrog says:

    A story I like to share with friends is about my grandfather. People often ask me how I got into running. My grandfather started running when he was 45 to help him quit smoking and he hasn’t stopped (though it’s now more of a walk). He has run over 70 marathons and has qualified for Boston in every age category. When I was 11 I started doing local 5Ks and running with him once or twice a week. Obviously he slowed down for me, but he did push me some. I remember loving most runs, but also sometimes yelling at him to slow down because my heart was surely going to burst in my chest! He taught me to push through pain and that running should be fun but that it’s also good to challenge yourself every now and then. Those runs with him will always hold a special place in my mind and heart. I love talking to him about running still to this day. Throughout my life I have often run for a few years, then quit only to pick it up again sometime later. As I am now in my mid 30’s I realize that running needs to be a part of my life. Nothing seems to satisfy me more then logging miles on the trail/pavement/race course. It’s good for my mental and physical well being. Now that I’m a new mom I hope that I can pass on a love for the sport to my daughter and that sometime in the future we will run together and I can hopefully inspire her in a positive way.

  5. brandon fain says:

    Awesome blog! I love reading your stories!

  6. A story. Hmm… On our honeymoon, we went to Costa Rica. It was an amazing trip full of adventurous activities like canopy tours (a.k.a. zip lining through the cloud forest), white water rafting, horseback riding, and some hikes. One hike in particular we dubbed Honeymoon Hike From Hell. We started out from our hotel in Arenal area, and unfortunately the paths were not well marked in rural Costa Rica. We ended up climbing rocks (not the fun kind of rock climbing), slipping and sliding in crazy terrain, and tearing our way through overgrown brush. We finally made it out alive, and on the long walk back to the hotel, I felt like I couldn’t walk any further. My husband kept me going by saying “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now!” I was not in the shape I am now – I may have weighed 40lbs more than I currently do, not sure. But even now, when I’m on a long run, I sometimes think “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now!” and think of that hike where it was so hard to just put one foot in front of the other to get back – and it keeps me going.

  7. Krystal Davis says:

    I follow the Spartan Race on Facebook, Twitter and Tiny Terror!!! 🙂

  8. Greg says:

    A story about myself I like to share with friends is how when I was 18 I had 2 herniated discs in my back that I had to have surgery on. Now 10 years later the pain came back and I have degenerative disc disease which means the spaces in between the discs lost their cushioning so theyre rubbing on each other which is what causes the pain. Now it’s basically having to work out and stay in shape to help the muscles in the area stay strong to help ease the pain. Some days are pretty crappy. Other days are almost normal. Since all this happened it made me realize how hard work pays off not just with life but with anything.

  9. Greg says:

    I liked the tiny terror on Facebook

  10. Greg says:

    I follow spartan race on twitter

  11. Greg says:

    I also follow spartan race on Facebook

  12. Jeff Haddick says:

    After about 15 years of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle I made the decision in April this year to get a better handle on my health and fitness. I walked into a cross-fit class and was brutally reminded how out of shape I really was. I became addicted to the feeling of getting better, stronger, faster and the group of people quickly became exactly the support system I needed. The instructors somehow convinced everyone in the group to sign up for the PA Spartan Sprint and we all set out to train together for it. It was an incredible experience leading up to and on race day. I’m now an addict…….and must have more :). Winning this entry will complete my trifecta for next year….and that would just Rock!!!

  13. Jeff Haddick says:

    I follow Spartan Race on twitter

  14. Jeff Haddick says:

    I follow spartan race on facebook as well 🙂

  15. Krystal davis says:

    Running is more to me than just a sport, it’s about relationships. I have never felt so close to an entire group of people than I do with our running club. They are not only supportive of me, but also everyone else in the group that just wants to try the sport of running. My favorite group story comes from after I ran my first 20 mile run, not only were there a group of running buddies waiting to cheer me on, but they had an ice cold diet Mountain Dew waiting on me. It is a constant running joke that I don’t like anything but diet Mountain Dew and they are fun to throw it in!!! Love them all and so very thankful to have them all in my life.

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