Life lately: Elaine and Juan’s wedding and vegan food

I thrive on a packed schedule and long to-do list, and my planner never leaves my side. I even get up at 6 AM or earlier most days, as my philosophy is that if I can put work in while the rest of the world sleeps, the competition wakes up behind.

This applies for both workouts and for my big-girl job, as I frequently arrived in the corporate office at 7 or 7:30 AM when I worked there. The coffee I made was stronger than anyone else’s and I worked with the lights off. True story.


Life’s been busy and exciting lately, and I like that.

Last Saturday, after the Under the Sun Concert, 4 hours of sleep, 18.3 miles, lunch with Clay’s mom, and no nap, Clay and I went to my friend Elaine’s wedding to Juan at Charles Towne Landing.

I met Elaine my second week in Charleston when I attended a Good Form Running clinic at The Foot Store in Mt. Pleasant. She’s a runner, a vegan, loves animals, and volunteers with the Charleston marathon, so we share a lot in common and we’ve been pretty good running buddies ever since. She’s more into longer distances, but we both ran the May Day Half Marathon and the Race the Landing 5K.


I’m a part of the TrySports team and Elaine’s a part of The Foot Store family (also a great store for running shoes and specialty footwear), but all runners share that common bond and brotherhood that transcends brand or store loyalties, and we’re good friends.

Minus the occasional argument over dairy products or eggs… okay, not really.

The wedding was very beautiful. Even as an outdoor ceremony, it was fairly short. I loved how lighthearted Elaine and Juan were when reciting their vows, because it showed that they take life as it comes instead of taking it too seriously

They even included Elaine’s dog, Mo, in the ceremony. Pets truly are family members- I’ll never understand why pets are left out of most weddings, yet family members couples don’t like are included. Hmm…

A lot of us runners were at the wedding, so it was neat to be around friends without being sweaty, smelly, and gross. I’m surprised we all recognized each other; it’s probably the only time most of my friends have seen me wearing real girl clothes outside of pictures.


All of the food at the ceremony was vegan, since Elaine is, but they had a pretty big menu that didn’t include only salads or fruit or what people sometimes suspect vegans eat.

We dined on “Not so” shrimp and grits and a pasta bar, and there was also falafel, quinoa, hummus, and some really tasty desserts (I didn’t get pictures of all the food).



In the end, Elaine and Juan shared their first dance together, several people gave toasts, we had drinks and vegan desserts, and everyone had a great time at the wedding.


Here’s to wishing Elaine, Juan, and Mo a happy life together!

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11 Responses to Life lately: Elaine and Juan’s wedding and vegan food

  1. spectacuLAUR says:

    The vegan pasta dish looks really, really good! I love when people think vegans only eating vegetables and then they’re served all of these elaborate dishes which end up tasting good! Who would have thought? 😉

    And I will definitely be included Elmo in my wedding if he’s still around :-/ It’s not looking good, though, but I am perfectly content with being a dog lady the rest of my life! LOL

    Congratulations to the newly weds!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Your wedding surely would not be complete without Elmo bc he’s such a huge part of your life and has been through recovery and the knee surgeries with you. He’s stood by you so much that you’re lucky to have him like many are lucky to have a significant other. And I love how people send you treats for him, hehe :).

  2. Trev and I had our dog Benny at our wedding. He loved it because any time any food was dropped he got to gobble it up. They are definitely our babies =)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Definitely :). It should be that way- and see, that food wasn’t wasted :). Since the reception was inside the building (and kinda fancier), the dog was not there, but it was great for him to be in the ceremony. More couples should do that!

  3. Amy says:

    What a great wedding re-cap! It sounds like the couple did a great job to make them wedding theirs. We totally want to include our dogs in the wedding, but we are doing an out of town wedding where we must fly and leave the pups here 😦
    By the way, how much dancing were you able to pull off after that 18+ mile run and no nap?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We didn’t dance… not very many people danced. We kinda left after the dessert because I was tired and Clay’s not a fan of dancing anyway. Sometimes I can drag him on the floor to dance, like when we’re on vacation, but we were both tired and I didn’t push it ;).

  4. Weddings are so fun! Also, I totally hear you on how awesome it is to get up early in the mornings. I’m definitely a morning person, and it’s when I’m my most productive. However, the downside is that the rest of the world seems to be full of night owls, so I’m ready for bed when people want to go out and party haha.

    I’m the oldest 23 year old I know 😛

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s hard at 23 but when you’re 27 like me, it seems like people go to bed earlier. When I was 23 I was staying out a bit later too! I also think as you get older you just need more sleep, back in college I could get by on a lot less than I do now.

      It also takes a lot of sleep lately for me to recover from these workouts.

  5. Love going to weddings, always a good time! I thrive off to-do lists as well, and I make coffee way stronger than most….My one boss loves it, the other boss would prefer I made coffee flavored water…

  6. LilMysNinja says:

    I love weddings! Sounds like you had a great time.

    I agree with you on the pet part and I think it’s really cool they included their dog!

    You’re like me. If I could work with the lights off at the office, I would! Others might not like it though. Haha! That’s partly why I don’t mind staying later than quitting time. I can get so much more done after everyone else leaves!!

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