Training for a 26.2 Mile Fun Run (August 11-17)

First off, here are my posts from last week, in case you missed them:

Since the week didn’t involve traveling out of town or a husband working mandatory overtime, life and training were easier- despite the higher mileage. I have more time on my hands that lots of people who train for marathons (who have multiple jobs, jobs and school, kids, etc), but learning to juggle training with real life is as much of a journey as the run is in discovering yourself.

Now for this week’s training log. If you want to follow along, you can read weeks 12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I also log my training on DailyMile, which is a great online workout log.


If any of you have completed a marathon and have suggestions, I’d love to hear from you too. It’s not like I know what I’m doing here (For real- I have no idea what I’m doing here).

Sunday: Rest day! Our friend PJ who lives in Florence came over to visit and see our house, and we went to lunch at Ladle’s Soups, one of our favorite Charleston restaurants. Ladle’s is so delicious and I had the best grilled pimento cheese sandwich ever- good stuff.

It was great seeing PJ and catching up with him. He’s a photographer in Florence and took the photos for our wedding, plus he works at my company. I told him to tell everyone I said hi, including those people I didn’t physically get to say hi to last week when I was at corporate for training.

It was a relaxing, fun, workout-free Sunday.


Monday: My legs were really feeling Saturday’s 18, so I ran 5 miles around my neighborhood that morning at a fairly easy pace, then picked it up for the last mile to negative split the run. That afternoon, I went to yoga at East Shore and got an awesome stretch session in. Love my yoga classes!

Tuesday: I woke up at 5 to hit the track with Kindal, Katie, and Michelle as usual, but it was pouring rain out here in West Ashley, so I let them know I wouldn’t be coming.

Since I was already awake, I just went to East Shore and did a BodyPump class to get my cross training in. I had a WordPress Meetup downtown that evening, so I didn’t do a PM workout.

Wednesday: 10 miles from Mt. Pleasant, over “the bridge”, and to the Battery. It’s a five mile out and back and one of my favorite Charleston routes, because I see the water, Rainbow Row, and if it’s in port, the cruise ship (it wasn’t in port today).

Fullscreen capture 8182013 75248 AM.bmp

Thursday: 6 total miles on the treadmill at East Shore. I warmed up for a mile, then did three rounds: 4 min @ 7.5 mph, 3 min @ 8 mph, 2 min @ 8.5 mph, 1 min @ 9 mph. After that, I ran a mile at 7.5 mph (8 minute mile).

I met Virginia for dinner at Roly Poly (a wrap/salad/sandwich/soup restaurant in West Ashley) that night. We had a great time at Roly Poly, it was Virginia’s first time eating there… and her last time going there for awhile, too.


Speaking of Virginia, Baby Stella was born Friday afternoon! We joked that the Roly Poly wrap made the baby “roll on out”. I guess I should tell my other pregnant friends to go there when they get close to their due dates!

Friday: Rest day! I chilled out a lot because I knew the next day would be a personal distance record run. Clay and I went to Taste of Thai on a dinner date and then came home to watch NFL preseason. NFL preseason mostly just makes us excited for football, we watch maybe the first quarter of the games, then turn it off.


Saturday: 22 miles. I started at 5 AM with the marathon maniacs to get some early miles in (5.6 total), then at 6 AM, we swung by the parking lot to meet up with the rest of the TrySports Run Club.

Jessica, Gary and I ran 16.5 miles and stopped at our favorite Wild Dunes bar for water and talk to our favorite bartender there (we also tip her pretty well). Peggy, who works at TrySports, rode her bike to check on the runners doing long runs too, so that was a big help and good for safety purposes.

In this run, 19 of the 22 miles were below 10 minute mile pace (my goal is to always be below 10:00 mile in a super long run). 

Weekly totals: 43 miles total, 1 BodyPump class, 1 yoga class.

My next step is figuring out a pace to start at for my full. I keep most all my really long training run mileage under 10 min/mile, but I’m thinking in 6 weeks, with cooler weather, I’ll be able to start out a little faster than that. Plus, I won’t be just enjoying the run, talking, and acting crazy, like I do on my current long runs.

I’m hoping to start out closer to a 9 min/mile and see how I feel, especially since my easier runs from 5-8 miles are usually around an 8:30 pace. I don’t want to kill myself with pacing, and I don’t want to hit the wall- but I want to do the best I can since this is the only marathon I plan to run. So… any tips are totally appreciated!!

Happy training!

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21 Responses to Training for a 26.2 Mile Fun Run (August 11-17)

  1. Looks like you are really getting zoned in for the marathon. Great job! I am dreading that over the next 4 months for my Goofy Challenge in January. Loved the cat in Running shoes picture. Hilarious. Keep up the good work. Let me know your mileage next weekend. I have down for 12 miles.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not sure what my mileage is on Saturday. I think the Marine Corps Marathon training group is doing 14. Maybe I’ll do 14 too, we’ll see. I usually decide what my Saturday mileage will be on Thursday.

      Come meet up with us at the IOP Subway at 6 AM, there are people going all different distances and paces.

  2. Nerri says:

    I think I would start conservatively and see how things go … I think I definitely still had fuel left in the tank at the end of my marathon, and I still regret it! However, I think that first race of any distance is always a bit of a test … I don’t know if this will really be your ONLY marathon 😉 Wishful thinking on my part??

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I get the chance (err… *money*) to run a Disney race or Marine Corps, I’d do that.

      There aren’t many marathons in SC, although there are more than there used to be. I like how I can do a 5K or 10K whenever I want to, and how I can stay in half marathon shape year round.

      I like racing, and with marathon training, I have to do long runs on Saturdays rather than race. That’s actually the perk of an early Fall marathon, I’m not missing out on races to train for this since Charleston doesn’t have ’em this time of year.

  3. Jenny says:

    43 miles. Wow. I’m just amazed at all the running blogs I ‘m reading today. Makes me want to go out and do more than my typical 6 miles per week. LOL. Keep up the great work, and your dress at the dinner is super cute!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks for the dress compliment- I was actually at a friend’s wedding (that I’ll recap later this week in another post).

      As far as running 43 miles, I’ve been running consistently for almost 3 years now, so I’ve built myself up to it gradually. There was a time when I ran 6-10 miles per week, and I am training for a marathon, so I don’t plan to consistently run high mileage once this is over (probably go back down to 30ish a week which is where I was before).

      Good luck with your training!

  4. genext13 says:

    I do not remember if I had already commented on your training but it looks like you are taking care of cross as well as miles. You do not need high miles to train for a marathon. The key is to include tempo and interval runs during the week. It does not hurt to get used to the long miles (mentally more than physically) but the long runs are not necessary. Come race day you trust your training and just allow yoursel to flow with the crowds. Born to Run by Chris McDougall, 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon by Dave Kuehls, and Marathon by Jeff Galloway are excellent books on running. They provide information on technique, training schedules, diet, and a lot about the mental side.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, cross training IS training. Lifting and yoga help me prepare for the marathon just as much as running does. Running is a full body sport, and your mind is a part of your body :).

      The 22 will be my longest. The plan the Marine Corps Marathon training group I train with is using has 22 as the longest, so I decided that would be my longest too! I figure another 18-20 on a Saturday, then some shorter long runs, and I should be solid.

  5. 22 miles! Awesome, girl!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. I hope to get in one more 18-20 miler, then I’ll taper :). I’m also doing a half marathon September 7, so that will basically be my long but fast long run!

  6. Hey Amy! It looks like you are succeeding very well in your training! Do you have a date set up for the actual race, or is the process still in the making?
    That’s great that you and Clay met up with PJ. I remember you mentioning him a few times. Has he done any other special photography moments for you and Clay, besides your wedding?
    Ladles reminds me of Schlotzsky’s in Springfield, MO. Yum. It was right across the college campus. I would love to go back to Missouri and eat at all my favorite eateries again. 🙂
    I loved reading about your 90s tour getaway! That was awesome how you won the tickets from reading the newspaper. One question though… did Smashmouth sing “All Star”?? To this day when someone says “Hey now!”, I think of that song.
    Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yep, they played All Star. I don’t think they could do a concert without playing that. One of their best songs (even if the radio play was outrageous at the time).

      Ladles is about 100 times better than Schlotzsky’s :). Basically because the soups are homemade and not just shipped in from it being a huge chain.

      PJ did our engagement AND wedding photos- and if we needed pictures again, we would use him. He’s also the official event photographer for my company.

      The marathon is Sept. 28, so 6 weeks to go!

  7. that cat run a marathon picture was cute lol.

    hats off to you for your training so far. I know you will do great next month 🙂 *shakes pom poms*

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I love how you don’t use your real name when you comment, hehe :).

      I’m looking forward to running and being done with the marathon, mostly! I know I will feel accomplished when it’s done, but I will definitely be taking a few days off running.

  8. allieksmith says:

    Nice training week!

    And you’re right, in a few weeks I think you’ll be able to start out faster with the crisp air! Or at least cooler air 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m definitely ready for slightly cooler temperatures! It won’t be THAT much cooler on September 28, but a little bit, at least. I figure if I can run these paces in the intense heat, I should be able to run them, plus 4.2 more miles, on Sept. 28.

  9. Amy says:

    Nice training! I think your fun run will be just fine! I hope you are already planning your post-run food celebrations, too!
    I love football, too! I am so excited tonight to watch the Steelers (I grew up in Pittsburgh-its in my blood) even though it is just pre-season. A few years ago I ran a fall marathon and did all of my long runs on Sundays and made sure I was up early to finish 3+ hours of running before the 1:00 games started (at 11 am here). It made for busy Sundays for sure (and part of the reason why I chose not to do long runs on Sundays this training cycle).

  10. I love workout free Sundays! My long runs are usually on Saturdays so I am more likely to relax on Sundays. 🙂 Awesome job on your miles! That’s amazing! :)) Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m inspired from reading all these blogs to go back to my regular running routines.
    I’m excited for FALL Season! I love running in cool weather. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I used to do my long run on Sundays when I lived in Florence. Then again, most of my Florence friends did races on Saturday, and I didn’t have many friends who did really long runs anyway. I think down south, it’s more of a Saturday thing because most all the marathons and half marathons are on Saturday here due to church. My friends from other states have races on Sunday, we don’t have that here. I’m fine with it but it would feel kinda weird.

      I like doing my long run on Saturday then going out to lunch with Clay after the run sometimes. It just makes for a good Saturday! Plus, I too relax on Sundays.

  11. LilMysNinja says:

    I enjoy reading your training recaps. I’m behind on reading them, but I’m trying to catch up! Which also reminds me that I’m behind on logging my stuff in Dailymile! But them again, I keep a spreadsheet of my runs so at least I’m tracking it somewhere!

    I always see people running on the battery. It makes me a little jealous since I don’t a comparable view. It’s beautiful there.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is quite beautiful. I’ve only run there a few times. Seems like when people here i live in Charleston, they think I run the battery or the bridge often. Sometimes I do… but most of my runs are in my subdivision (conveniently located 20 minutes from downtown).

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