Frog Fuel Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone! Clay and I went out for Thai food tonight, and now that I’m full and relaxed, I’m hitting the bed soon to get some rest before my long run.

But, before I do, I drew a winner for the Frog Fuel giveaway. I exported the comments to Excel and removed mine (where I reply to you guys). There were 12 total entries, and I used to pick the winner.


And our giveaway winner is none other than my Florence running buddy, Colea Coker! Here’s the entry that won the contest:


Congratulations to Colea! She and I ran many races together back when I lived in Florence, and I can’t wait to see her on September 28 when I run my 26.2 Mile Fun Run in Darlington.

Here we are, sandwiching Britton and Laura, at the Florence Museum 5K in November 2010. Throwback shot!

Picture 161

Colea, I will contact you this weekend about sending your prize.

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One Response to Frog Fuel Giveaway Winner

  1. Colea says:

    Thank you so much, Amy. I can’t wait to get and try my prize!!

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