Smells like team spirit and running partners

On Wednesday night, the TrySports Mt. Pleasant Ambassador team had a bowling social at The Alley. Located downtown on Upper King Street, The Alley is the closest you can get to a Dave and Buster’s without leaving Charleston. There’s 8 lanes of retro bowling, arcade games, skee ball, a full bar, and a food menu. In traditional Charleston style, the menu is pretty gourmet for a bowling alley- think braised pork belly and French bread pizzas, rather than nachos with glowing cheese or over buttered popcorn.


Not all of our team members made it out, but it was neat seeing those who did and hanging out. It’s not often we hang out looking like real human beings instead of sweaty, hot, post-run (or post-bike, post-swim, post-triathlon) messes. Turns out, we clean up quite nicely.


When I started running, I never thought of it as a team sport- at least outside of the high school/college level. That’s probably what drew me to it- it was all my hard work, and success didn’t depend on others who may or may not have put in 100% effort. In the past year, my mindset’s changed dramatically. Since I started training for half marathons, and especially now in my training for my 26.2 mile fun run- I depend on my “team”. Sure, it’s my body that I’m fueling, hydrating, and my legs that are running- but I couldn’t do it without my training partners.


We distract each other on long runs, keep track of mileage when someone’s watch dies, offer up whatever gatorade or gels we have in our cars post-run, take walk breaks when someone’s hurting, and patiently wait outside porta-johns when digestive disasters occur. I’ve also found a great group of girls to do speedwork with on Tuesday mornings. Kindal, Katie, Michelle and I meet to run at the track and it’s always a great workout; this week’s was 400s and 800s. It’s hard to see results in the summer heat and humidity (and no races!), but we’ll run like unleashed animals this Fall. And we’ll be thankful for those intense workouts where we pushed each other (thanks Kindal for the pic).


I’ll toe the start line alone on September 28, when my training partners have a few weeks to go until their marathons, but I can’t help but believe they’ll be with me in spirit. Even when we race, we run together- celebrating our victories and encouraging each other through the tough times. The miles forge the friendships, and the friendships last longer than the times on the finish clock.


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11 Responses to Smells like team spirit and running partners

  1. spectacuLAUR says:

    I’m so glad you found such a great group of people to run with during the summer days! If I start running, I really want to find a group of people to run with because I was always a solo runner. I think it would be nice to have support, safety, and a person to talk to during longer runs! And hearing this from you makes me realize it’s well worth it! 😀

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks :). Yeah, it kinda worked out that like 4 people in my run club are training for MCM, and now we have some people training for Kiawah and Charleston. Plus we have a few ultra runners who are always running like 20 miles- ultra runners are usually pretty good long run partners, needless to say.

      Safety is also a big concern especially when it’s hot out. I feel a lot less nervous going into these long runs of distances I haven’t run before knowing I have someone else with me.

  2. P.J. says:

    My sister started running with a group while training for a fall marathon last summer and she PR’d by almost 20 minutes! She swears by the notion that her running group helped push her to the next level.

    I still run alone mostly, but I have a defacto running “group” which consists of a couple friends I email a day or two before a long run to ask if they’re up for a run on Saturday/Sunday. Some days they are, some days they aren’t.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I definitely think it pushes you in speed. If I’m running alone, especially on a long run, I would stop more, take walk breaks, etc. When you’re with others you can’t always do that, or maybe they don’t do that. Running with the group, I was running with faster people which gave me an advantage come race day.

  3. I’m excited to join the group run tomorrow morning! I definitely need some distractions to get my 10 miles in!

  4. Sounds like a great time bowling! Yes, I can’t wait to see the beast unleashed this fall from those speed workouts!

  5. I wish I had training partners! Awesome that you’ve found such a great group. 🙂

  6. wish I had a training partner! Unfortuantly most training sessions (for any sport) are in the evenings or early morning. Maybe one day when Andrew is bigger I can venture out on my own haha

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah definitely, all of ours are evening or really early. I do agree it’s hard for single parents- at least most gyms have childcare, and run clubs can’t really offer that.

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