Training for a 26.2 Mile Fun Run (July 14-20)

Here’s this week’s training log for my journey toward the 26.2 Mile Fun Run. If you want to follow along, you can read weeks 12, 3, and 4. I also log my training on DailyMile, which is a great online workout log.


So, so, true.

Also… if any of you have actually trained for and completed a marathon, I’d love your feedback. I’m always up for trying new workouts and ideas.

July 14: Off. After running the Midnight Half Marathon (which will be recapped this week- I promise!), my knee hurt a little so I just took the day off.

July 15: Cross training day! My friend Liz invited me to her BodyPump class, which she team taught with Will and Melanie, who also teach/train at East Shore. I usually don’t make it to her class since it’s during the day but made a special exception this time. I love when East Shore does team-teaching because someone goes around and helps with form- it’s a great way to make sure you’re lifting correctly and don’t get hurt.


I also did yoga that night at East Shore. There’s a new teacher there named Stacey and she changes the class up a lot. We used blocks and props a lot- those are never a sign of weakness because you can get a slightly different stretch using them than without. I love Stacey’s class and am kinda sad I can’t make it this week! Sure wish East Shore had yoga every night!

July 16: 5 miles of speedwork with Katie and Kindal and a new friend Brittany that morning. We ran 200 repeats, jogged the rest of the way around the track, and started again. 5 miles total with warmup included. Tough workout but we managed to keep them all under 50.

That evening I went to TrySports for a “gel tasting event” (haha) and ran 5.25 miles with a super speedy Mt. Pleasant Track Club kid named Collin! Obviously we can’t let children run around Mt. Pleasant alone so Gary, Nicole, and I, being a little faster, ran with him.

Well, Collin kicked our butts! Turns out he ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K in 43 minutes last year- yikes! When the run ended, we thanked him for slowing down to run with us. Speaking of us, here’s a picture of some of the adults after the gel tasting.


July 17: 12 miles on the bike at East Shore to cross train.

July 18: 7.3 treadmill miles. I set my alarm for morning run club at 6 AM but my body just wanted to sleep! This run was 1500 repeats with one minute recovery.

July 19: Rest day! I went to Blackbeard’s Cove amusement park with some friends. We rode go-karts and played putt-putt golf. It’s a pirate-themed amusement park in North Mt. Pleasant and lots of fun. We had a coupon for cheap passes. It’s a neat place and they have fun murals painted on the wall like this one.


July 20: 17.16 miles with TrySports Run Club. The Marine Corps Marathon training group was running 14 and another friend, Cathy, wanted to do 3 miles before to get in some miles at 5:30, so we ran a 5K and then met up with the 14-ers. We had a great pace going, most of our miles were below 10 minutes but we did take a few breaks for water, gels, potty, etc.

Our training run was super fun with lots of inside jokes and chatter- pretty sure the training runs will be more fun than the actual race itself when everyone runs alone. I’m thinking some of us may just do our 26.2 mile fun run on Sept. 28 together as a group for kicks, though.

After the group run, I headed to TrySports and got a new tank top and some chocolate Hammer Gel to try on next Saturday’s run.


My friend Peggy who works there gave me with a long run schedule for the next few weeks too. It’s not really a plan, but now that I know what mileage we’re doing each Saturday at run club, it’ll help me plan my group long runs better.

Weekly totals: 34.71 running miles, 12 cycle miles, 1 BodyPump class, 1 yoga class.

I only ran three days this week, but Tuesday was a doubles day so I still hit pretty high mileage. I’m normally not a doubles runner, but it’s good to train my legs to run when tired, and I really wanted to attend the gel taste testing. I didn’t plan to run 5.25 *hard* miles that night, but I’m sure I’ll be thankful for Collin pushing us so hard when I do my actual race.

Posts from last week (in case you missed them):

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16 Responses to Training for a 26.2 Mile Fun Run (July 14-20)

  1. Nerri says:

    hahaha I love that first someecard. I was telling my friend last night that I can run for hours but ask me to sit in a chair for hours and I want to fall over and die. Can’t do it!

  2. Jen says:

    Great week 🙂 Is this your first marathon? The thing I always tell my runners is make the workouts count and don’t overdo the running. Long runs are key and speed and hills will be beneficial. I am training for marathon 23 and find y best races come after focused training with quality runs v high mileage of “junk”.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah- this is my first full!

      I am with you- instead of doing a bunch of junk miles and running a lot and wearing myself out, I’d rather do 4 quality runs per week (one being long run, one being speedwork) and cross training. I feel like if I ran 5-6 days a week, with the distance being longer, my running would get sloppy and I’d be too tired to really put 100% into the workouts. My cross training isn’t “easy” either because I do BodyPump, a weights class.

      Also, I guess it would make a big difference if I had a time goal in mind, but I really don’t. I just want to complete the full. So, I only want to run enough miles, and quality miles, to complete it without injury.

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Looks like a solid training week- nice job!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more about the patience e-card! I’ve completed multiple 10-mile runs on the treadmill, but waiting in traffic or in line drives me insane!

  5. OMG that Ecard about finding nothing and then EVERYTHING at athletic store is so ME! My collection of athletic stuff is enough to clothe and gear up a 3rd world country!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, when I moved here one of my dressers broke in the move. I had to go out and buy a new dresser and the only thing in it is workout clothes pretty much. It doesn’t help that I work from home now so really, all I wear is t-shirts and shorts anyway… I can easily justify buying more workout clothes over anything else because the workout clothes actually get worn.

  6. Caitlin says:

    i have 0 patience for running OR waiting in line at walmart for 5 min 😛 but i know many who relate to that someecard! i just love weight-lifting classes; i take one at my gym called group power. it’s the same concept as body pump, just owned by a diff company. in fact i’m going today and i can’t wait!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, one of the gyms I went to occasionally in Florence had Group Power. There are several variations of the class but with different names… either way, it’s always a very fun class and a great workout :).

  7. Brennan says:

    I, too, love the eCard about wanting to buy everything at the running store. If only I had expendable income!!! Great job on the training this week! You are doing so well!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yup, sometimes I wish i had an unlimited shopping spree to TrySports… I would definitely stock up with some shoes, socks, shorts, and shirts :). Probably a good thing they don’t offer a credit card to that store…

  8. Great week. It is smart that you are listening to your body and taking rest days when needed.
    I am also still amazed at how much you can do on the treadmill.
    I myself am a bit behind. I only did 8 this week and all my MCM friends did 14 just like your group. I’m trying to build up slowly and it is frustrating.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I definitely take rest days! I run pretty hard when I do run, so gotta rest and recover from those workouts. Otherwise, I can’t run hard the next workout and won’t have a good run. You still have a lot of time before MCM so I wouldn’t worry too much about managing 8 miles. It would be better for you to train less than to up the mileage too much and not be able to do MCM. MCM is a big race so even if you had to walk some of it or run slower, you’ll have things to look at and crowd support so you can just enjoy it.

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