Independence Day Celebration and Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I hope all my American readers had a wonderful July 4 holiday and my Canadian readers had a Happy Canada Day.

With the 4th occurring on Wednesday, lots of people- like my husband- had today off to extend it to a long weekend. I didn’t have Friday off, but since I work from home, it wasn’t so bad. I work early in the morning and Clay slept in, so by the time he was up and moving, I only had a few hours of work left.

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We celebrated yesterday with a big cookout and party at our house. It was our first time having so many people over for a big event, so we spent Thursday afternoon getting the lawn and house cleaned up. You have to clean your house top to bottom before you have guests, and when the party’s over, you have to clean it top to bottom again- but it’s worth it and a good excuse to keep the house clean.

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Since I’m a member of the website, I got to host the party with free products from Udi’s Gluten Free. At, you can apply to host parties with your friends to promote events, brands, and new products.

While I’m not on a gluten free diet, I’m always up to try new products and I can imagine what it must be like for someone who’s allergic to gluten to attend a potluck or cookout and have limited options. I’m (mostly) vegetarian, so this happens to me sometimes too, and if you know someone who’s sensitive to gluten, or you want to avoid it, this a great option.

Udi’s buns fit in really well with the summer trend of cookouts, and Clay loves to grill, so I was excited to be chosen as a host. House Party provided us with free coupons for the hot dog and hamburger buns, and I also gave out party favors from the House Party’s party pack.


Fortunately, the rain held off so Clay could play with his favorite toy and grill enough hamburgers and hot dogs for all 24 of us- seriously, this was the biggest get together we’ve hosted.


The Udi’s buns are a bit thick, so they absorb the juices from burgers and hot dogs pretty well. They have lots of fiber and are filling, too, so it’s a good option for anyone who avoids gluten but wants to enjoy a burger or hot dog with the bun.


Along with the meat (and my veggie burger), we had guests bring sides.





I’m pretty shoddy at cooking, so I baked some patriotic cake mix cookies, let Clay handle the grill, and enjoyed the macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, cucumber salad, and all the desserts. Our friends know how to do it big when it comes to food- especially desserts.


What’s more American than pie?


A lot of Clay’s gaming friends came, along with a few of our friends who we hadn’t seen in awhile- so it was fun to catch up with people and meet new friends. A lot of our friends are in the Air Force or Navy, so everyone had somewhere to spend the holiday and grill out if they didn’t want to be alone (or wanted to grill but live in an apartment complex).






We all had a great time at the party and the weather was good, minus a very short-lived rain shower. It’s been raining off and on all day, every day lately here! Since the weather was nice, we all watched our neighborhood’s fireworks display that night too- one of our neighbors spends thousands on fireworks each year and puts on a huge display from his house near the pool.

We didn’t even have to travel to see fireworks this year- I knew this neighborhood was a great choice.

Now… I want to share the party with you guys by hosting a giveaway. I have *five* free Udi’s Gluten Free product coupons left from the party, and I want to give them away to a lucky reader.

The coupons are for free products, so you can take them to your local grocer to score some free bread, buns, bagels, muffins, cookies, or granola. You can view the complete list of Udi’s Gluten Free products here.

To enter, just answer this question in your comment: What’s your favorite condiment or topping for burgers or hot dogs?

This is a quick giveaway and ends on Monday, July 8… so get those entries in, and I’ll pick a random winner sometime that afternoon. Good luck and happy weekend!

The Udi’s Free Product Coupons and Party Pack were provided by, as I was chosen to host the party after an application process. All opinions are my own and I’m not being compensated for hosting this party or giveaway- I’m just being generous!

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40 Responses to Independence Day Celebration and Giveaway!

  1. Krystal Davis says:

    Lettuce and tomato

  2. Is Cloe Slaw a condiment? Because that’s my answer 🙂

    Okay, okay- then mustard.

    Glad the party was a success! It’s always hard for me to find things at parties being that I am gluten-free 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yes, cold slaw is definitely a condiment… well, a burger topping. I hope you had a great meal on July 4 despite trying to find things to eat at parties.

  3. genext13 says:

    For me, fresh guacamole is the best. Sometimes I also like to put on a bleu cheese dressing with red chili sauce for a hot wings taste.

  4. Favorite topping for a burger… avocado! Can’t go wrong, it’s by far the best. Followed by a thick Charleston tomato slice! Looks like a great time

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Avocado is delicious and the tomatoes here can’t be beat… I loved tomatoes before moving here but there’s something about it when you buy them from a roadside stand or farmer’s market here in Charleston… especially near John’s Island where we live!

  5. delores byrd says:


  6. Dill relish is the best condiment.

  7. I didn’t know you were big on the gluten free thing! I have to say, udi’s has the best tasting of the gluten free breads. especially their wraps. I saw your tweet this morning about leftover food in the fridge,I would kill for that! I really really would. boo living alone. I have to say I love my ketchup and mustard combo

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, I’m not gluten free, although I do like a few gluten free products (particularly the immaulate cookie dough). I’m always looking for healthy alternatives and I do try to limit gluten sometimes, I’ve noticed if I eat a bunch of wheat-heavy foods, I feel tired and hazy (let’s just say breakfast out just doesn’t work out for me much anymore).

      I haven’t had their wraps but that sounds good… I like wraps :).

  8. spectacuLAUR says:

    I would definitely take the freebies even if I weren’t gluten free. Why not, right?! Lol. My favorite condiment on a hot dog is spicy mustard, onions, and ketchup 😀 I’m glad you had a great fourth with friends! I think it’s always the best to get free neighborhood fireworks shows considering I definitely watched them through the television!

  9. Mustard. Absolutely no doubt about it. Yellow or spicy, but not sweet. Good for you for sharing your new home with friends!

  10. Pickles are a must! Mustard though is my favorite

  11. jeksca says:

    Ketchup. I like to keep it simple!

  12. shadowdancerx says:

    are pickles a condiment? I love those on burgers. for hot dogs I just love relish on them. I’m sort of a pickle fiend.

  13. Kristin Chipley says:

    Favorite hot dog condiment: cheddar cheese. Burger: pickles 🙂

    Hope I win! Gluten free food gets expensive for those of us with Celiacs (or gluten intolerance) 🙂

  14. 🙂 I’m glad that you had a great Fourth of July and having your first party in your new beautiful home! 🙂 I’ve never really intentionally buy gluten free, but I see it on a lot of packages at the grocery store so I thought I would answer your question.
    Favorite condiments on my burger: Is Chips a condiment??? LOL! How bout I just tell ya how I build my burger… lol… Cheese, chips, ketchup, honey mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and baked beans. LOL
    Hot dog: Classic…. Ketchup and mustard and cheese! 🙂

    Have a great rest of your weekend!!!


  15. R Musick says:

    homemade pimento cheese on hamburgers is a great condiment!

  16. Sounds like a great way to celebrate July 4th! Awesome that you could see fireworks from your place 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yes it was great. We live at least 10 miles away from anything like a fireworks display (10 miles ish from downtown) so it was great not to have to drive!

  17. Aja Frost says:

    definitely mustard! yummy

  18. monica says:

    Very nice looking party!!!! 🙂

  19. Pam says:

    My favorite would have to be grilled mushrooms & onions.

  20. Debbie Cheek says:

    I’ve experienced some new toppings over the last month and it is pimento cheese for hamburgers and bacon for hot dogs (the new Sonic pretzel dog).

  21. Brianna says:

    Grilled onions and mushrooms are my favorite toppings!

  22. Peg Leum says:

    I love some good homemade chili and coleslaw on burgers and dogs but to really spice it up I like to add some Palmetto Cheese brand pimento cheese 🙂

  23. Pingback: Udi’s Gluten Free Giveaway Winner | The Tiny Terror

  24. LilMysNinja says:

    So much yummy looking food!!! Looks like you had a blast. Glad you enjoyed your 4th! I wasn’t smart enough to take that Friday off and by the time I realized it, half the department had already scheduled it so it was too late. Oh well. It was rather quiet in the office though. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I always liked working on the days when hardly anyone was in the office :). I usually got a lot done on those days!

      • LilMysNinja says:

        Definitely! That’s part of the reason I sometimes stay about a half hour after quitting time. No phones and no people stopping by to talk or ask questions. That’s when I get the most emails answered!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Hehe, that’s why I always went to work at 7:30 when I worked in the office- I got so much done before people came in… and I loved that little amount of time when I could work when the lights were still off!

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