Training for a 26.2 mile fun run (June 16-22)

I’ve seen Hollie, David, and a few others do training recap posts when training for a specific race, so I decided I would join in to hold myself accountable and open up my training to you guys. Not saying the training I do will work for you by making you a faster or stronger runner… sometimes I wonder if it’s even doing that for me.

As always, I am not a certified coach, personal trainer, or professional. However, when I coached youth track in Florence, an 8-year-old said I was the “Boss of the 1500”. Surely that counts for something, right?

June 16: 1 hour community (donation) class at Yoga House of Charleston. I pretty much swear by my weekly yoga. Not only is it a nice balance, but I feel like it keeps me injury free. Plus, the instructors at the Yoga House know their stuff.

June 17: 7.55 mile treadmill run at East Shore. Warmed up with 1 mile (10 minutes), followed by 4 hard minutes, 1 easy/recovery minute. Finished it off with a bit over a mile of cooling down. I run on my lunch hour and watch the Food Network. Alton Brown’s show and Unwrapped (hosted by Marc Summers… the Double Dare guy for you 90s kids out there) are my faves.

I also went to BodyPump that night.

June 18: 4.5 miles around the neighborhood, including a fast 5k (23:48). It rained the night before and felt great outside, less humidity. I wanted to make it to run club, but was scared it was still raining or storming in Mt. P. It wasn’t, but at least I got my run in here in the neighborhood.

June 19: BodyPump. I didn’t stay for the whole class because the last tracks are leg workouts and I wanted fresh(er) legs for the run the next day.

June 20: 5.5 run club miles in the Mt. Pleasant Old Village (8:12/mile average pace). I ran with Thijs and Ed and then just Ed- it was another great morning for a run. I definitely need to eat a bigger dinner the night before (if I plan to run more than 3-4 miles) or either eat something before leaving the house; I could feel the lack of energy at mile 4 and definitely slowed down a bit.


June 21: Rest day Friday! I went to Ladies’ Night at Fleet Feet with Virginia. We ate cupcakes and got facials. Fun times! The facial mask and green shirt make me look like Shrek!


June 22: I ran 14.5 miles with my friend David and two of his friends, Joanna and Tasha, who work at MUSC and are doctors (at least that makes us feel safe running because they know what to do if there’s a medical emergency. David did a virtual half marathon for Diabetes research, and after the cupcake I ate the night before, I feel like he was funding our futures.


We ran run/walk intervals which worked out really well- I wasn’t super wiped out after the run. We also did a 1/2 mile cooldown walk. Average pace for the run was 10:21/mile, which includes the walk breaks. This was a personal distance record for me- my longest run before this was 13.6 miles.

Weekly totals: 32 miles running, 2 BodyPump classes, 1 yoga class.

I feel really good about my training last week- it was a heavier week of running but I’m still pretty motivated to get out there. This week, I’ll do some harder workouts at the beginning of the week, then go easy on Thursday since the Isle of Palms Beach Run 10K is Saturday.

Happy Workouts!

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8 Responses to Training for a 26.2 mile fun run (June 16-22)

  1. Sounds like a fantastic week of training!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! It’s going, trying to build mileage slowly, but definitely cross training a lot in there. I can’t “just run”… I will get hurt if I don’t lift and do yoga!

  2. Haha I’m pretty sure one cupcake isn’t going to give you Diabetes!

  3. Wow-sounds like a great week and congrats on the 14+ mile run! I love to do yoga and weight stuff, but I generally do it on my own (I’m too cheap for classes!) but I feel like classes would hold me much more accountable. Definitely start focusing on the slow easy runs, too while you are building mileage. That helps so much to have a an easy 10+min/miles 5-6 mile run during the week. Save the speed for tempo and track sessions.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the yoga house classes are free on Sunday. My gym offers a few yoga classes each week, but the times either don’t work for me or it’s taught by an instructor who I really don’t care for (I liked the last girl who taught there, but she moved away and they replaced her with a girl who has little personality). Plus BodyPump is included in my gym membership- thank goodness.

      I actually don’t mind running slower or doing run/walk breaks. That helped a lot. I didn’t run on Sunday but felt like I could’ve. I recovered a LOT quicker which is important when you have to train 5-6 days a week.

  4. Steph says:

    Nice! It sounds like you’re on the right track! =) Enjoy all those PDRs while you can!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, yeah the personal distance records are kinda exciting. I think it really pumped me up, I’m feeling a little more confident about this whole 26.2 mile fun run now. Definitely more confident than I felt a few weeks ago.

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