Downtown sugar highs and laying low

In the spirit of a beautiful summer day, Nadine and I ventured to downtown Charleston on Thursday for some fun. With the breeze and great temps, it was a beautiful evening to walk around and see what was going on. I love going downtown because you always find something new or fun that you didn’t notice the last time you were there, and it’s neat to people watch.

Picture 127

We hit Sweet CeCe’s for some frozen yogurt; it’s one of those self-service frozen yogurt places. The frozen yogurt was pretty good because frozen yogurt is like pizza and even when it’s not the best, it’s still pretty good. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit again, but I’ll offer some other suggestions. If you visit Charleston, there are MUCH better desserts on Market Street- like Kaminsky’s or Kilwin’s– and much better frozen yogurt joints downtown- like FreshBerry.

All of the yogurts and toppings came out really fast, the bar had hardly any fruit toppings, and the fruit that was there looked like something off the day-old discounted rack. So, I settled for mostly chocolate and candy toppings. Diabetus in a bowl.


The shop itself was pretty cozy and nicely decorated, and I have to admire them for sharing their frozen yogurt with the community. Participate in a summer reading program? You get a coupon for a free frozen yogurt. Give blood? You get a coupon for a free frozen yogurt. Notice a trend here… I had a coupon from a race packet at the Mom’s Run 5K.


We enjoyed our yogurt and moved right along to our next sugar high at It’s Sugar, which is beside the Moon Pie General Store on South Market Street. It’s Sugar is one of those ridiculous tourist-trap candy stores where you go to buy a party-sized rice krispy treat, the world’s largest Twizzler, or hard marshmallows you don’t have to pick out of cereal.


It’s pretty new to Charleston, but I’ve visited their stores in Grand Cayman and Myrtle Beach. The one here happens to have a big display of Nerds memorabilia, which I love because I’m a nerd and I’m married to a nerd.


Yes, talk nerdy to us- and yay for random strangers who were willing to take our picture outside the store. By the way, if you spot someone with a super nice, photographer quality SLR camera, always ask them for a picture. Not only will you get a great picture, but you can feel reasonably confident they won’t run off with your $100 point-and-shoot camera.


After paying a few bucks to free my car from the confines of the garage, we headed back to my place to lay low and test out the new furniture Clay and I bought new furniture earlier this week.

You really can’t beat buying secondhand furniture from a neighbor who’s downsizing and willing to deliver the furniture with his truck- considering I drive a 2-door Accord and Clay drives a 4-door Civic. We bought two recliners and a cute little table to go between them, and we also got a new kitchen table and wicker chairs.


The leather recliners are pretty amazing and you can fall asleep in them. Clay put them in his office and all we need now is a TV or something to go up there so we can lay in the chairs for football season in a couple months. Go Gamecocks!

I hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying their weekend! I’m running 13 miles with friend and fellow blogger David, DoomBuggy Runner, who’s participating in a virtual race for Diabetes (how ironic that his FroYo loving friend is joining him for this particular virtual race…). I’m also planning to catch up with some friends and spend some quality time with Clay, who’s doing a bike ride for charity on Saturday morning.

Catch up with you guys later Smile.

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22 Responses to Downtown sugar highs and laying low

  1. um that candy store has my name all over it! haha I was actually the kid who would only eat the marshmallows of lucky charms not the cereal

  2. Awesome post. Just as we discussed during the run today it is all for the sweets! Thanks for running this morning with me. I really appreciate it. Look forward to more runs together in the future! I am going to have to go check out It’s Sugar one day at lunch! If I walk there from work, and walk back, I will make calorie space available!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, it was too expensive for us to purchase anything! But, the next time you walk to the Moon Pie store (much cheaper candy there), Kaminsky’s, or Kilwin’s, it’s right there. It’s definitely worth going in and checking out… or if you want specialty candy. But if you just want a normal sized candy, head to the convenience store, Walmart, or grocery store where it is half the price!

  3. spectacuLAUR says:

    I hate when frozen yogurt or ice cream places have fruit which looks like it has been sitting for HOURS. It’s kind of gross and I would have went for the diabetes toppings, as well! Nothing like a good sugar high to keep you walking through town! Lol. I hope you have a great 13 miler and a nice weekend, Amy! And I always look for taller people to take pictures of me out and about with friends so I don’t get any awkward angles! LOL

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, that fruit looked pretty sad on the bar. Some places will slice it fresh for you or give you a fresh banana for it if you ask, and I really like that. I usually go for the junkier toppings (lol) but it looks bad on the place to have anything out that isn’t fresh. Then again maybe not many customers that day wanted fruit…

  4. Wow-sounds like a nice and busy weekend ahead for you. That would have all been too much sugar for me. I try to balance my fro yo out with fruit, but some days I gotta go with the junk, esp when the fruit does not look appealing. Then I usually crave something more salty than more candy! Ha-but fun to go look around and see what is available.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, we didn’t actually get any candy at the store- just the froyo- but it was kind of a sugar overload! I have a major sweet tooth and love desserts, that’s my downfall.

  5. silkandtofu says:

    That frozen yogurt looks delicious! It’s one of my favorite treats and there are so many self-serve frozen yogurt places here on Long Island. They are super pricey though especially when they give you a huge cup and you don’t realize how much your actually putting inside. It is a nice treat though and I try and get the best deals too buy clipping out coupons! I myself am a fan of chocolate and candy topppings! I skip the fruit and go straight for the candy! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have a ton of self-serve places here too… there’s one that isn’t self-serve though, and I really like it a lot because it limits you from going crazy on the toppings and seems super clean. I do wish more of them would give smaller cups- I know froyo isn’t quite as bad for you as ice cream, but I still want a smaller portion (this place had huge cups, but the yogurt also came out of the dispenser insanely fast).

      I got one of those Explore Your City coupon books and it has tons of buy one get one free froyo coupons. You should look into those! It’s like $10 for the book but using 3-4 coupons, it pays for itself.

  6. Steph says:

    EAT ALL THE CANDY! Haha =)

  7. I hope the run went well for you Amy! I think at this point you are done with it?? So yes, I hope it went splendidly 🙂
    That’s too bad that froyo place was subpar… though I think you made the best of it! Your choices of mostly chocolate are my kind of froyo concoctions! Oh and the pizza comparison is so true!
    I adore candy stores like that. A touristy thing for sure, but I am all over them whenever I see one. there is actually a new candy store coming to my town sometime later this summer and I’m pretty psyched to see the world’s largest… (fill in the blank) candy! Hopefully it will be a huge sour watermelon or something. Nommmm

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah I did the run yesterday, but forgot to post this blog before I left for it. We ran 14.5 miles and walked 1/2 mile to cool down. I recovered well and am going to yoga today, back to training tomorrow. Very pleased with my long run.

      You’ll really love the store when it comes to your city. It’s just a fun place to visit even if you don’t purchase anything!

  8. I love frozen yogurt!
    Those chairs do look pretty comfy!
    And I have been to the Moon Pie store, but I have not been to that candy store, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go… because I am ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE that eats the marshmallows out of the lucky charms and doesn’t eat the rest 😉

    Hope you have a great week!


    • Amy Lauren says:

      The candy store is brand new. I mean, it literally opened in the last 2 months- so it’s okay that you hadn’t been. I live here and this was the first time I’d been there. I actually like the Moon Pie store a lot more because they have many of the same candies with much more reasonable prices (for downtown Charleston) and a cute little ice cream/hot dog bar inside.

      It’s Sugar is more of a tourist dive, Moon Pie General Store is a tourist place where you actually buy stuff. I got Clay a bacon Christmas ornament from there for Christmas las year, hehe.

      Those marshmallows were pretty cool looking… it’s a better deal than buying the cereal and picking them out, lol.

  9. Sounds like a great time! I love candy stores! I am picky about frozen yogurt, the best in my book is TCBY and the one in the Whole Foods shopping center! Yum.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The one by Whole Foods, Tutti Frutti, has vegan (soy) froyo too. This one didn’t- which didn’t matter so much to me since I’m not vegan, but Tutti Frutti does- they have more flavor varieties too.

  10. allieksmith says:

    I’m loving all of the sugar in this post! WOOO! “Diabetus in a bowl”…. I was cracking up at that!

  11. what a great day! I know that andrew would have loved to be on your day trip haha. that boy loves his sugar

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