Spartan Race Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone! The Spartan Race Giveaway has ended, and I used Rafflecopter to pick a winner. The giveaway had over 80 entries, and I appreciate everyone who entered and shared the giveaway.

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for! The winner is….

Entry #61- Jessica!


Jessica lives here in Charleston and blogs at RunBlah, so you should check her blog out. I have seen her at several local races here and am wishing her a great comeback this Fall!

Face it, everyone stops reading results posts unless they won, and normally I wouldn’t elaborate over the winner, but her winning comment was pretty interesting and I wanted to share:


Let’s hope Jessica has a better outcome with this race!

Congratulations Jessica, and thanks everyone for entering. If you did not win and would like to register, use this link to receive 15% off any qualifying race.

I hope to host another giveaway soon, so be on the lookout and happy running!

If you’d like to host a giveaway or have your product reviewed on, contact me via e-mail using the button on the sidebar. Thanks!

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