Blogger meetups, pushup challenge, and more weekend fun

Hey everyone and happy Monday!

I had a pretty fun, low-key weekend, even though it started super early on Saturday morning with a run on the West Ashley Greenway. Jason, Jim, Gary, and I ran 10 miles and it actually felt like June outside- hot and humid! It was really fun though, the TrySports Mt. Pleasant Run Club decided to change it up and run in West Ashley on Saturday morning, rather than the Isle of Palms like usual.

Running with the TrySports group and a change of scenery are always fun, and my average pace was only about 10 seconds per mile more than what it was last Saturday, when it was beautiful outside. I was pretty proud of myself. 


I got a little faster toward the end just so I could finish and hit Normandy Farms Bakery with everyone for post-run treats. Note to self… bring an extra shirt next time so you don’t have to worry about sweating all over the baked goods in Normandy Farms


After leaving the bakery, I headed home to shower and clean up so I could meet Nerri for lunch. Nerri writes the La Petite Runner blog and was in Charleston visiting a friend who performs in the Spoleto Art Festival.

We ended up at East Bay Deli for lunch, then topped it off with frozen yogurt at FreshBerry in Downtown Charleston. FreshBerry is great because it’s not self-serve frozen yogurt so it seems… cleaner. Also you’re not as tempted to load your frozen yogurt down with 57382045 different types of cereal- of course, I did load my vanilla frozen yogurt down with Heath bar and wet walnuts, my favorites.


Meeting up with Nerri was super fun. It’s one thing to read someone’s blog and know you have a lot in common but then you meet them and it’s confirmed, and that’s what happened. We’re both super short (hence our blogs are called The Tiny Terror and La Petite Runner), we have almost identical 10K PRs, and we are both involved with gyms called Fitness World Gym. Funny how the gym isn’t a chain, but the town where she lives in NC just happens to have a Fitness World Gym just like Florence does.


It was so much fun having lunch and walking around downtown Charleston, she had a really great time visiting and it makes me happy when people visit my city, love it, and say happy things. You can read her trip recap here.

On Saturday afternoon, Clay’s parents visited so we hung out with them for a bit. We were both pretty wiped out because he helped a friend move that morning and I was exhausted from the 10 miles. It’s amazing how worn out running in the heat makes me, and it didn’t help that I woke up at 5:45 to run. I spent most of the evening reading and went to bed at like 10:00. Old lady status over here.

We spent Sunday at Walmart and Lowes doing home shopping, and Clay mowed the lawn and weed-eated (weed-ate? Who knows…?), but for Sunday night’s dinner, we made a pizza with the pizza sauce, cheese, and dough we got on sale at Earth Fare last week.


Earth Fare is a healthy grocery store chain down South, and they have delicious food, tons of bulk items, and incredible sales. Last week’s deal-of-the-week was dough, sauce, and cheese for $3 total. Considering the cheese alone retails for over $5, it’s a steal to just buy all three things. He made the pizza in a cast-iron pan- yay for extra iron intake for this borderline anemic girly- and we added tons of fresh veggies to it.


I thought it was really tasty. Clay said it “wasn’t bad”- guess he’s a little critical of his cooking sometimes, though.

My run club from Florence (Fitness World Run Club) has started hosting monthly challenges to get and keep people motivated to run, work out, and live healthy lifestyles. Last month’s challenge was a “streak challenge” (At least 2 miles of running or walking per day, for 30 days), and I didn’t participate due to moving and not wanting to run each day.

30 day challenges always remind me of the Morgan Spurlock show, 30 Days. Anyone remember that (or him?). It came on FX a few summers ago when I was in college.


Fortunately, the June challenge is a lot simpler but very broad… change up your workouts and try something new. After much thought and deliberation on Sunday night, I found a push up challenge on Pinterest, and that’s what I will attempt this month.

Since I started training for half marathons, I lost a lot of upper body strength. When coaching cross country and track last year, I always demonstrated how to do proper push ups… to the boys! Lately in BodyPump, I find myself doing more and more pushups on my knees, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I want to do a few on my toes.

Here’s the challenge if you’re interested, too. I am going for the intermediate challenge and will do as many on my toes as possible, so wish me luck!

                                                                               Source: Uploaded by user via Amy on Pinterest


Also, don’t forget to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway if you’re interested in winning a free entry to a Spartan Race. The giveaway ends on Friday, and right now the odds are looking pretty good as there’s around 50 entries.

Q1.) Are you a fan of self-serve frozen yogurt, or would you rather have someone else make and top your ice cream or frozen yogurt for you? I think after visiting FreshBerry, I’d rather have someone else make mine. I guess if I’m paying for dessert out, I’d rather not do it myself.

Q2.) Have you ever participated in a 30 day challenge of any type? This will actually be my first fitness related one, but I have done 30 Days of Thanks challenges during the month of November before.

Q3.) What’s your favorite pizza topping? We are partial to pretty much all veggies, but I love tomatoes…

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11 Responses to Blogger meetups, pushup challenge, and more weekend fun

  1. Now that you mention that self-serve fro yo doesn’t seem clean, I see it, but I have never thought of that before! When I was in Monterey a few weeks ago, we went to 2 different fro yo places: one self-serve and one not. I was disappointed with the lack of options at the not self serve place, but it seemed a lot less overwhelming and less tempting to do it the second way. I still like self-serve because of the experience.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the first time I went to a self-serve bar, I was in love. Just like you, it was so fun putting the toppings on- and I guess if you only want a tiny bit of toppings, or you want a ton of one thing, maybe it’s a good deal. But some of the ones here have a lot of kids hanging around and people put the little spoons in the wrong toppings, syrups, etc. They do try to keep them clean, but if it’s busy there’s only so much they can do.

      Also… freshberry was probably about right on the prices. I think our cups would have been about the same price at a self-serve place… or more. They don’t tell you that those toppings are like hidden weight!

  2. Nerri says:

    Those pizzas look amazing! I totally watched a few episodes of 30 days on Netflix – love me some Morgan Spurlock.

    Thanks again for meeting up with me – I had such a blast!!!! I hope to see you again soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I hope so too, I should visit NC at some point so we can meet up there and you can show me around and other cool places. We really don’t get out much, lol, but I’m going downtown again tonight for a user experience conference. Fun stuff!

  3. spectacuLAUR says:

    I like wet walnuts a lot, too! I used to get them a lot as a kid! I’m definitely more of a self-serve person because I just like how I can have one of everything if I feel like it. Lol. I do get carried away sometimes, though, and the flavors don’t mesh well together. I’m glad you got to meet a fellow blogger! It’s always interesting to see/meet people in person after talking with them through the internet! My favorite pizza topping is blue cheese with onions and mushrooms. Mmm!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I love onions on pizza too, especially caramelized ones. Yummy! Some of the self-serve bars here are pretty neat too but I get carried away and end up with $10 cups of frozen yogurt, yikes!

  4. allieksmith says:

    I think the only 30 day challenge I’ve done is a question challenge from FB that I used on my blog. Each day has a question that’s sort of like a prompt to talk about whatever topic. It was a fun way to let me readers learn about me.. even though I’m boring haha!

  5. what an awesome 30 day challenge! I feel like I need something like this. put it on the frig. sometime to keep me accountable.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, we have a huge run club Facebook group so all of us are holding each other accountable and it really helps. I love the group so much and you really get close to each other online even though I don’t get to run with them as much.

  6. I have to agree with you. It was pretty hot and humid this weekend. Although my husband and I managed to finish 9 miles, we felt sooo tired after because of the heat. I felt like I was dehydrated the whole time we were running.

    OMG! That pizza looks delicious! We have Earth Fare here too. I will check out their dough and make a pizza soon too. 😉

    I had a fun filled frozen yogurt last weekend and tried both self serve and not. I think I prefer the self serve better so I can control how much I put on my cup rather than getting a fixed amount of frozen yogurt. 🙂 Sometimes they put too much and I would end up wasting it. 🙂

  7. runwkate says:

    This control freak is all over the self-serve. I wish we had a bit more fro-yo on offer here!

    I’m sorry you;re still anemic-y, but excited that you got to meet a blogger. And push-ups…right there with you in the lacking of upper body strength right now!

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