Ladies who lunch, friends visiting, and crazy election signs

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. Every weekend in Charleston is a good one because multiple events and festivals take place, but that makes it hard to know what to do. Fortunately we’ve realized that most events are annual so we can catch whatever we don’t make this year when it comes back around next year.

I love living in a city with actual things to do. Granted pretty soon we’ll be homeowners and won’t be able to afford to do much, but at least we’ll have a nice home to stay home in, right Winking smile.


I recently found a new group online (and through my friend, gym buddy, and future neighbor Liz) called Charleston Ladies who Lunch, so on Thursday, I went to their April Meetup at Zen Asian Fusion right here in West Ashley.

Six of us attended and it was fun meeting everyone, plus Zen Asian Fusion had some great lunch specials and delicious food. They have an entire lunch menu and will substitute tofu for any of the meats, so tons of vegetarian options (if you eat meat, you can get chicken, beef, or shrimp in anything, so you still have a lot of options).


The menu also had some interesting sushi dishes- I definitely look forward to going back and hope the next Charleston Ladies who Lunch is held there (if not, I trust Liz and the others to find a good restaurant because they’ve lived here a long time and know exactly where to go). My lunch was under $12 even after tax and tip so not bad at all- even had some leftovers. I had the sambal yellow curry tofu with brown rice and a salad.


After lunch, I worked more and also picked up some boxes for packing. I had a grocery store save boxes for us when their truck came in Wednesday night, but liquor store boxes are definitely the best. Obviously not many people at this grocery store have moved, because they saved us a bunch of toilet paper/paper toilet/napkin boxes… which are big and not super sturdy for heavier things. Oh well, guess I will get some more next week (Charleston has an abundance of Red Dot stores to get them from… hehe).

On Friday afternoon, my friend and coworker Carol visited. She lives in Virginia but also works remotely for ACS Technologies, and she was in Charleston for a wedding.

Carol, Clay, and I went out to Angel Oak Restaurant in John’s Island for dinner and we showed her the new house. Obviously we couldn’t show her the inside, but she liked what she saw from driving by and driving through the neighborhood. I hope she can come back and visit once we’re settled in and really see everything, plus it will be great because next time she won’t necessarily have to stay in a hotel (the advantage of four bedrooms!).


Saturday morning, I ventured to Isle of Palms and ran 10 miles with Scott and Andrew. A bunch of the run club ladies are doing the Diva Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach this weekend, so I was here to keep the guys on their toes, hehe. The first 6 miles were great, but the last 4 miles, and especially the last mile, were really, really rough! My stomach started to hurt, and I was super glad that Subway was open and no one was in their bathroom (I’ve also made a mental note to patronize that Subway next time I’m at IOP).

Running was interesting this morning because Robert found $20 on the ground (he said it’s the advantage of running slower, you can actually see the money on the ground), and Sullivan’s Island was covered in campaign signs like this one.


Proof that those of us with professional writing degrees really do have a place in this world.

Happy Saturday!

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6 Responses to Ladies who lunch, friends visiting, and crazy election signs

  1. You and your meet ups make me so jealous. i think it is great you put yourself out there like that, so much power to you!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Hehe, thanks. I kinda have to, otherwise I’d never meet anyone and would just be at home by myself all day long! Well, I am kinda by myself all day long many days, so when I get the chance to get out, I definitely do.

  2. Your friends lunch seems like LOTS of fun! 🙂 Usually if I find money on the road (if it’s not in a wallet) I buy food for the homeless with it. I’ve never had it where I actually found a wallet.
    We always get our boxes from Michaels— but then again.. Chris works there. 🙂
    Packing can always be a pain in the butt… I hated packing… Loathe packing. LOL.
    I’m sending out your “gift” this coming up week… do I send it to the place you live at now???

    Happy Saturday and have a wonderful Sunday

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My current address is fine, as we have a lease here until June and I haven’t even started any Change of Address stuff. I plan to do that after the move since we can still get mail here through June, and because there’s the chance something happens and we may not close next Friday.

      I should maybe check some of the craft stores here for boxes- I bet they would be the right size and we just had a JoAnn open down the road recently. We do have a Michael’s here though!

  3. allieksmith says:

    I love that Charleston has so much to do! It really does seem like every weekend you and Clay are up to all kinds of fun events!

  4. what a great group! I bet there is something like that here in st louis….

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