Shamrockin’ Out (Shamrock Shuffle 10K Recap)

After spectating the Catch the Leprechaun 5K on Thursday, I headed out to Summerville on Saturday morning for the Summerville Shamrock Shuffle 10K. Still feeling pretty stoked from cheering everyone on (I truly get my motivation from helping other people), I woke up super early that Saturday to fuel and drive around 20 minutes to nearby Summerville. I don’t live too far from Summerville, but I don’t get out there for many purposes other than running- it’s basically a small town where people settle if they work in Charleston but want a slower paced way of life Snail.


Since this was my first 10K since last year’s Race for Taylor (my next 10K will be May 18- this year’s Race for Taylor), I was almost guaranteed a PR unless something happened, so I knew I’d get some personal satisfaction out of the race, if nothing else. I also got to hang out with Andrew, Nicole, Ed, and official run club puppy mascot Denali- Andrew & Nicole’s puppy.


I arrived almost an hour early to stand at the TrySports Mt. Pleasant tent/table and welcome people to the race and talk to them about our store, training programs, and run club. Sometime next month, we’re branching out to a run club in Summerville, so it was neat to meet runners there and a lot of runners from West Ashley (the part of Charleston where I live) who just travelled there to race.

At the race, I met Kindal for the first time when she stopped by the tent. I’ve been reading her blog, Lifting Revolution, for a few months now- she is a really awesome runner AND teaches boot camps and lifts weights. Plus she’s a pretty great writer and right here in Charleston. She did the race as a helper for Special Olympics athletes and is doing like 6-7 races in a row each weekend, including running Color Me Radd in her wedding dress to raise money for Special Olympics. Fun stuff, and always great to meet fellow bloggers in real life In love.


My speedy friend Virginia and I hung out before the race- she lives in Summerville and knows all the great running routes. She’s taking it easy with training for races right now and paced her friend in her first 10K (the friend won an award too!). Plus she cheered for me when we’d meet along the course- always fun to have cheerleaders Party smile.


It was a beautiful day for a race, near perfect temperatures, and we had a great atmosphere- the roads were very closed off (I guess the Summerville Police was glad to have some action on a Saturday morning), there were several water stops and plenty of volunteers, and refreshments were plentiful! We’re talking Chick-Fil-A sandwiches (I brought one home for Clay), muffins, fruit, donuts, and did I mention coffee? Gotta love coffee!

Kinda ironic that the guy who dresses up as coffee actually runs for a local high school. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “runs on Dunkin”.


The 10K was basically two loops of the 5K course, minus the finish stretch, with a small detour cutting a block to make it a true 10K. The 5Kers started 5 minutes before the 10K peeps, which is usually good and keeps us 10Kers from going out too fast (I still went out too fast! Soooo hard to pace for a 10K). The course was through pretty neighborhoods downtown, lots of shade and no hills- not that we have hills in Charleston, but we do have bridges.

I drafted behind this one man almost the whole second half of the race, and he came up to me afterwards because he wanted to meet me know who the lightening-fast 13-year-old was. Kinda funny. I didn’t pass many people or negative split- but pacing for 6.2 miles is tough.

I finished the race in 48:36, just behind the man I drafted off of and another guy who had the best finish kick I’ve seen in awhile. I think 6 women finished ahead of me, including the winner (in my age group… score for her winning OA), so I won the 25-29 females and got a pretty sweet plaque. The plaque looks very Irish (like my husband), and I love it already. The overall winners got trophies, age girl first place peeps got plaques, and 2nd and 3rd place in age group got medals- the prizes were nice and all had the race name on them, nothing generic.


Con of winning a plaque at a race= Can’t wear it out to post-race dinner date night. Pretty sure I’d get some crazy looks if I set it up on the table at the restaurant, too. It’s standing in my dining room now.

My training partner and friend Ed placed in his age group and got a medal. He also placed in his age group at Catch the Leprechaun, so two races and two age group awards in only three days is pretty sweet, even if the awards announcer butchered his last name.


I’m not sure if it’s the social demographics of Summerville or if something’s in the water, but let’s just say runners there don’t lose their speed with age Ed’s age group (and all the Masters’ ones) was super tough- I hope I can run like that when I’m older! Is Summerville the retirement destination of elite runners? I don’t know!

Despite my award and new PR, I wasn’t too thrilled with my time. My 5K times have been great and so have my half times, so I’m not quite sure what’s off. 10Ks are even harder than half marathons when it comes to pacing, but I really wanted to pull off a 46-47 minute finish time to be more in line with my recent 5K times (I ran a 24:22 5k in 2 inches of standing water while stuck behind chatty teenagers a few weeks ago).

With some speedwork and a few bridge runs, I can get there on May 18, because it would be super special to PR at the Race for Taylor, since that’s a special race to me. So… onward to training to shave a couple minutes off of this!

As an athlete ambassador, I received a complimentary race entry on behalf of TrySports Mt. Pleasant; however, all opinions expressed are my own and I am especially grateful for TrySports’ support to our local races, running community, and to my own training.

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33 Responses to Shamrockin’ Out (Shamrock Shuffle 10K Recap)

  1. Congrats on first place, speedy! That is my goal time to finish a 10K in by the end of the summer!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! You are pretty fast yourself, I know you could break 50 minutes… training through the summer heat helps too, really builds up your lungs and you can go go go when it cools down!

  2. Steph says:

    Sorry that you didn’t meet your goal, but even still, that’s a strong run =) 10Ks are hard since you have to run fast like a 5k…but it’s far, haha. I hope you get it at the next one!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it is hard! If you start too fast in the first mile of a 5K, it’s only 2 more miles so you can possibly keep the speed. But a 10K, can’t hold a painful pace for 5 more miles, you know? And a half, I guess it’s drilled into your head to start off slowing because it’s a true endurance test. A 10K is speed AND endurance, not just one or the other. That makes it hard.

      It was a strong time though. I never worry too much about them, just look at having fun on race day and improving each time!

  3. Wow that sounds like such a fun run and yay for drafting. I hate being mistaken for being so young as well though I can only imagine from some of the stories you have shared. LOL, I think 10ks are the absolute hardest to pace for. They are supposedly only supposed to be 10-15 seconds slower per mile than your 5k pace but um…yeah…no….

    • Amy Lauren says:

      When you’re tiny you can draft off of almost anyone, haha.

      I understand how people mistaken you for a high school runner, even when you’re taller. When running, I do look like I’m in high school because I’m going fast, obviously zero makeup or hairstyling. You can’t really dress up with your clothes to look older when you’re wearing running clothes. Kinda makes it hard to pick off girls when you don’t know who’s in your age group either!

      My paces are all over the place! I don’t think there’s a magic number but how you’ve been training (short + fast, or long + strong) has way more to do with it!

  4. Amy Lauren,
    So TrySports is starting a running club in Summerville? This is where I live, so I would like to be involved. Keep me in the loop on this!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, we have group runs in Mt. P and occasionally around Charleston. But, that’s a little far for people to drive if they have jobs, kids, etc. I’m not sure when it will start but when it does, I’ll post about it and definitely let you know.

      There’s a pretty big demand out there for a run club, but the Y did a great job with this race and with doing a Couch to 5K program for the race. There were tons of first-time participants through their running group, it was good to see that.

      • Yep I would love a run club out in Summerville. Traveling to Mt. P 3-4x a week just wasn’t going to work for me when Try Sports set up the Run Club. I could use some run partners on that side of town. Now most weekends I am driving downtown to run with some of the docs from MUSC.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I’m not sure when the runs will meet there, but I will keep you posted as I find out details :). In fact I will probably be writing about it some here bc I don’t live too far from Summerville, so I’ll probably opt to go some days as well.

      • Awesome looking forward to it!

  5. Congrats on the place finish and a unique plaque for the win 🙂

  6. that poor dunkin donuts guy haha. Nice job lady, you rocked that race.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. Yeah I bet he would have rather run the race than have to dress like coffee, but hopefully he got paid decently and maybe a free donut or something.

  7. You did awesome! Love Pring (a word?) and it was wonderful to meet you! Let me know if you’re up for a run next Saturday morning, love to run with the group.

  8. OH wow! How cool is that! Meet fellow bloggers! I wish to meet everyone in the blogging community too! Anyone from Cincinnati, OHIO?! LOL! 🙂
    Another cool one, running in your wedding dress! What a great idea. I wish I could that too someday. Maybe a race with an exact date as our anniversary. But running in it for a cause is definitely awesome. 🙂
    I love that guy with the coffee costume. Though I think, his costume is pretty heavy to run in for 10k. How did he do?
    Congratulations AMY! You are definitely a speedy! :))

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, he didn’t run the race. He’s a high school student who runs for his school’s team, Dunkin is his part time job. It would be funny if he ran in it, though. They had the Chick-Fil-A cow there as well, they always start the races and run a few steps but that’s it.

  9. allieksmith says:

    Summerville sounds like SUCH a cute town! I love places that have a slower way of life. It’s just so relaxing!

    I totally think you should have brought your plaque out to dinner to set on the table LOL. You earned it, girl!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We ended up going out for seafood that night, and I did wear my race shirt at least. Summerville is a cute town and home prices are cheaper, but I didn’t want to live there for several reasons. The prices are tempting, but it wasn’t ever really on our radar. We really like West Ashley :).

      Summerville sorta reminds me of Florence though. Especially running there.

  10. spectacuLAUR says:

    Any race with coffee as a refreshment is a good race. lol And congrats on your finish! Even if you’re not happy with your time, hey, you got a plaque!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yup! I’m really proud of the plaque, and despite the time on the clock, I still had a fun time. Crossing the finish is only one aspect of a race anyway :).

      Some people were drinking the coffee BEFORE they raced… I don’t know how they did it. My stomach would hate me if I drank it 30 minutes before I ran!

  11. Sorry you didn’t hit the time you want but it’s still a great time! I’m trying to find a 10k to run as I haven’t done one in a year and a half; I miss them so much! You’ve inspired me to get out there!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      10Ks are *really* hard to find. This is actually one of the few 10Ks in Charleston (aside from the legendary Cooper River Bridge run). Seems like most brand-new races are themes (color, obstacle, glow, zombie) or half-marathons or 5K.

      Honestly, doing this after running a 12k, a 15k, and 3 half marathons, I’d rather do that than a 10K now. I hope you find one and train for it and do it well. I’m sure you will!

  12. Wow. I cannot believe how fast your are. I am hoping to break my 55PR and you easy zoomed in under 50. Can you carry me on your back? Does that count as a PR?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m working on the fast thing- I’m really not super fast. If I were doing the CRBR, we’d even be in the same corral with our times :).

      Gah, *zero* upper body strength here– all in the legs. I can barely lift the bar in BodyPump to get it on my back to do squats…

  13. Although you aren’t thrilled with the time, that is great you PR’d plus you know you can keep on improving from here! Don’t you love that feeling? Sounds like such a perfect day and I was definitely jealous when I saw your pictures and the fact that you are all in short-sleeve shirts! Uhh haven’t worn a short-sleeve shirt outside of the gym in months! Bring me warm weather please 🙂 That is always so cool to meet a blogger in real life and that particular blogger sounds fantastic! I Will be checking out her site after writing here 🙂
    Congrats on the overall win in the age-group too! Ha yeah, I suppose that would have been a bit odd to plant the plaque at the dinner table, but still cool to show off when ya can, quite an accomplishment! 10ks are probably my favorite distances… I hope to be able to run one again errr someday? Doh!
    Anyway, congratulations again Amy 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks for the congrats. You will be able to run again, Tessa. Just because you can’t run right now with your leg issues and nursing school doesn’t mean you’re not a runner. You’re still a runner. Just give it time :).

      I’ve mostly been running in short sleeves lately- Tuesday night I actually wore a tank top. It’s a little chillier here today and will be this weekend, so probably long sleeves but still shorts :). I’m pretty sure the running pants can be put away, gotta love the South.

      Clay usually has friends over on Thursday night, so I’m going to show them the plaque, hehe.

  14. Hey Amy! Congrats on yet another wonderful race! It looks like it’s pretty warm down there. Looks at all the sun you all are getting! That looks heart-warming.

    Hey! Speaking of coffee, I am amazed at how many kids are increasing in the coffee business. The other day at work, I had this mom & her two kids come in. Her son ordered a coffee! And when he went to fill his cup, I asked his mom, “how old is he?” And she replied, “Almost twelve!” Wow. I didn’t even know what coffee was, or what the purpose of it was, back in those days! Haha. Kids know so much now. Or so it seems.

    That plaque looks very shiny!

    Yum! We need to get more Chic-Fil-A’s around here. 🙂

  15. Kara says:

    You are so fast!! Congrats 🙂 You have such a fun little running community there, I love it! Also, Chick-Fil-A! Yum!! Haven’t had it since I was little but I remember loving it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Kara :). Yup, it is a great place to run down here. I don’t think I’m super duper fast, but I’m getting there.

      Yeah CFA is a Southern thing- come visit for a winter race or a Spring Tri one day and get some!

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