Downtown Charleston Bucket List: The Green Door

Clay took today off work, so I took an extended lunch and we went downtown for some grub and to knock a few places off our Charleston bucket list.

Downtown Charleston was exceptionally crowded today because a P&O cruise ship called in our port. I’ve never even heard of that cruise line, but the ship was from England and traveling around the East Coast, then back to England. Sounds like a pretty exotic cruise- I just thought it was neat to see a big cruise ship in port. I like big boats and I cannot lie…

Picture 110

After finding parking in a garage (it was packed… garages were full and no street/meter parking either!), our first stop was a restaurant called The Green Door. It’s a hole-in-the-wall style restaurant that evolved from a successful local food truck, Roti Rolls. Since so many people liked Roti Rolls, the chefs opened a brick and mortar restaurant downtown, which is nice because you don’t have to chase the truck and you can enjoy your meal without fear of wearing it because you’re eating on a park bench.


The restaurant was so fun! Chalkboards were everywhere with awesome drawings depicting the food truck and the farms where the food comes from. Like many Charleston eateries, Roti Rolls and The Green Door pride themselves on using local ingredients when possible.


There’s even a bubble gum bubble blowing cow in the Green Door’s family. The cow lives on a local farm. My kind of family right there!


Clay had the Buddha Bowl, which consists of rice noodles, bone marrow broth, braised beef, kimchi, roti, and egg. He also added vegetables to it and got a side of pimento cheese. I loved the pimento cheese- it had just the right amount of kick.


I had the chickpea burger, which is a chickpea patty, artisan goat cheese, salsa verde, and pickled radish on a bun. It came with a side of tots and really awesome dressing for the tots.

I loved the different ethnic influences on the food at The Green Door. Our meals had Asian, Mediterranean, and Southern influences. The restaurant can obviously serve a bigger variety than the food truck does (it still operates, don’t worry), but it also has a few of the food truck sandwiches on the menu as well.




We’re already planning to return on Tuesday for tantric tacos, plus we want to try Sunday brunch. Both of us were a little sad when we finished our meals- The Green Door is definitely one of our new favorites in Charleston.


When we left the restaurant, we walked down East Bay Street to cross another place off our Charleston bucket list- The Vegetable Bin. It’s a store that sells fresh veggies and other local products. Almost everything comes from the Lowcountry but a few things come from NC or GA, which is also cool. At least it’s not being shipped from across the country or another country, right?


It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing landmark of Charleston, but it was a neat shop. We bought some zucchini there, but if I hadn’t made a trip to the grocery store already this week, I’m sure we would’ve bought a lot more.

We had a pretty fun afternoon downtown- there are so many restaurants to try here and stores like this to visit that you can always feel like a tourist in Charleston, even if you already live here!

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26 Responses to Downtown Charleston Bucket List: The Green Door

  1. Oh how fun you have a new place to explore. I would LOVE that veggie place, regardless of what it looks like 🙂
    I lived in Maine on the coast for a couple years and there were always massive cruise ships stopping by during the summer. While it was fun, it got old real fast when the population of the little town increased tenfold for just an afternoon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have a cruise ship that ports here- the Carnival Fantasy. So, that brings tourists in for overnight stays before and after the cruise trips. But, this ship was actually bringing tourists to the town as a part of their cruise, which is a big event here. Definitely an influx of people! I can see where it would get old after awhile too if it happened every week!

      I think someone would have to be insane not to like a local produce place, but that’s just me :). Regardless of looks!

  2. Green Door is without a doubt a Charleston Gem. Go for the brunch and get the sambol fried chicken and waffle taco and a Lucky Charms adult milkshake

  3. Your burger looks so amazing! I need to make my sister take me out to eat there. She always talks about great restaurants and just atmosphere in Charleston

  4. I haven’t heard of the green door! Where is it? Looks awesome. We love the Veggie Bin, you’re right not the most gorgeous place but we buy local produce every weekend. To be honest, we get ours from Legare Farms, they set up shop at the church right beside Blessed Sacrement on 17, it’s so fresh… I love their veggies and the lady that sits there in the cold each Saturday morning is so sweet. Plus, it’s in West Ashley.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Gonna have to look into that, we live in West Ashley so it would be really easy to go there, and I know right where Blessed Sacrament is. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Nerri says:

    omg that looks amazing!!! I love food trucks and especially when they turn into a successful restaurant! both of your meals look delicious 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s really good! The restaurant is a hole in the wall and not that noticeable but they do a good job of getting the word out with Social Media, they have had several articles in paper. You should try it if you are ever in CHS.

  6. I love finding new restaurants and that looks like a really fun and interesting place!

  7. allieksmith says:

    Wowza, that ship is BIG!! My brother and his fiance just got back from a cruise today and they were actually 2 hours late into the port (Baltimore) due to huge waves that were breaking glasses and making tables fall. EEK!

    The Green Door is so cool! I would love to eat at a place like that 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oohh.. that’s crazy about the broken glass and stuff. I know the waves are a lot worse the further north you go. It is even rocky down here in Charleston when you leave port, until you get out south into the smoother waters.

  8. I have never heard of either of these places. I am so out of the Charleston Loop!

  9. Thanks for the food find! Sounds awesome and I’m going to keep my eye out!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s great- the restaurant is right on East Bay street but the truck obviously travels around CHS. If you can’t make the truck the restaurant is always there hehe! And it does serve the truck foods as well as a lot of other things.

  10. The Rotti Roll-mobile is at the MUSC Horseshoe a lot. I have never tried it. I will have to give it a shot!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should try it, they are very good. I wish I could eat food trucks more but they don’t come to my workplace. 100% of employees here would support one if it did.

      I work from home.

      • Yeah that may be difficult to get all the food trucks to come there! Who do you write for? Btw my Palmetto Bluff Half recap is up on my blog. Check it out and comment!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I work for ACS Technologies. We develop software and solutions for churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. AND… live in West Ashley outside 526- food trucks never venture out here anyway! Yay for the food truck rodeos and food truck meetups that occur, that way I can try them hehe.

      • Ah yes my church uses ACS if I recall. Northwood Baptist

  11. LilMysNinja says:

    I might have to try out The Green Door when I’m visiting! Looks cool and their food looks delish too!

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