Snow surveillance and Sunday surveys

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend, whether it included a date with your significant other (Clay and I went out for Italian Saturday night- not nearly as exciting as our Waffle House adventure), much needed rest, and time with family or friends.

Lots of my friends spent the weekend at the Myrtle Beach Marathon, but Charleston was pretty busy too with the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE- which is apparently a huge deal that people travel from all over for and I had no clue it was that big) and people looking for snow. It didn’t snow at my house (I didn’t expect it to), but Nadine got a few flakes at her house and my parents got a nice dusting.

The nice thing about snow in South Carolina is that it lasts until about afternoon, then the sun comes out and you have the promised hope of 60-70 degree temperatures in the next few days.


I didn’t feel left out about the snow, but I did pull out running pants this morning. My friend Rachael and I met at Earth Fare for 9 miles on the West Ashley Greenway and talked about home buying, her journey to Charleston moving from Philly, and my new TrySports ambassador gig. Really hoping we can get together to run again soon because she lives nearby and it’s always nice to meet new girlfriends too.

I found this survey on Tessa’s blog and decided to fill it out myself for your easy-reading enjoyment, so… enjoy! No, really. For an easy read, it took *forever* to write!

1) Valentine’s Day Candy I Love

Valentine’s Day Confession… I did not buy *any* candy this year. Pretty proud of myself.

Last week, I won a Valentine’s basket in a giveaway from Earth Fare Charleston. I always register for the door prizes when I go to Earth Fare but never expect to win, and I finally did (this is proof that someone does actually win those prizes you register for in the grocery store! It is legit!). Obviously with goodies from Earth Fare, I was able to *easily* pass up clearance deals at Target during this weekend’s trip.


The basket included organic lollipops, a box of chocolates, a chocolate candy bar, white chocolate obsession tea, raspberry yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate caramel hearts, granola, and a bottle of lotion. Of course, the basket itself is pretty beautiful too. I really like the dark and milk chocolate caramel hearts the best.

Kudos to Earth Fare Charleston for making my Valentine’s Day this year. I’m sure Clay extends the thanks because after we won this, we both decided we’d just settle for dates rather than buying each other actual gifts anyway.

2) Current Workout Jam I Love

First- I do not run with an ipod nearly as much as some people I know. I run with music when I race, when I’m on the treadmill, and when I do a long run by myself. I do race often, but I have to beat treadmill boredom somehow and I don’t do many long runs by myself because I usually do them each Saturday with my friends.

Most of my workout tunes are slightly embarrassing, I’ll admit. The music I listen to when I work out is *not* the music I listen to in the car. I actually have a fondness for country, which may be more embarrassing than my workout tunes.

I have a few playlists, like one for easy runs and one for longer, harder runs, and also one for races. My favorite songs right now are Pitbull’s “Don’t Stop the Party” and Flo Rida “I cry”.

3) Article Of Clothing I Love

With the chilly weather lately, I really like my brown cord pants from Hollister. They’re super warm but also comfy, and it’s a nice change from jeans when I go out. I can pair them with sweaters or long-sleeved shirts and stay warm and cute. I also love my jeans from American Eagle Outfitters- best jeans ever.

4) Something Red I Love

Chocolates in a red box. My coworker and friend Lisa posted this picture on Facebook earlier and I thought it was super sweet. Who wouldn’t want to share a box of chocolate labs!

5) Month I Love

October is probably my favorite month because my birthday is in October, it’s great weather for running and racing, and it’s football season. Nothing beats the ideal Saturday of running a race, placing in your age group, grilling out with the husband, followed by a Carolina Gamecocks win.

6) Piece of Advice I Love

People love to give advice, and I love to hear it. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll take the advice, but as a writer who aspired to be a journalist, I’m a student of people and like to know where they’re coming from.

When I was in college, I worked in the campus tutoring center my senior year and occasionally Dr. Blackwell, the faculty member who supervised us (err, signed the timecards we filled out ourselves) dropped by to talk to us and just chill out. I remember Blackwell telling us that you always look at life like a game of chess and *try to stay two steps ahead of your opponent (or situation)* rather than one step ahead. You have to anticipate the consequences of your actions, how that affects your opponent (or situation), that reaction, then your next reaction and it’s consequences.

I only worked there to earn some extra bucks senior year, and Blackwell and I weren’t super duper close, but somehow that little rant/random talk has stuck with me six years later and applied to many facets of life- everything from work decisions to friendships and relationships and even running and training decisions!

7) New (or old!) Blog I Love

I actually just updated my blog roll, so feel free to check it out. I added a lot of new blogs and removed some blogs from people who no longer write much or I don’t read as much or find as appealing.

Of course, the blog roll is a work in progress and I am occasionally adding new links.

8) Current Reading Material I Love

I’m actually not reading anything seriously right now, but I’ve checked out a few cookbooks from the library lately. The best book I read on my vacation in November was Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick. Yes, it’s technically a young adult book, but it’s a quick and easy read and very powerful. It’s one of the books I was sad to finish, and I think she did a great job writing it, especially writing from the point of view of a young male and the experience of Iraq.

9) A Memory I Love

Pretty much all the memories I have with my grandma, who passed away in 2005. Here’s our last picture together, but here’s what I wrote about her for Grandparents Day in 2010.


10) Chickflick I Love

Hmmm… I really like Comedy movies the best, but Mean Girls is hilarious and has tons of crazy humor and meme-worthy quotes.

11) A Special Place in the World I Love

My desk in the corner at my parents’ house. As a baby, it’s where my crib was located, and as a young child, my toy box and dollhouse were there. When I got my first computer in 8th grade, that’s where we put it, and I think my parents knew that would be the last piece of “Amy” in that corner before I moved out. And yes, I went through a bit of a “dark” phrase in high school.


My mom even says she reminisces a lot looking at it and thinking of how much I sat at my computer and wrote and learned about techie things. I guess in that sense, it was my first work desk as a professional writer- it was where I learned my craft, which would eventually become my living.

It’s where the magic happened.

12) Beauty Product I Love

I’m really loving the Lemon Vanilla lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works. I also like the Victoria’s Secret scents.

And I love hair dye. I dye my hair, y’all. The last time I dyed it, I actually did it during a 15 minute morning break from work. Work at home fun.

13) Nifty Website I Love

That’s pretty hard to narrow down. I have websites I like to use as tools for work (techie stuff), writing websites, running and training websites, and of course websites that are just *fun* without any purpose in the world.

My latest guilty pleasure is the You Had One Job meme website. My friend Caitlyn posted it on Facebook and I spent so much time flipping through the images. Basically it’s how people mess up every day things on their jobs. Here’s a peek:

14) A Beautiful Blog Post I Love

It’s hard for me to pick one favorite, but here’s a fairly recent one that moved me emotionally but I also feel like is well-written. It’s last year’s Race for Taylor Recap and Reflections. I plan to do the race each year and am passing up another 10K just so I can PR for Taylor.

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14 Responses to Snow surveillance and Sunday surveys

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I did this survey Friday and its so fun 🙂 I love learning about bloggers. I’ve never heard of that website but I think I know how I’ll be procrastinating tonight!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I remember reading yours too, Alex also did it and some other bloggers I read so I figured it was my turn to finally join in.

      You will spend a ton of time on that site and laugh like crazy so be prepared!

  2. i still remember the first time it snowed at school, all the southerns were bat shit crazy saying they had never seen snow before.. and we were in VA so it was only a slight dusting. Hilarious. I didn’t buy any Vday candy either this year… sad.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s really true- a lot of people here haven’t ever seen a “real” snowfall. Now, a lot of people in Charleston moved here from elsewhere and came here because they didn’t like the snow, but I’ve only experience a few “real snows” in my life myself. It is crazy how people react here though, even living here all my life I will say that people overreact big time!

  3. I woudl have to come play with those chocolate labs all the time! Puppies. Ahhhh……

  4. As I just tweeted I just went through your blog roll and decided to start reading the money saving couponing…oh my stars you have created an animal…LOL. Anyways, that snow picture still describes how I feel up here.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Sounds good to me! Yeah there are tons of couponing and money saving blogs out there, even some that mostly deal with healthier foods. Just proves you can eat reasonably healthy without going into debt at Whole Paycheck. Or you can save on the unhealthier foods we all know and love and splurge on too (like the Peanut Butter Crunch cereal I got today at Target… kinda excited about that lol).

  5. I died laughing with your snow graphic! I live in the south but grew up in the north so I totally get it. And I’m pretty partial to October as well; it’s both my and my hubby’s bday month.

  6. haha I might feel that way about snow too. I love it, but then Im ready for warm weather haha

  7. allieksmith says:

    This survey is too cute! I can’t believe you didn’t get any snow! Did you get any yet this year?! It feels like Pittsburgh gets a dusting every single day. I’d give anything to be in SC!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Bah, your comment went to spam so I had to rescue it. We got no snow this year. I don’t think we will (it’s almost March). Florence usually got a little dusting once a year, but not Charleston. I don’t mind so much but I guess it would be nice to travel somewhere to see snow…

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