Ashley Ridge Fox Trot 5K recap and food truck fun

Good morning, happy Sunday, and happy Super Bowl Sunday! Any big Super Bowl Sunday plans? Football or commercials?

I think we’re mostly watching commercials, hanging out, and enjoying Morgana’s new SodaStream machine, but I am pulling for the Baltimore Ravens this year. I like the colors and the guy from the movie The Blind Side (Michael Oher) plays for them, and I love that movie. In fact, I watched it last night lying on my couch and eating soup. Perfect Saturday night! Bowl

Yesterday, I drove out to Summerville to run the Ashley Ridge High School Fox Trot 5K race. My friends Belinda and Greg from Carolina Running Company were timing it, and since it’s only a 15 minute drive, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run a 5K for a good cause and see them. I always supported their races in Florence, and they’re super inspirational, strong people.

The Fox Trot 5K was a small race and the proceeds went to the sports program of your choice at ARHS (of course I checked that I wanted mine to go to the cross country runners Bunny). The small-town races like this remind me of Florence races because you could arrive only 20 minutes early, get your run in for the day, and you knew your money went to a good cause.

Plus, all the organizers are super thankful you’re doing their race, so braving the 30 degree start was worth it!


Something pretty funny happened to me at the race. I looked for a bathroom near the start, and not all of the school entrances were open. I found a door from the outside that was open and went inside- it was a locker room (okay, this works). I turned the corner and figured out it was a men’s locker room, so I walked into the school hallway and across the hall to the women’s, which was locked.

Getting close to start time and not wanting to roam the school, I walked back outside to the other entrance of the men’s room and went into the stall. Well… coming out of the stall, there was a man in there at the urinal. Oops! I kinda freaked out, insisted I wasn’t looking, and ran out of the bathroom to the start Embarrassed smile.

The race course was 3 loops around the Ashley Ridge High campus, which was pretty neat because you passed the finish twice so you could see your splits at (almost) the mile marks. Plus, you always knew where you were going, no signs to follow, and no getting lost. I met up with my friend Virginia at the start, and since she’s a little faster than me, I set a goal to see her for as much of the race as I could (unfortunately with a loop course, this didn’t exactly work out, but we both did really well).

The Chick-Fil-A cow greeted us at the start and we were off… my first mile split was just under a 7 min/mile- I always go out pretty fast, but I guess that’s not a horrible thing. Sure wish I could keep that pace up though! My mile two split was more around an 8 minute mile, but I picked it up a bit on the third mile to finish in 22:54.

Not too bad considering I ran a half marathon and a 15K in the past two weeks. It was pretty awesome having Greg and Belinda yell out my name at each split (big plus to knowing the race timing company). All the organizers at the finish were cheering for people on each lap- it was really fun Party smile.

Oh, and did I mention really delicious refreshments at the end? I had a cheesecake Kolache pastry from Kingston’s Pizza and Café and it was delicious- really light but a perfect post-race breakfast with a cup of coffee. They gave out coupons and menus and I can’t wait to try their pizza- really neat to meet owners of local businesses when you go to a race and are still relatively new in town.


I won first in my age group (20-29) and Virginia won first in hers as well. For a small race, there were some pretty fast runners! We got pretty cool medals with the race name engraved on the back.

I talked to B&G for a little while before leaving, then headed home for more coffee and a shower since we had big plans (another plus of small races: race started at 8, I was home by 9:45). Clay’s friend Jeffery met up with us and we headed downtown for the Charleston Food Truck Festival. We met up with Liz, Doug, Mitesh, and Damien for a bit and braved the long lines and slightly chilly wind Nyah-Nyah.


Twelve trucks lined Marion Square, but Jeffery, Clay, and I decided to go for Vietnamese Bahn-Mi sandwiches from the AutoBahn Food Truck. I had the curry fried tofu sandwich, and it was delicious- my first time having a Bahn-Mi sandwich, but definitely not my last time. I liked the crunchy slaw on it and the pepper mayo, and I devoured the entire sandwich. Good stuff.


We walked around downtown Charleston a bit then headed home. The guys went to a gaming event last night and I stayed in, laid on the couch, and watched TV- yep, that’s how I like to spend Saturday night.

I’m up and stirring around this morning, but I plan to go for a run a little later, then Clay and I are going over to our friend Morgana’s this afternoon for a Super Bowl party. Maybe I’ll bake some more cookies for the party too and print out some decorations. Have a great day!

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22 Responses to Ashley Ridge Fox Trot 5K recap and food truck fun

  1. food trucks are huge in dc but I have yet to go to one. darn. I only watch the superbowl for the commercials too, best part for sure. No party for me though, I will be working today

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should try one! The grilled cheese one here will do a gluten-free bread grilled cheese. I had it once, just because I like trying the gluten free stuff sometimes even though I’m not celiac, and it was delicious. Plus most food trucks use local produce and ingredients when possible which I am obviously all for :). We also have some here that are just desserts, it’s a really neat concept.

  2. pickyrunner says:

    I’ve never been to a food truck either (like Alex) but they’re everywhere! We always make plans to go to them and it just never works out! Congrats on the race. I’m not going to watch the superbowl but my friend is coming over to make dinner.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      There’s tons of them here, but they usually go downtown or to MtP or Avondale, I live in the ‘burbs so we have to go to them too. But if you ever get a chance you should try one, it’s a huge thing here.

  3. LOL, did I miss something or wasn’t this a race recap post mostly? Anyways enough of that so I don’t get myself into too much trouble.

    That time is really impressive for the amount you have been racing. I’ve read somewhere that it takes 2 complete weeks to recover from a half marathon and probably 2/3rds of that for a 15k. If I remember correctly (I hope so), you felt somewhat tired during your half marathon but had an extremely good 15k? Anyways, your training is really paying off.

    The food truck festival looks interesting which some great products. I’ve started eating a lot of local foods myself. No big super bowl plans for me, but I’m fine with it. I’ve really enjoyed just relaxing this weekend!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, yeah this is the official recap :). But I wanted to share the food truck stuff too since we did that yesterday!

      Normally I wouldn’t do 3 races 3 weekends straight, but no way was I missing this race :). I’m actually kinda glad the half wasn’t 100% because I was able to recover quickly for the 15K and this race. I’ve also taken a lot of complete days off lately so that my legs aren’t too dead for the races. I’ve taken every Friday and Sunday off for the past month or so until today, and it seems like that’s worked out well for me!

      • Yeah for real! I totally understand adding the food truck to it, I was just extremely amused that you were focused on such a dynamo race and added the food truck and that was mainly what other commentors honed in on…ANYWAYS. I’m glad your training is going so well though

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Haha, nah it’s totally okay if people would rather talk about food than running… most people would… especially most runners because that’s what we think about when we’re not running ;).

        I actually race a lot… but eating from a food truck, that’s a pretty rare thing for me. Haha.

  4. Nice job speedy! Sounds like a great race!

    And I laughed at the restroom story. I got one for you, I was at the Orlando Airport coming home and walked into the women’s bathroom, waiting for a stall to open, when out walked a man from the stall, only to encounter three women in the restroom! He immediately apologized and was totally embarrassed, and everyone in the bathroom burst out laughing! I couldn’t help it, it so was funny! I never expected that obviously!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha! That’s so crazy in an airport… especially a man in the ladies room. I’ve definitely heard of women in the men’s room, since ladies room lines can sometimes be ridiculously long. But a man in the ladies room is a new one on me, bet he was super embarrassed.

      Glad you think I’m speedy… I’m working on it. Trying to do speedwork weekly and I think it’s helping.

  5. Nerri says:

    Yum I love banh-mi! Congrats on the great race 🙂 tiny but speedy!

  6. runwkate says:

    Nicely done! I’m with Hollie – that’s tricky to pull off after some long races. Congrats…and a well earned brekkie!

  7. Wow great job winning your age group for a shorter race after you;ve done so many longer ones.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly :). Yeah, I’m back to just doing Saturday long runs with TrySports for awhile now, which isn’t a bad thing bc I missed them this Saturday. Racing gets pricey!

  8. I didn’t know the guy from the blind side plays for them! I am so glad andrew and I were cheering for him 🙂 Great job on your race! My goal this year is to race more for a cause.

  9. Hey Amy! Glad that things are going well. Nah, I don’t do Super Bowl usually. I did go away on a retreat this weekend though. It was fun! But it was over on Sunday afternoon, just in time for the ladies who did have S.B. plans. Haha.

    Yeah, one of the laundromats here in town, that I’m gradually distancing myself from (since it’s so dirty and more & more machines are breaking!) has had a Women’s Restroom that’s been OUT of order since September? October? Well, maintenance is HORRIBLE there. So, when I do need to go there (since the prices are good), I use the men’s room, but I bring sanitizer with me since there hasn’t been soap in the dispenser, since I don’t know when. Ahhhh! But like I said, I’m switching to a new laundromat. It’s brighter. cleaner. safer (there’s cameras in the place, which is nice!). And both bathrooms work and have soap! Haha. And the newer one I’ve been going to is more expensive, but well worth it.

    I’ve been reading your posts lately. Congrats on keeping up with the races! I’m amazed that you’re up to 15K and half marathons now. You’re good!

    You know, we need to get food trucks in Ohio (or more, if they’re already here!), even if it is really wintery right now. It’d be a good business, and it’d be convenient, especially since I live in a town where there’s a lot of errands run and all. But maybe those things are only good for bigger cities, which I’m definitely not living in. 😦

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Food trucks are definitely good for cities- my husband’s job used to have them come, and it was helpful because the employees had to drive off site for lunch and driving here can take awhile if you get stuck in traffic. It kept employees at the office, safe and off the roads, and also let them take a shorter lunch and get off early. Even in the winter, we usually have nice weather here so they keep operating, but in the summer I can’t imagine how they do it in those small trucks with the burners/ovens etc on.

      I would definitely find a new laundromat! Safety is the main thing, who cares if it’s a dollar or two more? We had a really nice one back in Florence that had free wifi, nice bathroom, decorated all pretty, etc. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment though, but when that nice one opened people liked it even though it cost a little more. It was all about the customer experience, I guess.

  10. P says:

    22:54 5k?! That is AWESOME considering I run ~ 10:00 mi, (9:20-9:24/mi race pace).
    The Food Truck festival sounds like a great way to refuel!

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