Date night fun: Model homes and Mexican food

Our latest date nights have involved touring model homes or riding around neighborhoods looking at homes we find for sale online. It’s a good way to scope out the local housing market and learn your way around the Charleston area (after getting lost a couple times).

We toured a model home in a nearby neighborhood the other day. We liked the neighborhood itself and some of the other floor plans, but the model home’s plan definitely wasn’t what we were looking for. What do you do when you’re stuck touring a model home- you take goofy pictures, of course! Camera

I’ve noticed in the model homes we’ve visited, the master bedroom always has glasses of wine in bed- do homeowners really drink wine each night before bed? None of the apartments I looked at had wine in the master bedroom, and we don’t drink before bed. I guess it’s not for us lowly renters (or maybe the stress from buying and owning a home drives people to drink?).


Proof I don’t drink: I don’t actually know how to hold a wine glass. Martini glass

While I was enjoying my fake wine, Clay made himself at home in one of the upstairs guest bedrooms.


I’m not even sure what was in the bowl beside Clay, but I guess I need to find out before we buy a home and invite any guests over, so I know what to serve them in bed.

Besides, who needs an unidentifiable bedtime snack? On the stove, I found the largest lobsters I’ve ever seen.


Housewarming party, anyone? Plate

We also hit a new Mexican restaurant, Mex 1 Coastal Cantina. It opened a few weeks ago, and when I found the review and menu on Yelp, I immediately wanted to go. It seemed like a local, hometown, version of a Chipotle (same West Coast style Mexican food, which isn’t easy to find in the Lowcountry).

Mex 1 was so much better because it had seafood options as well. You could get tacos, salads, baja bowls, or quesadillas. Both of us opted for tacos, which you could mix and match because the price was for a single taco. They served us chips and salsa as soon as we walked in, and the salsa was delicious too.

Clay had the Baja Fish, Carnitas, and Carne Asada tacos.


I tried the Shroomers Taco and the Santos Shrimp taco. The waitress was super nice and even let me substitute for corn tortillas instead of wheat. The black bean salsa on the Santos Shrimp was delicious.


When I want to look like a technical writer or a nerdy librarian, I wear my glasses Just kidding.

Both of us really liked how light the tacos were- he ate three tacos and I ate two, but neither of us left with a food-induced coma from tons of tomato sauce or cheese. I think we’ve found our new #1 Mexican restaurant now!

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20 Responses to Date night fun: Model homes and Mexican food

  1. allieksmith says:

    Hey pretty lady! This post toally cracked me up! Especially the pictures of you and Clay in the homes, hahaha. But in all seriousness, if you have any real estate questions, let me know. My parents are both agents and my dad is a broker. It seems like all they talk about is real estate LOL. They’re always willing to give honest advice about housing questions!

    Also, I’m glad you liked the tacos and found a new favorite Mexican restaurant!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ll have to keep that in mind, actually. Especially because your parents are realtors and in a completely other area/state/region. Sometimes I think people here might just tell you what you want to hear to make a sale, you know.

      Tacos are super delicious, and they didn’t bother my stomach at all either!

  2. Steph says:

    OMGs, now I really want some tacos.

    Maybe you should write a post on tips for looking for a house! =)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I might have to do that, once we actually find a house we like and buy it and all that jazz. Right now we’re in the very early stages like figuring out what we want.

  3. MMMMM. That looks like such a fun time and I love Mexican. If I ever come visit that area, I know we are going LOL.

  4. model homes are hilarious, I get a kick out of them.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah me too… I like to look at how cool they’re decorated too. Some of the neighborhoods I think want to attract people from out of town so they put a big Charleston flavor/flare in the decor.

  5. how exciting about house hunting!

  6. Ahh what a fun time Amy, you two are just hilarious I was laughing while reading 🙂 And oh heyyy those tacos are looking mighty tasty! House hunting must be great, I wish you the best of luck in the process!

  7. pickyrunner says:

    Did you change the name of your domain?! It didn’t come up in my reader! House hunting is SO MUCH FUN. I did the same thing with my best friend and her mom last year while we were looking at townhouses to buy and we found some really strange things from cherubs on ceilings to baby jesuses next to the beds… it was so entertaining.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh these are just model homes- I know if we tour a home that’s actually lived in, we’ll find some craziness, LOL! There’s tons of guidelines out there of how you should keep your house and what you should put away before people tour it, but I don’t think all homeowners trying to sell listen, lol.

      Yeah- I did change my domain, so be sure to add to your reader 🙂

  8. Those model homes are too funny–I love the giant fake lobsters!

    Good luck on your house hunting, I know it can be a huge ordeal. My family just moved six months ago but it was a long process finding just the right house within our price range. It can be fun looking at all the different houses for sale though.

  9. That huge lobster is ridiculous.
    Plus, I am Googling that Mexican place right now.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We should go, it’s really awesome. You will like it, a lot of healthy options and good variety. Not too pricey either, the tacos are like $3 each and two of them are pretty filling.

  10. chasingthekenyans says:

    You guys are too funny in the model homes! I will have to start having my glass of wine before bed too apparently…

  11. YUM! Mexican is my total fav. Will have to remember this one.

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