Cupcakes, carb loading, and the Charleston marathon expo

Hey guys and Happy Friday!

After an amazing night of sleep last night, I woke up this morning and worked until 2. Clay’s been sick lately, so I’ve slept in the guest room/office some this week. Fortunately he’s feeling much better now and I didn’t catch whatever he had (a really bad cold), but unfortunately, I did not get the best sleep ever this week.

Nadine came over this afternoon and we headed to the Charleston Marathon expo downtown. I am running the half marathon and she is running the Shrimp and Grits 5K, her first (and hopefully first of many) 5Ks.


We got our shirts and bibs, took some pictures, looked around, but didn’t make any purchases. I actually love the race shirt and didn’t feel like I needed to buy another shirt there. My shirt is an XS, women’s cut, long sleeved, and actually fits. I can’t wait until after the race when I can wear it in public- because no one wants to be “that person” wearing the race shirt at the race. Yeah, like wearing your band’s shirt to the concert- just don’t do it.


The proceeds from the marathon, half-marathon, and 5k go to benefit art programs in schools, which is definitely a cause I’m passionate about since I was in band in high school- and my high school unfortunately no longer has a band. The expo was full of art from local schools and it was awesome. I bet those kids are super stoked to have their art showcased at the expo, and there will be bands, singers, and cheerleaders on the course tomorrow. Pretty exciting!


We also got some quality pre-race noms with pizza at YourPie. So delicious. Brick oven pizza is one of my favorite meals for the night before a big run or race.


Last thing- I’m in a contest for work, so I’m sporting my t-shirt along with my half marathon bib and my cupcake. Today, we had a Sweet celebration in the office to celebrate reaching client goals, complete with cookies and cupcakes. Since I work from home and unfortunately can’t partake in the goodies with my coworkers, Nadine and I got cupcakes and I took a picture with mine to enter in our company’s Sweet celebration contest.

So, if you wanna help a girly out, here’s how:

1.) Click here.
2.) On the page that opens (my company’s Facebook page), scroll to the bottom of the photo.
3.) Click Like. You have to like the picture on my company’s actual page for it to count as a contest vote.

And if you want to add me as a friend on Facebook, be my guest!


Let’s go Charleston runners!

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20 Responses to Cupcakes, carb loading, and the Charleston marathon expo

  1. Brittany says:

    Hahaha so true about wearing the shirt to the race. Once my boyfriend and I joked at a 5K race that all the newbies wearing their race tshirts were going to be the ones struggling. At the end of the race one of those newbies was on the ground with an ambulance and we never spoke like that again! In all reality though, you just DON’T wear the shirt until you’ve earned it! Good luck!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks for reading and responding for the first time! Yeah, you never want to wear anything brand new on race day, whether it’s something you got at the expo or the race shirt.

      I guess it’s one thing in a 5K, but definitely not a half or full. Who knows, it might ride up really bad or something? That would be a sucky 13.1 miles. But I soooo look forward to wearing it on my first training run AFTER the race!

      That’s so sad the person ended up in an ambulance at the 5K! I’ve never been at a race where someone was taken away like that (although I’ve been at a race where it was 100+ degrees and a few people came close).

  2. pickyrunner says:

    Good luck! I never a race shirt either. Total noob move haha but it sounds like the perfect pre-race meal to me! Pizza and cupcakes are staples in my diet these days 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I ate the whole pizza and it was delicious- it was a late lunch/early dinner for me. I had a few bites of the cupcake, and Clay had the rest. I actually opted for frozen yogurt instead because I eat it pretty much every night. Cupcakes are good but give me a crazy sugar high :).

  3. I am with you, I never wear the race shirt to the race, i feel like it is almost jinxing myself. Good luck!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it might jinx me if I wore it. Plus, I want to wear it to dinner tomorrow night (a bunch of us are going out) with my medal so I think that will work out better anyway!

  4. chasingthekenyans says:

    Cupcake – yum!
    Charleston marathon – hope to do the half one day. Look forward to your recap.
    Clay – glad he’s feeling better! Nothing like sleeping where you work though 😉
    Vote – I “voted” / liked your pic. Looks like you’re ahead by a landslide! I would have friended you but for some reason the Add Friend button wasn’t showing up on my phone. Or it’s late and I’m not reading well…

  5. Hollie says:

    I’ve found that pizza is really good in my system before a half marathon as well. I don’t know-I think it is just easily digested and I know a lot of runners that do it. (that sounds like some sort of cult). I liked your company and photo and as far as I see you are winning! Good luck!

  6. Good luck Amy!! I never wear a race shirt to the actual race, I definitely think it brings bad luck and I am majorly superstitious at times 🙂 And holy cow, that pizza basically looks perfect!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I would think bad luck too, or that it was an understood rule of running, but a lot of people wore the shirts and a lot of the people who wore them did REALLY well so I’m guessing they were veteran runners. A 5K you expect to see a lot of people wearing the race shirt but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of half and full people wearing them.

  7. Hi! New reader here. I’ve never met another Amy I don’t like so I am sure we are going to be good blog friends (jk). Good luck at the half! I never get why people wear their race shirts on the day of the race. Isn’t it like a golden marathon (or half) rule to never race in something you haven’t worn before?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Rule or not, I’m not trying a new shirt out on race day, LOL. But I do love my shirt and actually bought another one this morning after the race because they had some with a slightly different design on the back that were on sale for $5. so I’ll be doing a lot of runs in my Charleston Marathon shirts!

  8. allieksmith says:

    I’m glad that you didn’t get the sickness that Clay had! That wouldn’t have been fun at all and I totally would have slept in another room to avoid getting sick, too! Your cupcakes looks delish!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh definitely, him being sick was stressful enough much less if we were both sick AND I had a race coming up. Fortunately he is a lot better now. I think he is close to 100% now and even went over to a friend’s today to play games (which says a lot bc we did a lot of hanging around the house last week…)

  9. Good luck on your race! That pizza looks delicious and so does that cupcake. When I eventually get around to doing a race myself, I’ll remember that tip about the t-shirt 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you for commenting :). Both the pizza and the cupcake were delicious. Yeah, big thing with running a race is not wearing something new on race day, even if it is an awesome shirt for the race itself (I usually wear the race shirts that afternoon/evening, if it fits right!)

  10. 50by25laura says:

    Mmm, YourPie looks good! I had pizza too – from EVO – and loved it, but maybe that’s something to try next year 🙂

    Also, totally with you on not wearing the shirt to run in – and yet I saw SO many people who did just that.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I haven’t been to EVO but have heard nothing but good things. I think it’s neat you ate there though since it’s in the neighborhood of the race, good to support a business that was probably not going to do a great lunch business Saturday due to closed roads.

      I saw tons of people wearing the race shirt, even marathon and half marathon runners (I guess it’s more expected in a 5K since that’s a shorter distance).

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