Sushi, Spices, and Speediness

Clever title, huh?

I’ve had a pretty fun weekend and wanted to blog some updates now that the holidays have calmed down.

Speeding Up

Saturday I ran near North Charleston’s Park Circle neighborhood with the Believe Achieve run clubbers. One group ran 6.5 miles and the other group ran 12.5 miles, and I ran 12.5 to get in one last long run before the Charleston half marathon in two weeks. Since we were running part of the actual race course, we had a big turnout including the group I ran with, who really pushed the pace for a long run. We ended up finishing the run in 1:44 which is faster than most of my endurance training paces, and I’m thankful for Catherine, Kevin, and Ed for pushing me during the run (especially Ed who shared the Gatorade! I owe him Gatorade or gel now).


After the run, we all hung out and had bagels, fruit, pastries and coffee courtesy of Proaxis Physical Therapy. They also showed some stretches and tips for relieving any pains from running. I saw some familiar faces who I hadn’t seen in awhile and met some new people too, it was a lot of fun even if it was 36 degrees when we started (brr…).


On Saturday night, a big crowd of us went out to Bushido so Clay, Doug, David, and Drew could do the Spicy Tuna Challenge. The challenge was featured on the show Man Vs. Food and we see pictures and challenge details every time we go to Bushido (which is often since it’s so close to us… actually we have a LOT of restaurants near us that have been featured on the Food Network or Travel Channel).


In the challenge, you have to eat 10 spicy tuna rolls in order. Roll #1 is the mildest and roll #10 (if you get that far) is the spiciest. If you accomplish this, you get your picture on the wall, a special headband that entitles you to a free appetizer every time you wear it to Bushido, and of course bragging rights with your friends. None of the guys actually accomplished the challenge, but David and Drew ate 5 rolls and Clay and Doug ate 6 (they both started the 7th roll but did not finish it). You could tell from the smell of the rolls that they were spicy, too!


On the other hand, I enjoyed a nice dinner of hibachi vegetables and rice and salad and everyone else ate sushi to their heart’s content, enjoying our meals (I don’t think any of the guys actually *liked* the spicy rolls after the first one or two). We had a great time even if the guys didn’t complete the challenge (David fashioned a “white flag of defeat” on the roll he stopped on, haha).



No spicy sushi for me, sorry! I probably wouldn’t even be able to finish one roll… not a fan of hot foods.

BUT… I found an organization blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons on Pinterest and started doing a Home Organization 101 Challenge where you go through the rooms of your home and organize them.

The first week of the challenge is the kitchen. The blogger shares lots of awesome ideas once I get past the obvious kitchen envy (we can’t wait to buy a home with a bigger kitchen and more storage space. No kidding, we have a blender in our downstairs bathroom cabinet).

Picture 019

The grill isn’t in our kitchen- that’s the only picture I can find to show how small the kitchen is and how little storage we have. We only have two drawers- a silverware drawer and a gadgets drawer, so not even a junk drawer. Seriously.

I got up this morning and worked on spices and threw out everything expired, and the next step is the fridge. The cabinet isn’t too bad since it only holds so much food so we don’t buy as much, but I’ll also look through it this week. I always throw out expired food from the fridge or cabinet but I guess it didn’t occur to me that spices expire too?

So, I’m posting this here to keep myself accountable to actually do the challenge- at least for the rooms our home has (don’t think it’ll bother me to take the garage, playroom, or laundry room weeks off…) Definitely check out A Bowl Full of Lemons if you want in on the challenge or want organizational tips.

Well, I’m off to drink some coffee and keep organizing and cleaning (it’s rainy, cloudy, and depressing outside today so I’ll take that cue not to get out). Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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22 Responses to Sushi, Spices, and Speediness

  1. oh man a grill! I love grilling everything, when I am at home I take full advantage of it. that challenge seems hilarious, I have actually never had a spicy tuna roll so would have no idea what to expect

  2. pickyrunner says:

    I’ve seen the episode that restaurant was featured on! That challenge is no joke!! I’m not a sushi fan but it looks like you had fun. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the challenge isn’t a joke. Some of the other people eating in the restaurant were asking the wait staff about it when they saw our guys doing it. They had fun even though no one actually earned the headband.

  3. Wow congrats on that training run. You are going to be a rockstar at the Charleston Half! I love sushi, something about raw fish…nom!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I love sushi too! But definitely NOT the kind they ate, icky. It was super spicy and just tasted gross because of all the spiciness (it was a challenge, so not supposed to taste good but to be challenging).

      I hope I can rock out the Charleston half, I am really just debating running with my friends who are doing an 8 min/mile pace although I’m sure i could run faster than that, but I sorta want to run with them? We’ll see…

  4. Wow. Amazing training run. I only got up to 10.5 using the add 10% a week theory. Not sure If I should try for 12 on Saturday or if I need to start the taper a week before. Hmmmm…..
    I like a bit of spice, but not much. How is Bushido’s other sushi?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I threw 10% out the window this week, because of the holidays only running 3x last week then 2 long runs this week. Not that I recommend a big jump if you’re coming off injury. I think a 10.5 mile long run is plenty (I just thought 6.5 was a little too short for a “long run” for a half marathon).

      All of Bushido’s other food is amazing and we love going there. Next time we all get together you should come out!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If you are racing the Charleston half and chasing a fast time, I would not run over 9-10 miles this weekend. If you are using it to peak for another race like Charlie Post Classic 15K, running 12 would be fine.

      • In truth the Charleston Half and Charlie Post are really just training runs for the marathon. I am no where near healthy enough to PR either. I’d break something trying to go sub 2 at this point. So I though they’d be cool ways to get long runs in.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Cool deal :). If that’s the case, go for 12 if your mileage allows… and good luck, you are still doing great coming back from injury!

  5. allieksmith says:

    Oh spicy foods! I can do some spice, but nothing serious… it just kills me! I like to enjoy my food, haha. Have a great week!

  6. runwkate says:

    Bowl of lemons is a really cool idea.

    Amy, I love your running group -they seem so kind!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yup it is an awesome running group to be a part of. The most fun is when we just hang out after the runs or we do the long runs and chat. You can really get to know a person well on a 11-12 mile run!

      I am enjoying the Bowl of Lemons challenge so far, today I tackled the microwave and cleaned it and later I will hit something else in the kitchen, not sure what yet.

  7. I miss having a grill when I’m at school, my apartment complex doesn’t allow them! That’s crazy about the spicy sushi challenge–I’m actually a big fan of spicy foods but I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that much spiciness in one meal!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t even a meal really, it was a challenge (to me a meal is multiple food groups/types and enjoyed, not with pressure to eat a certain amount or within a time period). Our last apartment complex did not let us have a grill either and our college only had those little ones like playgrounds have, lol.

  8. Amy! It looks the past few days have been great. Congrats on another race. I forgot to say on your Almost Wordless Wednesday post that I like what you said about 13 for 2013. 🙂 pretty cool.

    Wow! That contest sounds amazing! I’d probably lose after 1-3 scale. I mean, if i go somewhere like BW3, and they ask me what sauce to get on my wrap, I always go with one of the “baby spices,” and it’s still plenty spicy! Haha. So, I would lose this contest. 😀
    So, tuna’s served at a sushi place, then? I’ve never eaten sushi, but there was a well-known one near Evangel U. in Missouri, and we have a few up here in Ohio, but my family’s never gone for sushi, and most of my friends are burger/fries addicts (well, me too!). So… I don’t know. If I would try sushi someday, what do you recommend the type I try? Is there a specific “dish” you like? I can’t say, “I don’t like sushi” until I give it a try! 😀
    I’d like to have a grill… someday. I get those cheap steaks at wal-mart, and I just cook steaks, hamburger, chicken, etc. on stovetop and attempt multitasking. Lol. Probably why I’m not on the food/production line at work. 🙂
    Well, I’ll be blogging again soon! I’d like to try to do at least a couple blogs weekly as I’m getting back into it.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My suggestion for the sushi is not to go for anything too extreme your first time having it. For example, you could get a California roll. It contains cucumber, crab meat, and avocado and the sushi rice. Avocado rolls and cucumber rolls are good too and there’s veggie rolls, tuna rolls, salmon rolls, really all kinds. The first time you go, just tell the waitress its your first time having sushi and ask what they recommend.

      Oh, and go somewhere good. Don’t try your first sushi from a grocery store… LOL.

      Grills are nice if your apartment allows them and you have the space, or you could get a George Foreman one a lot of girls had those in college and it made for easy grilling inside :). Which might be a good idea since you’re in Ohio…

      • Haha. That’s true about being in Ohio and cooking inside. 🙂 Yeah, I’m afraid I don’t have the space in my tiny studio for now. Hopefully someday though, I’ll live in in a bigger apartment.
        Well, I have “officially” followed your blog on here. I don’t know if you’ve received the notification of not. I’m slowly learning WordPress. It looks like I’ll learn more as I put more in it. 😀

  9. Steph says:

    Woo hoo, excited for the Charleston Half! You’re so speedy! Also, I freaking love sushi.

  10. KrisLawrence says:

    Oh my wors, Sushi, Running, & Organizing…three of my loves, lol. I would have LOVED to try that Sushi challenge but I probably would have only made it to Roll #3. I love the heat but I can’t handle it! 🙂 Have a GREAT race!! I bet the Charleston Half is gorgeous!

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