Pajamas: Perfect for sleep, working from home, and now running (Pajama Run 5K recap)

A few weeks ago, I went running with some of my Believe/Achieve run clubbers. We talked about racing plans now that our half marathons are over for awhile, and one of my running buddies mentioned running the local Turkey Trot 5K and PRing, despite recovering from the half marathon (Congrats Gary!).

Even though I ran 2 half marathons and a 12K this Fall, I hadn’t raced a 5K since the Back to School 5K in Hartsville when I was in town visiting my in-laws in August. I’ve gotten faster since moving to Charleston, mostly because I have to keep up or get lost. Oh the joys of a new city…

I signed up for the Charleston Pajama Run 5K because the proceeds benefit MUSC research for treatments cancers for below the waist, such as testicular, prostate, ovarian, and cervical cancers.

When I was in 11th grade, my aunt Lynda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Growing up, I spent a week at her house each summer, where we’d do fun things like swim, ice skate, go to the movies, play with her dog and cat, and shop for back-to-school clothes.

Lynda’s diagnosis was pretty advanced, and she passed away in the summer of 2002, before I graduated high school. Although several local races took place this weekend, I decided it was only right to participate in the Pajama Run. After all, Lynda lived near Charleston and I live here now.

It was also a great weekend for running, as the Mt. Pleasant Track Club kids were competing in the USATF National Cross Country meet, and a bunch of my Fitness World Run Club friends ran the Scott Brown Memorial 5K in Hartsville to benefit the children of a man who was killed in an accident at his job on Labor Day. Lynda, the cross country kids, and Scott Brown’s family would inspire me to run hard.


The race was held at the Joe Riley baseball park near The Citadel in Downtown Charleston. Most people wore pajamas- including bathrobes, footie pajamas, and bedroom shoes cut and shaped over running shoes- but I stuck with crazy shorts because all my pajama bottoms are too long to run in without tripping over them (the joys of being short). I really admire anyone who ran in pajamas yesterday because the high was in the 70s and it gets pretty warm here. It definitely felt more like September than December!


The course was really beautiful and ran through the campus of The Citadel, the road in front of the baseball stadium, and a downtown park with lots of oak trees and shade. The course was all paved, fast, and flat- just like the rest of Charleston, with lots of volunteers to keep everyone on track and a water station for those who needed it.

Running 3 miles feels so short after half marathons and 12Ks, but I raced hard with a Tiny Terror kick at the finish, despite getting passed by a kid and a guy in a bathrobe (getting passed by a kid is okay, a taller guy in a bathrobe, not so much). There was no big finish line clock at the end, which would definitely add to the race, so I walked over to the results monitor and found mine- I ran a 22:03 5K for a new personal record!

After the run, the race served Earth Fare goodies like fruit and muffins along with chicken strips. They also had a few speakers, including a 19-year-old girl who recently recovered from Ovarian Cancer and a man biking across the country to raise money for charity.


Since I won my age group (the super competitive 25-29 female age group at that), I got a medal, a coffee mug, and a $25 gift card to Try Sports Mt. Pleasant. I also took a picture with Christina and Amanda, who I met at the race and also won in our age group. They’re really nice girls and also training for the Charleston Half Marathon in January.


I really enjoyed the race and would definitely do it again! Discussing these cancers is more taboo than other diseases, and I’ve never seen a race to benefit them. Since my family was personally affected by ovarian cancer and Lynda’s death, I was even prouder to PR in a race for such a great cause.


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23 Responses to Pajamas: Perfect for sleep, working from home, and now running (Pajama Run 5K recap)

  1. what a great race cause, i keep hearing how amazing the weather is in charleston. hope you are loving it!

  2. Sarah @ pickyrunner says:

    Wow this is wonderful!! I’m really excited for you and so glad you were able to PR during a race you felt passionate about. In pajamas, no less 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly :). I didn’t actually wear pajamas, the shorts I wore are just really funky Under Armor shorts. I went to the mall looking for pajama shorts Thursday night and couldn’t find any so I wore my craziest running shorts.

  3. Alex says:

    Super fast time! Congrats on the PR. I think this was the same course I ran at the Run Forrest Run Riverdogs 5k in August. Its nice and flat but the part on the grass in the park was tough. I see a sub 7 pace 5k in your future!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Alex- the fast compliment means a lot coming from you! We didn’t run through any grass inside the park- which I think was the only difference because I know you guys ran to finish inside the park, and this one was all road (with the after party being inside the park). Fortunately everything here is flat, minus the Cooper River Bridge, so course elevation is not much of a concern in the lowcountry!

      Definitely keeping some speedy interval workouts in the mix to hope for a faster PR next year.

  4. Congrats on the run! It sounds so fun:)

  5. Kara says:

    Congrats!! That sounds like so much fun. You’re so fast!! So awesome you won your age group 🙂 Woohoo!

  6. Steph says:

    Awesome job! Fast time, great cause =) Also, mugs are the best race swag ever.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was a really good prize! Who can’t use a coffee mug- coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or even to put pens and pencils in, works for all of those :). And yes, a great cause.

  7. Congrats and what a great cause. So happy for you and seriously a race where you win a coffee mg? Count me in!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is a cute mug! Definitely something I can use with all the coffee I drink. Plus a gift card to a sporting goods store is good too, always needing running shoes!

  8. Wow. You are such a speedster. Congrats on the PR and on winning your age group. My 5K PR is currently a 45something. I need to do another one soon;)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should! I am going to do one in Summerville in February, it’s called the Ashley Ridge Fox Trot or something, some friends from Florence who run a race timing company are timing it so I’m in for that, it’s a cheaper, smaller, one- you should think about it too :). I know you can bust the 45 from your one and only 5K out of the water 🙂

  9. Great time and what a great cause! And I love your shorts! Where did you get them! I love wild shorts!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I got them at the Under Armour outlet at the Tanger Outlets center. I’m like the Under Armor running shorts lately and have quite a few pairs. They’re more low rise than Nike shorts (norts) which I appreciate since I’m short :).

  10. allieksmith says:

    How cool that you were able to do a race that means a lot to you, with the memories of your aunt in mind. That’s awesome :). I am so jealous that everyone in your pictures is wearing shorts! It’s so cold here in Pittsburgh.. in the 30’s! Also, GREAT time! You are FAST!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We’ve all been wearing shorts here for about a week or so. Unless I go to yoga or something where I want to wear pants because of modesty =). A lot of people at the race were wearing pants and long pajamas and I don’t know how they raced like that- I couldn’t imagine even wearing sleeves. My friend ran the Kiawah in her sports bra Saturday.

      Not sure if I consider myself fast yet, but I’m on my way :).

  11. That sounds like a really great race! I don’t think I would have been able to do it in pajamas either, especially not if it was that warm! I’m kind of jealous of the weather you had though–it’s been really cold here, like in the 20s with snow, but we’re getting back into the 50s by this week which will feel nice after the weird cold snap!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah I don’t know how anyone could run in something other than shorts and a tank top/t-shirt in this weather! It will be cooling down tonight and tomorrow, highs will only be in the mid 50s. Glad your weather is getting better too, anything is better than cold and snow!

      Well, except for Christmas, snow is kinda nice then. And only then…

  12. way to kick butt in that 5k girl…so proud of u!

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